Marinette’s 10 worst decisions, ranked

at Miraculous: The Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Marinette is chosen to become a superhero known as Ladybug, but she is still a teenager who learns and grows as she saves lives. This means that even when she comes up with creative plans to help everyone else, she can still make a bad decision or two.

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Marinette’s worst decisions Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Don’t come too often when you’re wearing this ladybird costume. Instead, they tend to be in her daily life, and often spill over into her supernatural world as well, such as her actions causing people she knows to scold.

10 Marinette rubs her victory on Max’s face

When Marinette, Max, and Adrien participate in a big video game competition, Marinette can beat Max soundly in the game. It’s amazing because technology is Max’s life, and he’s been training for competition for a year. Marinette only makes Max feel bad when she loudly celebrates her victory in front of him.

While getting excited to do well isn’t a bad thing, at the time of winning, Marinette, as Ladybug, realizes that making someone feel bad also makes him a prime target for Hawk Moth. Marinette also knows how important the things Max takes care of are to him. Scrub her win is incredible.

9 Marinette avoids Luca

Marinette, Luka and Adrien in the Miraculous Ladybug S4E18 Wishmaker Race

When Luka and Marinette aren’t working as a couple, they don’t do the mature thing and try to preserve their former friendship. She just avoids it completely instead.

To be fair, Marinette tries to avoid hurting Luca because she knows he still has feelings for her, but she also selfishly avoids making things embarrassing for herself. After all, Luca is very well adjusted to the fact that Marinette does not have feelings for him. He understands that she can’t help her feelings for someone else, and he just wants them to become friends again. Marinette’s avoidance makes things more awkward and puts their friends in the middle of the situation, which leads to Julica’s scolding.

8 Marinette lies in being in love with Cat Noir

Marinette gets a flower from Cat Noir in the Weredad episode with the Miraculous Ladybug

When Cat Noir sees Marinette right after she transforms from being a Ladybug, he wonders why she’s in so many superhero fight scenes. While he thinks she’s a big fan, Marinette is panicked that her identity is about to be discovered, and declares her love for Cat Noir instead.

This was clearly the first excuse that popped into her head, but it led to her father becoming obsessed with making sure Marinette is happy with the superhero, even if he doesn’t know who he is. It also makes things more awkward for Marinette since she’s a fan of Adrien and Cat Noir likes Ladybug, which leads to a very complicated situation for all of them.

7 Marinette helps Chloe sabotage Kagami

Chloe and Marinette collaborate on the game Miraculous Ladybug

A lot of Marinette’s bad decisions stem from her liking for Adrien. One of the things she makes in her daily life is when she decides to team up with Chloe to make Kagami look bad.

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This happens right after Kagami is introduced because both Chloe and Marinette are jealous that Kagami is friends with Adrien. Marinette didn’t just decide to make fun of Kagami. She helps Chloe with an elaborate plan to make Kagami look silly, which ultimately backfires. It’s unfortunate, and it also ends up putting a wedge between Marinette and Kagami, preventing them from becoming friends for a while.

6 Ladybug chooses Adrien to wear the miraculous serpent

Adrien gives a Ladybug a flower while using the Miraculous Snake in the Miraculous Ladybug

Marinette’s crush on Adrien also affects the decisions you make when she’s a Ladybug. Because of her crush, she chooses to give Snake Miraculous to Adrien, even though someone else would probably do better.

When Ladybug needs a little help in a battle, she gets a chance to share other Miraculouses with her friends. However, her decision to take out Snake Miraculous is influenced by her crush. Plagg even warns Adrien that he shouldn’t take Miraculous because he’s already Cat Noir. After Adrien fails so many times with Snake Miraculous, Ladybug eventually realizes she’s made the wrong decision. While the issue is being resolved, it signifies her own issues with making decisions when it comes to Adrien.

5 Marinette stalks adrien in shanghai

Marinette is sad at Miraculous World Shanghai

Marinette’s crush on Adrien is something of an obsession. She keeps pictures from his shoot, saves his schedule, and learns about him as much as she can without him knowing. She becomes even more extreme when she uses the excuse of taking a gift from a relative to Shanghai to follow Adrien around town.

Marinette is so distracted in Shanghai that she doesn’t even notice that her bag and earrings have been stolen on the street side, causing her to track down Tiki and a prodigy in a country where she doesn’t speak the language. If Marinette had been as focused on visiting her uncle as she was supposed to, she would almost never lose her ability to be a Ladybug.

4 Ladybug doesn’t trust Alia with who she is for 4 seasons

Alia and Marinette pose together at the front of the classroom in Miraculous Ladybug

Marinette is so focused on anonymity to Hawk Moth that she doesn’t even think about the fact that she needs help. Marinette is often overwhelmed as she lies to her friends, tries to save the world, and keeps her identity a secret. While it’s clear over and over again that they can’t tell who each other is, nothing really stops her from telling someone that she really trusts.

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Given that Alya is always ready to help Ladybug, stays calm under pressure, and is Marinette’s best friend, it’s surprising that it takes until Season 4 for Marinette to be able to tell Alya the truth. Much of the tension and disagreements with her best friend could have saved her if she had told Alia the truth sooner.

3 Ladybug is publicly calling for Lila’s Lies Out

Leela as Volpina in the movie Miraculous Ladybug

Marinette and Ladybug are both right in their attempts to get Lila to admit their lies, but the way they act about it is a poor decision. Ladybug is publicly shown as a liar, and removing her to the other girl is incredibly cruel.

Ladybug and Marinette became Lila’s enemy which prompted Lila to ally with Hawk Moth later. It is clear that Lily’s lies were born out of her desire to be the center of attention due to her loneliness. While Marinette doesn’t know the whole story, she should have known that Layla’s lies over and over would likely have an underlying cause, and she should have thought things through.

2 Don’t try Marinette and Ladybug too hard with Chloe

Queen bee miracle ladybug

It’s clear that Chloe is a selfish person who needs to be in the spotlight. She looks like Lily in that way. However, Chloe also really wants to be one of Ladybug’s superheroes. When Ladybug and Marinette ostracize her, Chloe loses her chance to become Queen Bee.

Chloe is actually very good at using Bee Miraculous, even though she doesn’t always listen to Ladybug. She would have become a great ally if she and Ladybug could get to the same page. The problem is that Marinette’s own feelings for Chloe tend to cloud her judgment as Ladybug. She’s never been able to control Chloe’s desire for the spotlight because she’s not trying to understand Chloe, even in the form of a ladybird.

1 Marinette stop suspecting Gabriel Agreste

Gabriel and Hawk Moth pose side by side in a promotional photo of Miracle Ladybug

Marinette suspects that Gabriel Agreste may actually be a Hawk Moth, but the suspicion fades. When Gabriel suffers, you assume he can’t be the villain after all.

Marinette, of all people, should know that things aren’t always what they seem. She has managed to trick people into thinking she and Ladybug are in the same place at the same time multiple times. She simply didn’t have to let her investigation with Gabrielle go. If you haven’t, you may have understood more about how Hawk Moth works.

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