Kakegurui Creator High Card Anime Debut New Trailer

High Card, the new fantasy/gambling anime from Kakegurui author Homura Kawamoto, reveals more about her world in a new trailer.

high cardHomura Kawamoto’s new anime, creator Kakiguruireleases a trailer and new art.

The new trailer offers an introduction to high cardFantasy world. The series focuses on a special deck of magical playing cards, each endowing its owner with supernatural abilities. The five main characters of the series are members of a secret society known as “High Card”, which is dedicated to collecting all 52 cards and completing the deck. The anime is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

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The story of the new series is written by Kawamoto and Hikaru Mino, who have written a novel Kakigurui. The anime is being produced as a collaboration between TMS Entertainment (Lupine III, Little Toon Adventures) and Studio Hibari, parent company of animation house Lerche (Classroom Assassination, Elite Chamber). The series will showcase the vocal talents of General Sato (Dr. Stone, the Sweet Boy Detective Club), Toshiki Masuda (Haikyuu!! My hero academia), Shawn Horie (girlfriend hire), Haruka Shirashi (At that time, I embodied the role of slimef) and Yuichiro Umehara (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded orphans).

In addition to the anime series World high card It will also be explored in separate manga and novel series. This isn’t Kawamoto and Muno’s first attempt at building a franchise that spans multiple entertainment media: the duo also worked together to create the world and story for Dive Build – #000000 (black icon)a multimedia franchise that tells its story through the animated series and the associated collectible card game.

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While he has worked on many other manga and anime series, Kawamoto is still known as the creator of successful gambling manga. Kakigurui. The series debuted in 2014 and tells the story of Yumeko Jibami, a freshman at Hyakkou Private Academy, an upscale prep school where students’ social standing is not determined by their wealth or lineage, but by their ability to gamble. The original Kawamoto manga has more than 5 million copies in circulation, and it has also spawned many subsidiary versions and modifications. Anime mods produced by MAPPA studio (Attack on Titan: Final Season) in 2017, and the series has also been adapted into a live TV series and movie. An animated series based on one of its sub-manga, Kakigurui twinsIt will premiere in August.

The Kakigurui The animated and live-action series is available to stream on Netflix, as well as home video through distributor Sentai Filmworks. International version of high card Not yet announced.

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