Prodigy: Adrien is a better hero than Marinette

Although Marinette is a very fun character to watch, Miraculous’ Adrien would do even better as the show’s hero.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Focuses mostly on Marinette Dupain-Cheng and her antics as the superhero Ladybug. Although the presence of a female superhero as the main character on this popular children’s show is a very cool and progressive representation, the miracle Fans have pointed out many flaws in her character — such as her obsessive crush on Adrien and her hatred of Chloe and Lily — and argued that she’s not a good role model. As a result, some fans have suggested that Adrien would actually be a more idealistic hero than Marinette.

Adrien has a more interesting backstory than Marinette. His mother disappeared when he was very young and was mostly ignored by his father Gabriel, who also happens to be a world famous fashion designer. As the seasons go on, it becomes clear that Gabriel is actually Hawk Moth, the series’ main villain, and is trying to steal the Ladybug and Cat Noir miracle, their sources of power, so he can revive Adrien’s mother, who was actually in a coma under their house the whole time.

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This creates more tension and exciting storytelling than Marinette’s back story. Marinette lives in a small bakery with her mom and dad and there is often not much drama in her family. Her parents love and respect each other, and whenever another family member starts to create problems, the situation is usually resolved by the end of the episode. Having Adrien’s relationship with his father and his issues related to losing his mother at a young age at the forefront of the show will make watching it all the more interesting.

Gabriel also has no idea that Adrien is Cat Noir. While the other Miraculous owners have mostly done a good job of concealing their secret identities – with the exception of Chloe – this creates even more tension in Adrien’s case as his father actively attempts to steal a miracle. Adrien’s father is very protective of him and the series begins with Adrien begging Gabriel to let him go to school so he can make new friends. Given that it took Gabriel so long to agree to end Adrien’s homeschooling, he probably wouldn’t react well at all if he found out his son was sneaking up on him and fighting against him as Cat Noir.

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Adrien is also more impressive and a better role model than Marinette. Despite his difficult family life, he still manages to remain friendly and respectful at school, even with some of the worse characters like Chloe and Lily. When he realizes that his crush with Ladybug doesn’t reciprocate, he respects her limits and continues to act as her friend and partner. This couldn’t be further from how Marinette would respond to similar situations. Even when Adrien finally gets hurt and becomes Cat Blanc, it’s only when his worst nightmares come true and he doesn’t really know how to react.

miracle It would definitely be a more interesting show if Adrien was at the forefront of the narration because his background is more complex. Cat Noir is arguably more heroic than Ladybug, and Adrien is definitely more mature than Marinette. although miracle Mainly aimed at young children, it does not need to sacrifice good storytelling to make it attractive to children. It has been said that requests to see Adrien as the protagonist address a larger problem with the series itself, which is primarily its writing and portrayal of female characters. While miracle Fans will likely never see Adrien as the main character on the show, this conversation certainly sparks a lot of interesting discussions about the series as a whole.

Seasons 1-3 of Miraculous is available to stream on Netflix.

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