Is a DS group possible?

Castlevania: Church Medal It was released back in 2008 for the Nintendo DS and is the last original 2D Castlevania in the series released by Konami. predecessors on DS, Castlevania: Dawn of Sadness And Castlevania: Picture of Ruinreleased in 2005 and 2006 respectively, was well received and took advantage of the new functions introduced by the DS and upgraded hardware.

In recent years, the only game content that Castlevania Fans have seen old game ports on newer platforms. While these groups, like Castlevania Mass And Castlevania Advance group, Giving players access to some of the series’ fan favorites, an important section of games is still missing. These games are the ones released on the Nintendo DS: Castlevania: Dawn of SadnessAnd ruin imageAnd Church Medal. While these games are generally not considered better than classic games like symphony of the night And sad songThey are still among the best Castlevania The games are there. So why didn’t the players see a group of Castlevania DS games yet?

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The biggest thing holding back the DS range is the touchscreen mechanics. One way or another, all three games take advantage of this mechanism, and it is very difficult to transfer it to other consoles. While the Nintendo Switch is probably the easiest because it already has a touch screen, and PC users can handle it with a mouse and keyboard, one can’t say the same about PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Since these games require more work to navigate than previous games, you are unlikely to get a set in the future. Although, this is far from impossible, and there are many things Konami can do to help move these games around.

The simplest solution would be to completely remove the touch screen features. for both ruin image And Church MedalThe touch screen is not at all mandatory to browse the main story. OoE It only uses it for easy map warping and highlighting, which, while both useful features, aren’t necessary to play through the game. PoR It allows players to control a character that they are not directly responsible for, but its controls are heavy and not used anyway. dawn of sadness It uses the touch screen in the main gameplay to lock the bosses at the end of combat, but many would consider the game better if this feature was removed.

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where ruin image And Church Medal Really the use of the touch screen is for alternate characters that are unlocked after beating the game. Albus mode in . format OoE It uses the touchscreen for instant navigation of Albus, which is an important part of his toolkit for combat and map traversal. to PoRPlayers can take control of the Sisters, who are almost completely dependent on the touch screen as it is the way to perform all their attacks. Konami can simply remove these modes to get around using the touch screen, but many fans have really enjoyed them, especially since they give players access to brand new modes like Albus using a pistol and using the Sisterhood Magic. For these modes to function properly, they may require a complete rework of the touch screen feature or how it works as a whole.

One way to rework the touch screen is to associate effects with other buttons for users of the controllers. While the left analog stick is used to move the character around the screen, the right analog stick is used to set where the player can touch the screen. Then another button – possibly the right analog stick, if pressed – can introduce the effect of touching the screen to get the desired result. While this is an interesting concept, in practice it does not work as effectively as many would like.

Whether by removing touchscreen-specific features or a massive game changeover, it will likely be some time before gamers see these classic games get their own collection. Either way, if these games did get a port, they would be different in some way from their original counterparts, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This may allow the old mechanics to be replaced with better ones for the games as a whole.

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