Kakegurui Season Two: Everything We Know So Far

2019 will be another great season for anime. With a plethora of titles to be released this year, you won’t fall short of anything you splash on. One of those anime scheduled to return this year is the second season of the gambling anime Kakegurui! A fan favorite of many, fans can’t wait to see the highly anticipated second season. Here’s everything we know so far for season two of Kakegurui!

Kakigurui It is an original Netflix anime based on the manga of the same name. Upon its release, the anime became one of the most popular anime for subscribers on Netflix. With more face animations and an ecchi tone not to mention comedy gold, you can see why fans love her so much.

At Hykakkaou Private Academy, it is not your athletic ability or academic skills that will make you reach the top of the school. It is your skill to read and destroy your opponents in poker or blackjack. When newcomer Yumiko Jabami arrives at the school, its foundations are shaken to its core after teaching the students what it means to be a real player.

Season One Summary: Kakegurui

Yumiko joined the prestigious Hyakkaou Academy and found her place in the world. Yumiko’s start as a gambling addict had a rocky school tenure, and almost immediately became a pet due to Yuriko’s cheating at roulette. Yumiko’s time as a pet was so short that she destroyed any potential competitor. Victims of her addiction were the school board chair of the treasury Kaede Manyuda, the chairwoman of the plastic surgery committee Medari Ekishima and even the head of the school itself, Kirari Momobami.

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Cast: Kakegurui Season 2

The cast is back in the first season to reprise their roles!

Role actor actress Where have you seen/heard them before?
Yumiko Saori Hayami Foca, Gantz: Oh, one punch man
Marie Minami Tanaka Zombieland Saga, Wake Up Girls!, Pripara
ryota Tatsuya Tokotake Gurazeni, Idolmaster
midari Maria Essi Ebtaine, Hunter x Hunter, The Seven Deadly Sins
Kirari Miyuki Sawashiro Berserk, Durarara!! , Fairy Tail
runa May O’Dono Jarrow, Nyanko Days, Amagami
Ririca Miyuki Sawashiro Berserk, Durarara!! , Fairy Tail
kady Tomokazu Sugita Charlotte, Gintama, The Seven Deadly Sins
Itsuki Yuki Wakai Idol Time Pripara, Bitlis, Hanayamata

What to expect: season two of Kakegurui

After defeating the head of the school board in a game of Tarot Card, the students realize what a gambler the monster Yumiko is. With the chief’s defeat, she announced the dissolution of the school board. Now without the school board, there would be a massive power vacuum to be filled. Of course, the future of the school board or the actual leaders of the school will be determined by gambling. It can be said that the tournament to decide the fate of the school will be where the story will lead next!

As for Yumiko, who may not care about power within the school but likes to gamble. Will her gambling addiction destroy the school or will she gamble her way to a horrific defeat? The thought of risking everything would naturally excite Yumiko to no end! Her boyfriend and follower Ryota may come to terms with his feelings for Yumiko…

Manga Cover: Season Two of Kakegurui

There are major differences between those in the manga and the anime. More specifically, the events of the anime finale do not occur in the manga, and the epilogue was written specifically for the purpose of the anime. All the events leading up to the end of the anime play the role of the manga.

Approximately 27 of the 61 manga chapters are covered. The second season appears to start around chapter 33/34 where the new story line begins. There is a gambling game that takes place between seasons 28 and 33 but we expect this game to happen later in season 2.

For anyone who has watched the anime, this won’t make a difference, but readers of the manga will definitely note that the anime will do things outside of the manga’s order. The sequence is still ongoing and we can expect Season 2 to cover at least 25 other chapters of the manga.

Anime art faithful to manga – Copyright Square Enix and Yen Press

Live Action Adaptation: Is it on Netflix?

The movie is showing on Netflix. The series is available all over the world even in Japan. Sadly, the adaptation like most of it falls short of the anime that made the series so popular. The second season of the live-action adaptation is set this year but it is unknown if it will make it to Netflix.

Comparison of Live Action and Animation – Copyright of Netflix

Episodes: Kakegurui Season 2

Season 2 will return to Netflix with a total of 12 all-new episodes!

Introduction: Kakegurui Season Two

Netflix hasn’t released a trailer for Kakegurui Season 2. Naturally, a quick YouTube search and we were able to find a Japanese trailer (No Sub).


Netflix release date: Kakegurui Season 2

Online fans have already expressed their dissatisfaction that Netflix has yet to release any episodes of Season 2. This is because the season aired in Japan before Netflix was released. Popular titles The seven deadly sins And crying Also follow this format.

So Kakegurui fans will be more than happy to hear that Season 2 has exceeded our expectations with its September release date and will arrive on Thursday, June 13th!

Are you excited for Season 2 of Kakigurui? Let us know in the comments below!

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