OM grabbed their qualification and lost Rennes and Monaco

Marseille confirmed its qualification to the quarter-finals of the European Conferences League thanks to its victory in Basel (2-1). The winner from Leicester (2-1), the Rennes on their side came close to this achievement, but they missed a goal to bring down Leicester, the winner in the first leg 2-0. In the Europa League, Monaco really couldn’t believe it against Braga (1-1, 2-0 in the first leg).

Basel – OM 1-2 (Go: 1-2)

Clearly dominant in the first leg but ‘only’ 2-1 winners, Marseille had a very small goal to defend on Parc Saint-Jacques, all without Payet, suspended. In the 35th minute, the match almost changed when Harit was clipped from behind in the area by Burger, in the position of the last defender. Basel avoided the red card once he was warned, then saw Harriet miss a penalty against Lindner.

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At the time, we told ourselves OM would quickly regret this golden opportunity. And the sentence fell off shortly after an hour had passed: Dan Ndwey forgot it in the far post, passed OGC Nice, crucified Mandanda at close range and reset all counters to zero (1-0, 63). But this opening did not affect the morale of Marseille, who immediately attacked the Swiss goal and rewarded before entering the last quarter of an hour. Served nder on a plateau by Gerson, he puts in a superb shot at the far post to put his team ahead on aggregate (1-1, 74). In extra time, Ronger allowed the Phocians to win with a superb shot at the entrance to the area. Targets for tasting in the video above.

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Rennes – Leicester 2-1 (First leg: 0-2)

However, the Rennes team has put together all the necessary ingredients for the “Renismontada” that their supporters have been hoping for. Britton’s side dominated 2-0 on the way to England, and had arrived in the middle of the ninth minute, when Beauregaud flipped at Roisson Park (1-0) by cutting off Terrier’s center from close range. The necessary little touch of insanity was put in place to reverse such a situation, but a well-known player in France dealt a huge blow to Breton’s morale after returning from the locker room.

>> Take back Rennes Leicester

Former Stefano Fofana, who has been out of the field since last summer and was on his way back to his big comeback Thursday night, deceived Almadar, substituting Gomis at Rennes’ goals with a neat header (1-1, 51). Everything had to be rebuilt for Geneseo’s men, who never gave up and even managed to bounce back thanks to Tate in the 76th minute. Roazhon Park came back to believe in extension and almost turned around for a third time on a big chance from Guirassy, ​​but his skew was turned around by Imperial Schmeichel . Despite the enormous pressure on the foxes’ targets in time, the Rinne failed to achieve this feat.

Monaco – Braga 1-1 (First leg: 0-2)

Monaco really had no time for hope. Barely defeated Philip Clement’s men 2-0 in the first leg, they conceded the first goal in the 20th minute through Abel Ruiz. Out of the box, the Spanish striker tried his luck and was able to count on the help of Noble, accused of a handball, to give the Portuguese a three-goal lead on aggregate (0-1, 20).

>> Monaco-Braga regain (1-1)

The rock club had some chances to cut the score and put a bit of a bit of madness into this encounter, but were ineffective in their few chances, Ben Yedder stumbled noticeably several times on Mateus, Braga’s goalkeeper. In the end, ASM, despite its dominance in the second leg, managed to save Honor at the end of the match with a goal from Disasi (1-1, 90). But Monaco is coming out the door too small.

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