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One of the greatest video games in the original PlayStation library is 1997 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which has since been re-released in a variety of formats for modern consoles. as a supplement to Castlevania: Blood RondoAnd symphony of the night revolution in all Castlevania A franchise with non-linear exploration-based gameplay. It was also innovative to portray Alucard, Dracula’s son, as the main protagonist.

Alucard had many abilities to help him as he ventured through his father’s castle. As the Damper himself, Alucard can unleash supernatural powers to help him take on his enemies, including the ability to transform into a great vampire bat. Here’s how to unlock the incredibly useful Bat form, the unique abilities that come with this magical transformation and how to find various upgrades to make Alucard’s transformation even more powerful.

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Where to find a bat spirit in Castlevania: SOTN

every shift in symphony of the night They can be obtained by locating items, which are referred to in the game as soul relics. The bat model is powered by the remains of a bat spirit. In order to access this relic, Alucard must be equipped with the relics of the Leap Stone and Soul of Mist. The Soul of Bat is located in the Long Library. On the long, sloping staircase to the left, double-jump to the platform just below the Preservation Room to reach a new area of ​​the library.

After passing through another preservation room, Alucard will encounter a part of the library filled with armored flea men and Dhuron skeletons. The bottom of this section leads into a boss battle against the Lesser Demon who relies on short slashes and repeatedly summons Ecoplasm and Clay as reinforcements. Defeated, he advances past his boss’s room to find a barrier that Alucard can pass through as he transforms into Mist Form.

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Castlevania’s Bat Shape Characteristics: SOTN

As with all symphony of the nightDuring his transformations, Alucard will steadily consume magic points while maintaining his Bat shape, returning to his normal state upon full expenditure of his magic scale. In the Bat Form, Alucard can fly around the castle and is now able to access previously inaccessible parts of the map. Alucard flies relatively slowly, making it an easy target for enemies, so it’s wise to be careful.

Despite this, the Bat model is not completely defenseless, it is equipped with an attack called Wing Smash. Consuming a small portion of magic points, this attack will send Alucard dashing forward in his Bat form, hitting anything in his path before he bounces back. Bat’s shape also makes Familiar Bat’s presence all the more effective, as he flies close to Alucard after confusing his altered state for a potential mate.

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Castlevania bat model upgrades: SOTN

There are three upgrades available for the Bat Form in symphony of the night, each providing Alucard with a new ability in this form. The only bat upgrade needed to complete the game is the Echo of Bat, which allows Alucard to emit a sonar wave and see what awaits live in dark areas for a while. This comes in handy when navigating a dark, sinuous room full of spikes later in the game. The Echo of Bat is found in Olrox’s Quarters after a boss fight against the vampire Olrox. As with Wing Crash, the sonar wave release consumes magic points.

The Echo of Bat can be further upgraded with the Force of Echo, which allows the sonar wave to damage any enemies that get in its way. This upgrade is found in Reverse Caverns after Doppelgänger defeats Alucard for the last time. Inside the clock tower of the regular castle, Alucard can fly up to get the Fire of Bat, an upgrade that allows him to spit fireballs while in the Bat Form at the cost of magic points.

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