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For anime viewers, one of the craziest watching experiences is Kakigurui. The series takes place in the private Hyakkaou Academy where the children of the rich and elite go. However, the prestige in the school depends on how well the students win at gambling. The students with the most wins completely rule the school while the students with the most debts become slaves (or “House Pets”) to the whims of other students.

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Kakigurui It follows new student Yumiko Jabami, who arrives at Hyakkau in order to satiate her addiction to out-of-control gambling. The series follows Yumiko as she shakes up the school hierarchy as the Student Council attempts to stop her rule once and for all. Anime fans unfamiliar with the series will probably recognize the very strange focus the tongues get. However, with such a large volume, some characters tend to be better received by viewers than others.

7 Kaede Manyuda

Yumiko provokes Kaede to gamble in Kakigurui

Kaede Manyuda, who was originally the Student Council Treasurer, is an ambitious jackpot who is overconfident in his abilities as a gambler. His plans largely focus on securing the title of Student Council President for him. As a result, he greatly underestimated Yumiko, whom he completely defeated in one of the matches. While his backstory materializes and there are sympathetic motives for some of his cruel actions, it’s ultimately not very interesting to his character.

More than anything, Kaede doesn’t have the same explosive device as the others. He does not try or even want to be liked by those around him. This makes watching it indoors Kakigurui An annoying time more than anything else.

6 Itsuki Sumragi

Itsuki shows off her set of nails in Kakigurui

Despite her pretty appearance, Itsuki Sumragi is absolutely ruthless. The school’s arcade expert, she made sure to make her way to the student council. Having financially drained her opponents, Itsuki makes them bet their fingernails and toenails, ripping them off the losers with an extremely disturbing semi-sadistic glee. Kakigurui Viewers to watch unfold on the screen.

While Itsuki turns against the student council, that does not represent any good in her heart. Instead, you just want to bring down a system that you no longer benefit from.

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5 Kirari Momobami

Sayaka and Kirari surrounded by flowers in Kakegurui

main discount in Kakigurui, Kirari Momobami is sadistic, seeing people more as toys to play with rather than as real humans. Although she has a great character design and some serious villains, Kirari is one of those characters who is, in fact, unloved, despite the viewer’s interactions with her. She enjoys destroying others and making them suffer to the ninth degree.

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When Kirari became the student council president, she was the one who founded the House Pet System, exacerbating the inherently broken system even further. However, Kirari is pretty much a “public loves to hate” character.

4 Sayaka Igarashi

Student Council Secretary, Sayaka’s true devotion is not to the school, but to Kirari, whom she loves above all else. Kirari, who doesn’t care about anyone, seems to return her affection back to her somewhat. In fact, she will do anything to make sure that other students don’t judge her harshly, and she advocates vigorously.

It’s the level of dedication that’s both sweet and terrifying at the same time. Viewers hope that Sayaka can earn the affection of her crush. To paraphrase the classic Brooklyn Nine-Nine However, no matter how great the motive was, it still allowed for some pretty nefarious actions.

3 Yumiko Jabami

Yumiko Mari pays to bet on Kakegurui

the hero of the story Kakigurui, Yumiko Jabami comes across as a polite and kind young woman: she does not gossip, she does not like bullies, she pays off the debts of someone she does not know. When Yumiko gambles, that’s when things get a little awkward. She is addicted, and seeks the high level of uncertainty that real gambling causes her. She doesn’t care about winning or losing. Yumiko wants to stir up a really uncertain outcome.

When you chase this altitude, it definitely breaks up in the most disturbing way possible. While she pays off as a cute guy when you don’t indulge her addiction, it gets a bit creepy.

2 Marie Satomi

Marie Saotome Kakigurui

take off Kakigurui As a villain, Marie Saotome suffers a humiliating defeat at the ends of Yumiko, as she goes down to the school’s petting house. With this, Marie has an interesting kind of arc of redemption. She is the character of Tsundere in the anime in general. Despite this, she became one of Yumeko’s strongest allies and a form of character in the series as it progressed.

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While Marie is very hot and cold with those around her, she clearly cares about them as the show progresses. With this kind of salvation, it gives her more power and clearly defined goals for working in the story.

1 Ryota Suzuki

Yumiko leads Ryota in the Tarot game in Kakigurui

Among all the characters in Kakigurui, Ryota Suzuei is just a really nice and sweet individual. He is not obsessed with gambling, is very relaxed, really wants to help Yumiko in controlling her addiction, and is friends with Marie despite being a pet in her house. It’s the closest thing to a moral compass that Yumiko has. Ryota, like the audience, believes that the gambling that takes place in the school is absolutely crazy.

Equal parts man to quirkier characters and something of an audience alternate, Ryota is truly the coolest person in the main cast.

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