Kakegurui: Why does Momobami Ririka wear a mask?

Ririka is usually seen wearing a mask in Kakegurui, and it’s all part of Student Council President Kirari’s plan.

Kakegurui: compulsive gambler is a popular shounen movie series that takes place at a very unusual high school, Hyako Academy, where the sons and daughters of the elite of society learn how to win it all at high stakes games of chance, from roulette to poker and everything in between. And the great Student Council is always watching.

The Student Council is made up of the most skilled, influential and wealthy Hiyako students, such as the head of the account Mombami Kirari and the masked girl known as Ririka. For years, no one knew what Ririka would have looked like under this mask, until the heroine, Saotome Mary, found out herself – and realized just how well Kirari had planned it.

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Why is Ririka wearing the mask

ririka and kirari

For the longest time, the Student Council offered no explanation as to why Ririka always wore the mask in school, and most of Hyakkou’s students simply learned to accept it as a fact of life. The truth is that Kirari and Ririka are identical sisters in the powerful Momubami family, and under this mask lies the same face as the student council president, with only the twins’ hairstyles physically separating them.

Interestingly, no one seems to have realized the fact that Kirari and Ririka have the same height, build, and even hair color, which may help give up their identical twin status. Even the insightful Jabami Yumeko is surprised when the truth is revealed in part of the story KakiguruiBecause the Momobami sisters don’t want people to know that they are a match. It is their best weapon.

Much is expected of the Momubami sisters, especially Kirari, but they can outdo their allies and enemies alike by taking each other’s places, and no one sees through them. Since Ririka’s face is such a mystery, no one would ever suspect that Kirari and Ririka could often swap places and go by each other’s names, and that taking off Ririka’s mask would spoil their strategy. Anyone looking to intimidate, manipulate, or use either of the two sisters may end up dealing with the other sister without even realizing it.

To name an example, Rirka often assumes Kirari’s place when doing business with the Momobami family, while Kirari, wearing Ririka’s mask, can continue to serve as Chief Hyakkou without anyone realizing. All they have to do is switch the mask back and forth and tweak their hairstyles, as everyone connects Kirari with her braids and Ririka with her loose hair.

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When Ririka grows up from her mask

ririka unmasked

When posing as Kirari, complete with the right hairstyle, Ririka displays the same arrogant confidence as her twin sister, and this could fool anyone who sees it in person. However, the real Ririka’s character is quite different from Kirari’s, as Kirari is the cold and calculating type and Rirka is more like a dandere anime character.

Ririka may be a skilled gambler and a member of the respectable Momobami family, but she is humble and shy when she speaks for herself rather than pretending to be Kirari. In fact, Kirari seems to look down on her identical sister, despite being a little older and having a similar social standing to her, and Ririka doesn’t seem to have the guts to stand up for herself.

This was until Ririka and Mary became allies during the story Kakigurui. During the massive student council election cycle, Ririka challenges Marie to a simple game and Marie tears off Ririka’s mask, only to see who is the real Ririka. By then, Mary had already learned that Kirari and Ririka were twins who could swap places, but Mary was surprised by how different the sisters were on the inside. Mari then impresses Ririka with her shounen-style resolve, and they become teammates during the election. Slowly but surely, the meek Ririka has learned to stand up for herself and assert herself as a true gambler, even when she bumps into members of the Momobami sub-families, which says a lot.

As of the current manga story for KakiguruiRirika learns to fight as an independent gambler who doesn’t need to live under Kirari’s thumb, but still has a long way to go, mask or no mask. Now she has to reveal her heart and show everyone what she is really made of.

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