Miracle: why Marinette isn’t a good role model

Despite her heroic actions as Ladybug, Miraculous’ Marinette is a bad role model and arguably one of the worst characters on the show.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir It is a popular animated series about teenage superheroes living in France. The show is primarily aimed at young children and was created by Thomas Astruc, a storyboard artist from charming and job board supervisor from Totally spies! The influence from Astruc’s other works can certainly be seen in miracle, where the show focuses on Marinette, a teenage girl who has been granted magical powers from Kwami Tikki. In addition to featuring Ladybug and Cat Noir’s battle against the main villain, Hawk Moth, the series also contains subplots about high school drama and teen romance.

However, while miracle Clearly created to be a show that can inspire young children, especially young girls, the lead lady isn’t exactly the best role model. Although Marinette is only a teenager and not expected to be perfect, she definitely made some major social mistakes that made her look less than heroic. Marinette has also not received any kind of backlash for her actions so far on the show, which only seems to encourage her to continue acting in the same way.

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The main problem with Marinette is her unhealthy obsession with her classmate Adrien. She knows his schedule – in and out of class – by heart and has pictures of him all over her bedroom. Marinette also goes after Adrien in person, following him on his photoshoot and staring creepily at him when she happens to be riding the same train. This is mostly ignored as a cute teen crush on the show and turned down because Marinette is a girl. However, if the roles were reversed, much more would definitely appear, which made many fans of the show wonder why Marinette was allowed to stay away from this behavior for so long.

Marinette seems to hold a grudge against any other female character who gets close to Adrien, such as Chloe, Lily, and Kagami. While Marinette manages to stay civil when Adrien and Kagami start dating, she doesn’t always manage to act maturely around Chloe and Lila. Both Chloe and Lily are naturally flawed characters who have offended Marinette in multiple ways, but instead of moving on, Marinette seems to provoke them even more. Whenever something goes wrong at school or with Akuma, Marinette always blames Khloe or Leela first.

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Marinette working on a miraculous ladybug hat

This hatred towards some of the other girls in her life has already carried over into her job as Ladybug, with Marinette deciding to publicly humiliate Lila while putting on a costume. Although Lila was lying about being best friends with Ladybug, there were definitely more mature ways of dealing with a situation that would not have ended with Lila getting Akumatized. Ladybug also led Chloe to lead with Bee Miraculous, which also ended with Chloe getting Akumatized. It can be said that Marinette technically failed in her job as Ladybug by provoking the other girls around her, as she causes almost as many Akumatations as Chloe.

The miracle The fandom definitely picked up on these behavioral issues that Marinette displayed, and she became one of the most hated characters on the show as a result. Her lack of character development frustrated so many people that they stopped watching the series, and the fact that other characters around her continued to empower her is certainly questionable. Unless Marinette learns how to grow up, it is highly likely that more fans will continue to leave the show.

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