Kakegurui puts a slot game on the Magic School Trope

There is a whole genre of animation centered around elite high school settings. The Kakigurui manga/anime is a “special high school” type gambling game, the classes at Hyakkou Academy do not teach history or math, but how to bet at the roulette table, play blackjack, poker and almost any other game that involves betting with cold and hard money. Even if gambling is technically illegal in Japan and high school students are too young to gamble in most countries, that’s all they do every day, and they’re good at it…especially the new girl.

In terms of narration style, Kakigurui is a series of shounen episodes, in which different characters brave each other, hold grudges, use unique gambling strategies, and compete in tournaments. Like Food wars!It’s a battle high school where punches aren’t thrown and magic isn’t thrown. It is convenient that gambling is competitive in nature, and the winner uses a combination of luck and skill to win. This new flavor of shounen action is just the right tool for the main character, Yumiko Jabami, to wow the audience with.

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Enter Yumiko Jabami

Yumiko Jabami, the heroine, is a very skilled gambler, but she doesn’t do it for money or social prestige; She’s here to stir it up. She sabotages the entire Hyakkou Academy system once she moves there, and it seems like no one can stop her from breaking all the rules. In between games, it’s fun and friendly, but when the game starts, it comes alive and you’ll bet stray money (among other things) just to see what happens. It’s the chaos and fun of a school where everyone plays by the rules in a rat race of gamblers.

Yumiko proves that creative thinking and uniqueness should not be underestimated, even when everything is on the line and all cards are dealt. This makes her all kinds of enemies, and she can’t wait to challenge them all. Her first opponent is Mary Saotome, who, despite buying most of the class, can’t beat her in a variety of rock scissors paper. With sheer intuition and a dumb love of luck, Yumeko reigns, an equal match with Midari Ikishima, who also loves to gamble with incredible risks (usually, her own safety). The viewer can vicariously live on the edge with the heroine, whose playing style resembles a bull in a china shop.

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Real bets

gambling in Kakigurui It is only the means to the end, despite what some students might claim. This show doesn’t just play like the casino’s security cam footage; The real stakes are embedded in the social hierarchy. All the students at Hyakkou Academy come from wealth, and they are used to getting things their way. This means standing above everyone else and ruling with an iron fist, backed by their money and skills in exploiting others. It is a 21st century jungle that reflects the business world and the political world. A student can either rise to the top … or fall to the bottom in debt and crushing despair. Practically no middle ground.

Immediately, Ryota Suzui lost a match to Mary Saotome and became a “housewife”. This is the term given to the debtor, and escaping from the state of the house is a real challenge. The domestic animals are degraded and trampled on by their classmates. In contrast, Student Council members enjoy great wealth, influence, and prestige. This system of ruthless hierarchy and social stratification is a microcosm of the world’s ruthless graduates who will soon enter. In many ways, a business is like gambling, betting time, effort, and capital on a new business. For each winner, there are hundreds of losers, and strength and money can be combined quickly.

Kakigurui It indicates that human civilization is a cruel system, winner takes all. It proves that one thesis of roulette table and poker simultaneously.

Kakegurui is currently streaming on Netflix.

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