OM, Rennes, Monaco, Nice … Calendar of candidates for the platform

Four days after the championship ended, the race for the podium was still undecided. If Marseille looks set to finish second, it is very tight between Rennes’ third and sixth.

The podium race is still in full swing after a weekend full of twists and turns. While Rennes, Monaco and Nice won, Strasbourg lost on the Lille grass, while Marseille is slowly approaching direct qualification for the Champions League. Four days before the end of the tournament, here is the calendar of the contenders for the podium.

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– Marseille (2nd place 65 points)

Anguished winners in Reims on Sunday (1-0), Jorge Sampaoli’s men enjoy the busiest schedule at the end of the season, with the championship and semi-finals of the European Conference League against Feyenoord Rotterdam. In Ligue 1, OM faces three direct competitors, starting on Sunday with Olympico.

D35: Marseille-Lyon

D36: Lorient Marseille

D 37: Rennes – Marseille

D 38: Marseille-Strasbourg

– Rennes (3rd, 59 points)

After two consecutive defeats from Manita against Lorient (5-0), Rennes and their fiery attacking (75 goals) came close at the end of the season with the same number of points as Monaco, but a much higher goal difference (+39 vs +20), and a slightly more complicated schedule than the team emirate.

D35: Rennes Saint-Etienne

D36: Nantes Rin

D 37: Rennes – Marseille

D38: Lil Rain

– Monaco (4th place, 59 points)

Will ASM win the Grand Slam until the end of the season? In a run of six straight victories since the Europa League elimination against Braga, Monaco particularly lent themselves the scalps of PSG, Rennes and Nice, and maintained a logical victory over ASSE (4-1). In the fight with Rennes, Monaco seems to have a more informative calendar.

D 35: Monaco Angers

D 36: Lille – Monaco

D 37: Monaco Brest

D38: Lens of Monaco

– Nice (5th, 57 points)

Slow in the game, the Aiglons maintained two consecutive home wins allowing them to remain in the match on the podium. With the Coupe de France final to play against Nantes on May 7, Christophe Galtier’s men have a busy end to the season, with two teams battling to stay on the roster.

D35: Bordeaux-Nice

D 36: Nice Saint-Etienne

D 37: Nice Lille

D38: Reims Nice

– Strasbourg (6th, 56 points)

In the tough past weeks, Strasbourg has looked choppy after a very good start to the season. Weakened by several draws (11), Julian Stéphane’s men remained in a reversal in Lille, after a brilliant victory over Rennes. The race faces two big blocks in the past four days, including Paris Saint-Germain, newly crowned champions of France.

D 35: Strasbourg – Paris Saint-Germain

D36: Brest-Strasbourg

D37: Strasbourg-Clermont

D 38: Marseille-Strasbourg

Lens (7, 54 points), Lyon (8, 52 points) and Lille (9, 51 points) still have hope.

If all is not lost from an accounting point of view for third place, Lens, Lyon and Lille are starting from a very long way, especially Lusk, who has a very generous schedule to manage (Troy, Monaco, Nice, Rennes). For their part, Lionel wants to suspend a ticket to Europe after the failure in the European League.

With Olympico as a start, the main course and dessert (Metz, Nantes, Claremont) seem affordable, even if there’s nothing simple in Lyon’s long season. Having missed the European train due to his hair last season, the Lensois wanted to believe in their luck, especially since the calendar offers them a big part and three teams with almost nothing left to play (Nantes, Reims, Troyes, Monaco).

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