Kakegurui XX Episode 4 Review: Connecting with Women

Well there’s some serious drama going on here, let’s see. Also, of course, Momopames lost. It doesn’t look as good as it’s supposed to be, my princess.

Japanese address: こ の 女 触 れ る べ か ら ず


Resuming the game that was interrupted by Yumiko’s poisoning (yes, that’s come to that level now, ah, huh), we find ourselves at the table with Mary, Mio, Meri, and Suzue. After Yumiko’s last wish, Suzue obeys everything Mari tells him to do, and places all his trust in her, although at one point Mio offers him a sufficient antidote to all these three in exchange for their votes. Marie manages to kick ass in the first round and save herself and Suzue from being poisoned, but this does not apply to Meri, who must punch her finger and play the last round while slowly fainting. Before making the final move, Marie announced that she noticed that the dealer was adjusting the game all the time; This is true. In fact, the pesky loli shit that won’t stop talking dealt cards in such a way that the same cards are dealt each round: four of a kind. Marie, finding out early enough, was able to use Suzue’s card to read Mio and Meri’s hands. And well made because of its severity. Mio, being the only one, orders Meri to lose the game, as she probably isn’t too keen on allowing herself to be humiliated in this way. So many hopes for some fair play and a decent attitude on her part.

Episode highlights

They’re still right you know: Uh yeah, I appreciate the fact that they didn’t focus and rely on their toxins and everything, but I hate to break it to you children of violence he is More effective than gambling. I know, you might find this hard to believe, but in the real world, some ass would have been kicked, and our heroes would have escaped with the antidote, as I mentioned in the previous episode review. I know it’s hard to fathom, but in real life things aren’t judged based on gambling, culinary contests, and pokemons. So please stop making moral conclusions from invalid situations PLS

damn that loli: There are many reasons why I hate loli characters (well, aside from the obvious reason), but damn, that girl didn’t shut up during the entire episode. I understand that the mention of plain, well-dressed animal clothing is important to you but why should I put up with it, along with your silly messy personality and your raucous voice. no.

Problem with Momohaven: Ooooh, looks like Miyo and Miri are going to have some major drama… What was the endless reaction when Miyo openly asked her little sister to poison herself because she couldn’t be bothered doing that? Shame. Shame on you, Mio. you like. However, how cool is the fact that they have their own little language? Not cold enough to cover BETRAYAL Miyo, that’s cool.

#Disappointed: I thought this would be a good match. Of course, I wasn’t expecting Momos to win, but I honestly hoped to take a respectable defeat, more on the “good game, nice to meet you” team. Oh, okay.

Some lol: Can we take a few moments to appreciate how the president destroyed that bogus European man with his chest hair his aide nearly petted? What a personality. The 30 seconds of his screen time was worth it.

Next Next

Come on, I want to see more, it’s so annoying not to be able to watch this like I did in season one. MOAR

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