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Part of the latest summer wave of talent from the Danish league, young attacking midfielder Jesper Lindstrom is showing off his talent in the Bundesliga this season. The 22-year-old, who cost Eintracht Frankfurt €7m to come from Brundbee, struggled to justify his transfer cost and his debut was not an easy feat. Moreover in an interview with picture Soon after his arrival, he was aware of the axes of his progress on a physical plane: “Look at my body, I’m not the strongest. But I’m a person who runs a lot and I’m fast. That’s why I try to get the ball back before the opponent gets past me. So I don’t have any problems with pressing, but I have to get better at duels.” Having to reach the level of physical strength in the Bundesliga, the Tastrup native took time and the complicated start of the season (15 after 10 days) did not help him to adapt.

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Moreover, after losing a game against Hertha Berlin 2-1 on October 16, sporting director Marcus Croce has already put the club’s young recruits (Jesper Lindstrom, Jens Peter Hoge, Sam Lammers) face to face with their responsibilities: “All boys have great potential, but that alone is not enough in the long run. We must also continue to put it on the ground. The development process must go faster.” For Jesper Lindstrom, it took an extra month, but it was worth it. In the 2-0 win over Freiburg, he finally managed to score on November 21. Showing himself decisive and truly launching his German adventure, his coach Oliver Glasner reassured: “We know it’s not always a very steep path to the top. But Jesper has shown in training and with his Europa League appearances that he now understands a little bit better how we want to put him in situations. A lesson learned well by the main interested side who made his way to 3-4-2-1 by Oliver Glasner along with Daichi Kamada and behind Raphael Bure.

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Continuing with three goals and two displays through the month of December, he shared his team’s rebound now in ninth place in the Bundesliga, but 5 short lengths of European places. With a total of 5 goals and 8 performances in 34 matches in all competitions, he had a solid first season despite a difficult start and took part in Frankfurt’s beautiful epic in the Europa League. Decisive with his pass to Daiichi Kamada in the round of 16 against Betis in the first leg (2-1/1-1), he made an enjoyable performance against Barcelona at home (1-1). Before the second leg, the Dane already presents himself as one of the main dangers in Frankfurt to the Catalans (the next meeting is on Thursday at 9 pm in our live commentary). Now one of the main threats to the German club, Jesper Lindstrøm is a key link in Oliver Glasner’s system.

The latter is completely satisfied with him: “It was a difficult start because he had to recognize the strength of the Bundesliga, but he has taken a very big step and he is a player with great potential and he is going in the right direction now.”. Sporting director Markus Kroes was surprised by such a quick response from the Danish international (8 caps): “The season usually goes by adapting to the strength of the Bundesliga and the physical requirements, but he did it very quickly and that is good. That is his quality.” Confident of himself before facing FC Barcelona, ​​Jesper Lindstrøm also intends to continue playing without worry as he explained UEFA website : “We can probably take advantage of the extra space we get when we play with the bigger teams, when we can use our speed and that’s good for me.” The Catalans were warned of the danger posed by Danish dynamite Jesper Lindstrom.

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