MAGA doctor claims COVID-19 vaccines are part of a Catholic plot to turn you into a ‘devil hybrid’

As a result, you get conversations like the following between right-wing radio host Steu Peters and “Dr.” Brian Ardis, a leading proponent of the COVID-19 conspiracy theory and the world’s leading proponent of cocoa puffs.

Watch this, but fair warning: turn it off immediately at the first sign that you have sprayed more than a pint of blood from your now destroyed eyeballs.

Conspiracy theorists Stew Peters & Bryan Ardis allege that COVID-19 is actually a synthesized form of snake venom that is being spread via drinking water and vaccines as part of a plot by the Catholic Church to turn everyone into "a hybrid of Satan."

— Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) April 12, 2022



Ardis: Well, what about the name “Corona”? Does it have a latin definition or a definition at all? So I searched for the definition. You know,, it shows 13 definitions. The word ‘corona’ religiously and ecclesiastical means ‘golden ribbon at the base of the miter’. And I didn’t know what a miter was, so I copied and pasted it and then hit “Photos”. [Photos of the pope and the pope’s miter are shown.] So this could actually read “The Pope’s Poison Pandemic”. It can also read “crown” – diadem means crown, also in Latin terms. Corona means crown. Visually we see kings represented by the symbol of a crown. So put that together for me. king …”

Peters: “Cobra…”

Ardis: “Poison. You could actually read King Cobra venom pandemic.” I said this about a year ago now, and I actually believe this is a religious war on the entire world. … If I were to do something incredibly sinister, how much The irony is that the Catholic Church or anyone using one symbol of an animal that represents evil in all religions, which is either a serpent or a dragon, is actually just a snake with legs.You take that snake or that snake and figure out how to isolate the genes from that snake and get the genes of that snake To insert themselves into the DNA that God created. I think that was the plan all along, it was to get snakes, the DNA of the evil one, in your DNA that God created. And they figured out how to do that with this mRNA technology. They use mRNA, which is mRNA Extracted from king snake venom I think. King cobra venom. And I think they want to get that venom inside of you and make you a devil hybrid, and you no longer just belong to God, or to God’s creation.”

Well, it’s an eccentric couple saying weird things at the tail end of (hopefully) a devastating and turbulent epidemic. why worry? Well, for one thing, Peters is only two degrees from Donald Trump. Trump loves the Pillow Man, and the Pillow Man hosts The Peters Show on his website. Given Trump’s inevitable descent into the swamps of right-wing goof fever during his latest attempt to destroy America, I can only imagine that Ardis would be a leading candidate for Surgeon General and Peters in the final role of White House press secretary in the second Trump administration.

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Also, there’s no conceivable way to get hotter than this, right? Because they almost broke my screeching brain with that frothy barrel of madness.

But, hey, I have a vision of Lucifer’s heat now, so who really cares?

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