Independent Horror Month 2022: Marketplace Monday – Authors, Artists & Retailers Show!

Hello dear readers! Today we’re back with the latest edition of our Marketplace Monday series, where we celebrate some of the brilliant writers, artists, and creators who are using their creativity to help make the world of horror a better place for all of us fans. We’ve spent the past few weeks during Independent Horror Month 2022 highlighting a slew of independent horror films and filmmakers, but we also wanted to make sure we’re featuring all the different types of creators at IHM 2022. If You missed our previous Marketplace Monday posts, you can check them out here.

Check out this week’s Marketplace Monday pick of artists, writers, and creators below, and be sure to visit the Daily Dead for the rest of this week as we continue to celebrate more indie horror!


The story of the scammer and other stories (by Brianna Morgan)

A woman agrees to take part in a sick creature game to save the child she loves. A girl and her mother move into a nightmare house. Two brothers set out on a treasure hunt on the high seas.

In this haunting set, Briana Morgan shares stories of love, loss, and horror both real and imagined.

The Science of Serial Killers: The Truth Behind Ted Bundy, Lizzie Borden, Jack the Ripper, and Other Notorious Movie Legend Killers (by Kelly Florence and Meg Hafdal)

Gothic media mogul Kelly Florence and Meg Havdal, authors of The Science of Monsters, The Science of Women in Horror and The Science of Stephen King and co-hosts of the Horror Rewind podcast called “The Best Horror Movie Podcast Ever” by Film Daddy, Provides Guide to Killers The serializers who inspired the movies and media we all know and love. Dive into the brutal truth behind the horror mystery: many of the monsters depicted on the silver screen are based on real killers. Discover the truth behind the real horror monsters, and answer questions like:

  • What is the science behind the motives of serial killers like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy?
  • How did investigators discover the identities of criminals such as the Boston Strangler and BTK Strangler?
  • Has science made it possible to detect Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac Killer?
  • What is the science behind female versus serial killers?

Through interviews, film analysis, and bone-chilling discoveries, join Kelly and Meg as they learn about the horrors of true crime over the decades.

warmth (by Sumiko Solson)

“I hate the dead. They have no self-control” – Sera. She is an ogre – one of the very long-lived, if not immortal, meat-eaters whose life can only end in one way – in resurrection as a hungry, mobile corpse that will spend its short days rotting, eating, and injuring as many people as possible. as possible. Sera compares her life to a dark comedy – trapped by an unwanted pregnancy for the past 600 years, constantly afraid that the fetus will die and go into the womb of a zombie, always cold and constantly feverish like any other ghoul on the planet. Fortunately, two things in life support her: her joy in hunting down and destroying the dead, and her constant quest for comfort in the warmth.

Twins Montage: Witch’s Hand (By Nathan Page and Drew Shannon)

Pete and Alastair Montague are just twins to solve the mystery, living an ordinary life. Or so they thought. After a strange storm breaks out while visiting the beach, they discover that their detective skills are more than they thought. Their guardian, once eminent professor David Faber, has been keeping secrets from their parents and what boys really can do.

Meanwhile, three girls disappear after a mysterious spell is cast, which sets off a chain of events that takes their small town down an unexpected path. With the help of David’s daughter, Charlie, they discover that there are forces at work that they could not have imagined, that will affect their lives forever.

An exciting new graphic novel from groundbreaking creators Nathan Page and Drew Shannon, timely and exciting.


Gary Bolin

In our house, we have many Gary Bolins Pieces hang on our walls, and there are still so many of his creations I’d like to add to my (his) collection control artistic work amaze me). Pauline’s work is displayed all over the world, but if you’d like to buy directly from him to help support his art, visit the Bolin Online Store here.

Vanessa McKee

Vanessa McKee She is an absolute master when it comes to creating jaw dropping watercolor art, and I highly recommend checking out her site if you haven’t recently finished with this mandy Plot Which is amazing). McKee offers original artwork and prints, so be sure to check out their online store here.

Cult classics

I was a big fan of Victor Moreno and Ruby T’s work with their online store Cult classics For a while now, I’ve been highly recommending all horror fans to visit their shop to check out their entire collection of prints, sculptures, and all their other creations, as you’re bound to find something that celebrates a movie, character, or property you love (also, if you own one). rubbish pail kids Fan, you really need to keep up with Moreno’s cult classics.) Head over to the Cult Classics website by clicking here.

Online retailers

Before we head over to the online retailers for this week, I just wanted to take a moment and give a shout-out to both. terrible rags And color cavity, two of the best providers of horror goods. I figured it out since they are both very popular among fans of the genre, and it made sense to focus on other retailers. But just know that they are both brands that I will always celebrate and that they are very worthy of your patronage.

Vixen by Micheline Pete

I was a big fan of Vixen by Micheline Pete For a while now, and I still always get compliments on church from Animal Cemetery money bagWhich I absolutely love. If you’re looking for some fun horror-inspired looks or other clothing and accessories that show your love for the genre, be sure to check out Vixen. here.

Evil spirits and paramore

Evil spirits and paramore Ama Lea is another great place to find all kinds of unique horror-focused clothing. P&P hit my radar a few years ago when Lea released her stunning Debra Hill-inspired T-shirt, and I’ve made several P&P purchases since then. If you are looking for something summery to wear in the next few months, Ama recently released this amazing product Cotager clothing line This is hardly judged. Check out the entire online store for Poltergeists & Paramours here.

Cleary Law Creations

If you are in the market for stickers, brooches, key chains and other fun tchotchkes then you should definitely visit Clairey Lou Creations’ Etsy shop To check out her entire selection of items. I picked it up Gizmo Halloween Pin Its in 2020, and I love wearing it all fall season. You can visit Clairey Lou Creations store by clicking here.

toxic cartoons

toxic cartoons Specializing in horror t-shirts and rock-themed t-shirts, at the moment they’re currently offering a sale where you can save 20 percent off all their t-shirts (sale ends 4/30). You can check out their selection of clothes by visiting their site here.


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