Over 50% of Netflix subscribers ‘tuned’ to anime content in 2021 – streaming

According to the streaming giant, in the last year alone, more than half of global Netflix users used the streaming service to watch anime content. The future of Japanese animation on Netflix looks even more promising, as the library continues to expand.

“Animation is a cornerstone of our investments in Japan, with nearly 90% of our members watching it here last year,” said Kohei Opara, Creative Director of Anime at Netflix. “At the same time, interest in anime has increased worldwide, and more than half of our members globally tuned in last year. From diversifying our list to bringing back fan favorites, we want to continue to grow our members’ discovery and love for anime, both in Japan and around the world with the next chapter. From the cartoon on Netflix”.

The company previously reported that more than 100 million families globally watched at least one anime title on its platform between October 2019 and September 2020, which is a 50% increase from 2018.

For some perspective, approximately 65% ​​of the 221.8 million Netflix subscribers are from outside the US and Canada; The service is available in 190 countries (189 technically since Netflix recently shut down service in Russia). So “more than half of our members” on Obara means that approximately 110.9 million users sampled Netflix anime content in 2021.

Netflix plans to continue investing in animation and will launch 40 series into the service in 2022. Earlier this week, the company re-announced some titles at its AnimeJapan 2022 event:

  • bubble (April 28): Bubbles break the law of gravity in Tokyo and rain down on the world, causing young people to lose their families. Now the world is their playground and they start the parkour team fights, jumping from one building to another. The hibiki, young and reckless, makes the wrong move and lands in the sea, bent by gravity. His life is saved by Ota, a girl with mysterious powers who suddenly appears. The two hear a unique voice that only them can hear. Watch the trailer.
  • Spurgeon (June 18): The great civilization that ever existed on Earth possessed much better knowledge and scientific prowess than modern man. Traces of this ancient civilization are still hidden, and now high-speed communication networks and satellites are able to reveal all the secrets. The armies of major nations are fighting to be the first to discover and search for these artifacts. An organization of secret agents (Spriggans) aims to eliminate this ancient force for good. Watch the trailer.
  • Kakigurui twins (August): At the private Hyakkaou Academy, the hierarchy is controlled by gambling, and the protagonist, Yumiko Jabami, and her friend Marie Saotome, challenge the Hyakkaou Student Council by gambling against them.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Edinburgh’s Grudge (Fuck): The anime spin-off will feature Tristan, son of The Seven Deadly Sins, as well as Meliodas and Elizabeth. When Tristan inherits the power of a clan goddess, he can heal people’s wounds and injuries, however, he accidentally hurts others due to his inability to control the power of the clan of demons. To protect his family, Tristan travels to Edinburgh Castle and meets new friends throughout his journey.
  • drift house (To be announced): A summer adventure with 6th graders Kosuke, Natsume and their friends entering a large public apartment complex drifting across the ocean with the kids still inside. Watch the trailer.

Other upcoming series include “Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix”, Adi Shankar based on “Devil May Cry” and Tom Clancy’s “Splinter Cell” based on the Ubisoft franchise.

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