Kakegurui xx introduces 11 new visual new characters

The second season of Kakigurui Revealed a new visual and introductions to 11 new characters. The new visual focuses on the main characters Yumeko and Kirari, who are at the center, and around them are other students at Hyakkaou Private Academy. That’s a total of 23 characters in one picture, which means there are a ton of characters who can thrill Season 2 for us as viewers!

The series is based on a manga written by Homura Kawamoto (story) and Tooru Naomura (art), which is currently being serialized on Square Enix’s Joker Weekly. The second season will begin in January 2018.

terano totopami

She is the representative of the Totopami family. She is in a wheelchair. Tirano hates Kirari, who disturbs the peace within the clan.

Yumi Totopami

Yumi Totopami from Kakegurui XX . Anime

A smart young girl who works as an escort for Terano Totopami and usually pushes her wheelchair. She is part of the Totopami clan, but she is not an actress.

Eremi Moshibami

Eremi Moshibami from the anime Kakegurui XX

Moshibami representative. She defies the elections to destroy Yumeko. The Moshibami family’s business is “torture”.

Mio Inbami

Mio Inbami from the anime Kakegurui XX

She is an Inbami actress. She looks like a neat person but secretly looks at gambling. The Inbami family works in medicine, similar to the Yobami family.

Meri Yubame

Miri Yobami from the anime Kakegurui XX

Yubame family representative. She was adopted from the Inbami family of the Yobami family. She often acts according to the will of her older sister, Mio Inbami. Compared to her sister, she talks less.

Sumika Warakobami

Sumika Warakubami from the anime Kakegurui XX

Momobami member. A representative of the urakubami. She doesn’t speak, she always wears a mask, and no one can see her facial expressions, so she is shrouded in mystery.

Nozomi Kumbami

Nozomi Kumabami from Kakegurui XX . Anime

Short Komabami Actor. She is usually in the company of a Saint Bernard dog.

Miroslava Hunbame

Miroslava Honebami from the anime Kakegurui XX

Honebami representative. Her mother is from Russia. Her family’s job is to “clean up” the clan and do other violent “cleanup” jobs.

Ibara Obami

Ibara Obami from the anime Kakegurui XX

A member of Obami, Rin always follows. He looks like a bad boy but is loyal to Rin.

Rin Obame

Rin Obami from the anime Kakegurui XX

Obami representative. He participates in the Student Council elections and is the only male representative of the entire Momobami clan at the school. He hides his true thoughts behind an unbreakable smile.

Rei Batsubami

Rei Batsubami from the anime Kakegurui XX

A girl dressed as a student, is taken to the school to take care of Momobami. She is part of the Momobami clan but she is not an actress.

Kakigurui XX

Winter 2019 | anime info

an introduction

Children from wealthy homes attend Hyakkaou Private Academy. The school hierarchy is measured by the students’ gambling skills. The student council was the first in the school, dominating the lives of the weak and even influencing political and business affairs. However, Student Council President Kirari Momobami suddenly announced the dissolution of the Student Council and called for a general election.

The rule of elections is that everyone can vote once. All students have the opportunity to reach the top of the school. Kerari is looking for chaos and happiness with these election campaigns. Moreover, a new threat is taking advantage of this time to emerge. It comes from Momubami and its related sub-families of Yumiko and Kirari.

Ryota Suzue deepens his friendship with Yumiko Gabami, Meri Saotome, and Itsuki Sumragi, the four who are forced to fight for their beliefs during this planned general election. In this school, the rules of the jungle apply. Will it be the “bait” or the one who eats the weaker animals? The inspiring “Ultimate Election Battle Royale” last minute selection begins.


Original work: Homura Kawamoto, Tooru Naomura (currently being serialized at Square Enix’s The month of Janjan Joker)
Director: Yuichiro Hayashi, Kiyoshi Matsuda
Series composition: Yosuko Kobayashi
Character design: Manabu Akita
Production: MAPPA


Yumiko Jabami: Saori Hayami
Meri Saotome: Minami Tanaka
Ryota Suzuki: Tatsuya Tokotake
Itsuki Sumragi: Yuki Wakai
Yuriko Nishinotwin: Karen Nanami
Midari Ikeshima: Maria Ise
Yumi Yummite: Yu Serizawa
Kaede Mayuda: Tomokazu Sugita
Runa Yumozuki: Mayo Odono
Sayaka Igarashi: Ayaka Fukuhara
Kirari Momobami: Miyuki Sawashiro

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