Marvel: 10 Animated Characters Are Intelligent (But Lazy)

There are many Marvel animated universes. Marvel has been making cartoons since the 60’s and among all the various movies, TV series, re-imaginings, and reboots, they have highlighted a few super geniuses. However, not every intelligent character resembles Tony Stark or the leader.

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Intelligence and genius are hardly the same things, especially in comic-inspired media, but it seems a few of Marvel’s most intelligent characters can’t get past their innate laziness. It’s complicated because most of these characters have painful pasts and may suffer from untreated mental conditions. However, being smart but lazy is not always a bad thing, as it means that the individual excels at finding the easiest ways to do the toughest of tasks.

10 Jonah Jameson’s immoral privilege makes him lazy (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Jonah Jameson screaming at Peter Parker's animated Spectacular Spider-Man

J. Jonah Jameson is Spider-Man’s civil enemy and newspaper publisher daily trumpet In almost every version of Peter Parker’s life. Whether it was 1967 Spider Man Series or 2008 The Amazing Spider-ManHe’s reliably angry, disingenuous, and obsessed with Wall-Crawler. However, he is clearly a smart guy with the acumen to run a tabloid through thick and thin.

Unfortunately, Jameson’s personal wealth and lack of accountability hampers him. He values ​​achievements, such as his son’s career as an astronaut, but he ceased to be interested in real journalism long ago. Julie Juna is always looking for the easiest way to sell papers, thinks only for the short term, and never looks to win anyone’s trust. He does not lack courage and if he had let himself be the publisher his newspaper deserved, everyone would be better off.

9 The Star Lord will not expend the energy it needs to grow (Guardians of the Galaxy)

J'son and Star-Lord from the cartoon Guardians of the Galaxy

Many fans see Star-Lord as nothing more than a kid, but he leads the team of the most chaotic heroes of the galaxy. He is a quick thinker, understands tactics and strategies and has the emotional intelligence to reach his colleagues in crises. However, he does not have enough potential to escalate and take responsibility in the long run.

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Peter Quill is not stupid. He just does not want to invest the required energy in developing himself emotionally. Things like learning to steal and fight were fun for him so embrace it, but connect with his feelings? Sounds tough, dude.

8 Why is Thunderball hanging out with The Wrecking Crew? (Avengers: Earth’s Greatest Heroes)

The Wrecker Crew pretends to be the greatest Avengers hero on Earth BelideRiver Bulldozer Thunderball Wrecker

The Wrecking Crew is a superhero muscle in a lot of Marvel stories, including Avengers: Earth’s Greatest Heroes. Three of the four are ordinary thugs with superhuman strength and stamina. However, Thunderball is a former nuclear physicist who was once the equivalent of Bruce Banner.

Thunderball is still the brains of the Wrecking Crew, although they rarely listen to it. It’s hard to get out of a career as a superman but the fact that the animated version of this character isn’t seek To get out reflects it badly. For him it is one thing to keep in touch with fellow inmates, to let them define his life is another.

7 Not every Hulk is smart, but this one has brains (the Hulk and SMASH agents)

Structure with the team

Hulk and Smash Agents It features an All-Hulk team of heroes, including She-Hulk, Red Hulk and Rick Jones’s A-Bomb. In a group that includes a military tactician and ex-lawyer, it’s strange to see the original Green Goliath take over. However, despite his sparse nature, the series makes it clear that this Hulk version of Bruce Banner – not Professor Hulk or even Joe Fixitt – is an intelligent leader.

Buried under that muscle, this structure has brains but is dangerously unwilling to use it. He appears to have invested in a monosyllable identity that allows him to rampage with impunity. However, he keeps a close eye on his less trustworthy colleagues and has the wisdom to turn enemies into friends.

6 The Power of the Purple Man Does Not Promote Self-Improvement (Avengers: Earth’s Greatest Heroes)

The Avengers Purple Man Earth's Greatest Heroes 1

Zebediah Killgrave, also known as the Purple Man, is best known for his role in Netflix’s Jessica Jones. However, in Avengers: Earth’s Greatest Heroes Not only did he escape from the raft but also briefly conquered the world. Getting close enough to Tony Stark to use his control over the Avenger took brains, but then delegated everything.

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Unfortunately, delegation is an undesirable side effect of the Purple Man’s abilities. All he has to do is to make anyone do it Any thing For him – rubbing his feet or declaring him king of their eternal God – is the question. He never had to get smarter or better, it shows.

5 The observer cannot be disturbed (what if…?)

An observer looks at the multiverse

The Watcher, Uatu to his friends, is an immortal giant with nearly unlimited knowledge. His insatiable mind makes him observe the different realities of diversity in the paranormal subjects. He appears sympathetic to the best and worst tragedies of the multiverse but always claims to have sworn not to interfere in human lives.

However, when Infinity Ultron brings the fight straight to Uatu in what if…? In the series, he immediately manipulates his superhero team into a confrontation with the unstoppable scrambled creature. In the process, he willingly changed the course of several timelines. This is ostensibly to protect the multiverse, but the fact that Ultron puts the observer in his sights is the catalyst for his actions.

4 The Thing Eternally Rides Reed Richards’ Coats (Fantastic Four)

Benjamin Grimm’s The Fantastic Four’s Lovin’ Thing doesn’t always get the respect he deserves. However, he tends to stick around the Baxter Building when the team isn’t always encountering or exploring another universe. even in different The Fantastic Four The cartoon, Red Richards was allowed to pay his bills out of guilt because a wealthy inventor trapped him in an inhuman body.

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The Thing is a clever problem solver, allowing him to beat his already significant weight, and is legally one of Marvel’s first astronauts, showing that he has a vision and a mind. There’s even the fact that after his previous family died in a spaceship crash, he became Doctor Grimm, the universe’s version of Iron Man.

3 Howard the Duck’s A Classic Underchiever (What If…?)

Director Steve Gerber’s Howard the Duck has been kicking around Marvel Comics since the 1970s. Howard was always a smart man, and he took training offers from just about everyone, from Gwenpool to Doctor Strange, but he always turned them down.

Howard’s relaxed attitude was on full display when he appeared on Disney + what if…? Star Lord T’challa helped. He had the collector’s base design preserved and was clearly a talented shooter but was distracted by Knowhere tape. Howard seemed to love his entertainment life on set.

2 Dad-Bod Spider-Man keeps trying to surrender (in spider verse)

Peter B. Parker for Speedy Ratings

In the verse of the spiderPeter B. Parker is a sharp guy, just like all the different Spider-Men. He invented his own web games, can memorize complex passwords at a glance, and he clearly knows his way around a superhero game. He even makes a powerful mentor to Miles Morales when the teenage hero needs one.

However, Peter is clearly exhausted from sacrificing himself for the good of the world. Part of this is the fear of failure, which arose after he lost his marriage to MJ due to his own fears, but this Spider-Man has clearly decided that his default position in life should be horizontal. Even when a dimensional wormhole opens up on his bed, he hardly thinks to investigate it before being sucked inside.

1 Future Ultron Resting On Its Own (The Coming Avengers)

Ultron Next Avengers

The Coming Avengers The animated film assumes the existence of a world where Ultron destroyed the Avengers and humanity barely clings to existence. When a new generation of heroes rises up against him, they face traps laid by the Android overlord decades ago while constantly dodging Iron Avengers. However, Ultron himself is slow to respond to their challenge.

This Ultron promised to replace humanity with something better, but he spends most of his time filling his memorial rooms with artifacts from his greatest victories. Delegating security to his Iron Avengers may be somewhat effective, but Ultron can house infinite armored shells. When he interferes in the game late, it is his laziness that loses him the battle on the ground.

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