Ranking 10 Kakegurui characters based on how interesting they are

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  • list of 10 Kakigurui The characters are ranked based on how interesting they are.
  • how are these Kakigurui The characters are related to each other, especially characters who come from hundreds of predatory families.
  • Summary of the arc and the backstory of each Kakigurui Character until season 2 of the anime.

Kakigurui Very strange.

This is not an insult towards the show, but anyone who has seen it Kakigurui You probably won’t be surprised to learn that searching for ‘why Kakigurui So…”You get search suggestions like weird, sexual, and bad. That’s mostly because Kakigurui Pardon me for saying this, it seems that the idea of ​​gambling has gone sexual. The show’s main character, Yumiko Jabami, is particularly guilty.

But did you know? This is what makes it so interesting to watch. KakiguruiThe characters’ personalities are so incredibly over-the-top and uncomfortably sexual that they come across as fans. It’s their exaggerated reactions and interactions that make the anime fun and they do a fairly good job of conveying the thrill that comes with putting your life at the mercy of RNGesus.

Having said that, it’s not all Kakigurui The characters are made equal. As with any show, some characters are superior to others because of how interesting they are compared to the rest of the cast.

10. Yumiko Jabami

Kakegurui characters perform

Let’s start with the real hero of KakiguruiYumiko Jabami.

Yumiko is associated with many of the anime girls on this list by virtue of being part of hundreds of fiery families. In case you haven’t watched Season 2 yet or forgot, Hundred Devouring Families is the name of the Momobami clan that includes not only Kirari Momobami, but all -Bami title character in the show.

the first The member of the Momobami clan we meet is Yumiko Jabami, a compulsive gambler who doesn’t care much about winning or having reasonable bets. What drives Yumiko is the excitement of being able to gamble against someone who is arrogant and willing to do whatever it takes to win, as long as he doesn’t cheat because cheating makes the game boring for her.

Honestly, however, Yumiko is getting boring quickly. It’s fun to watch her whenever she appears on screen just because she’s so loose compared to the other characters. But you can just watch the same champion keep winning without really getting a setback before he gets old.

Yumiko’s lack of real background, emotional shallowness, and careless demeanor make her a low-risk character because we know we’ll never have to strive to win. She almost always does and when she doesn’t, she just doesn’t care. We don’t know anything about her even compared to the others Kakigurui The characters on this list seem one-dimensional.

9. Kaede Manyuda

Kaede Manyuda from Kakigurui

Kaede Manyuda is one of the few male anime characters in Kakigurui He is the only male student council member on the show.

We meet Kaede for the first time in Episode 2. At first glance, he appears to be one of the Ogeder Male personality type. Think of the Lelouch vi Britannia replica. While that’s true in some ways, we’re quickly learning that Kaede isn’t as self-confident as he seems. Under his ruthless facade, he is extremely insecure about his self-worth.

Kaede’s understanding of his limitations is what led him to decline to challenge Yumiko to the game in the first place. But after invoking her right as a house pet to gamble against him, Kaede had no choice but to accept. Kaede loses the match against Yumeko and Sumaragi, both of whom are seriously underestimated.

After losing to Yumiko, Manyuda lost his will to live. Lately, though, he’s been regaining his sense of self, which begs the question: will he side with the council, will he fight for his interests alone, or will he try to eliminate Yumiko? Honestly, it would be great to see how his relationship with Sumraji ends.

8. Mio Inbami

Mio Inbami from Kakigurui

For someone with such a cold personality, Miyo Inbami is one of the most humane Kakigurui Personalities.

Mio pretends to be polite and friendly, but her polite demeanor hides a brutal, brutal attitude towards the people around her. It is clear that she does not like or believe in gambling as her relatives do. Mio prefers to solve the problems of violence that make her one of the most rational characters in Kakigurui.

What makes Mio interesting is how hard it is to decide whether or not she cares for her sister, Meri Inbami. The Inbami sisters were separated as children -Bami That is why she resents her and longs to be reunited with her sister. However, during the Name Type Zero match, Mio seemed to have no problems endangering Miri.

7. Yumei Yummite

Yumi Yummite from Kakigurui

Who would have thought that this pop star had more than meets the eye?

Yumemi Yumemite is one of the Kakigurui The characters we meet at the beginning of the series. Despite her good-natured and laid-back appearance, Yumimi is a member of the Student Council and holds the position of Head of Public Relations. We only learn why she managed to become part of the council when we finally saw her pissed off.

Yumemi is revealed as a very sadistic young woman who sees only her fans and “friends” as necessary inconveniences that she has to deal with to fulfill her dream of becoming famous, just like Sumika and Rakubami, whom she loves.

Although her story is what you’d expect of an idol character, Yumimi spoils the sweetness of the metaphor. The only reason she realizes that she doesn’t need to be an actress like Sumika is because her fans show her how fanatical devotion they are, to the point where they don’t mind when Yumemi treats them like trash.

Oddly enough, Sumika grows up to be respected for her determination. Yes, I messed it up, but this Kakigurui is yours.

6. Rei Batsubami

Rei Batsubami from Kakegurui

If you thought Yumemi was a plot twist, buckle up because no one has seen Rei Batsubami revealed.

Rei Batsubami made his debut in the second season of Kakegurui. The masses were led to believe that “he” was merely a servant of the Other -Bami Clan family members. But it didn’t take long for Yumiko to find out that “he” was her cousin, Rei Batsubami.

Rei disguises herself as a man so that she can plot revenge against her relatives whom she hates for mistreating her when she was a child. Rei Batsubami’s grudge is not just rooted in his abuse. Much of that is because she sees the other clan members as heartless sadists who want to destroy anyone in their path.

Is she wrong? of course not. But her flashbacks reveal that Yumiko has a sister who has lost her mind due to a gambling addiction. Rei cared about the other jabbami girl very much because she was the only one who was kind to her.

Rei comes to terms with her abuse and the fate of Yumiko’s sister after learning Yumiko’s life philosophy: that life is a gamble and the ability to make the decision to risk everything is what makes life worth living.

It’s weird, but it’s close to warm Kakigurui Obtains.

5. Sayaka Igarashi

Sayaka Igarashi from Kakigurui

Sayaka Igarashi is simplicity number 1 among all Kakigurui characters and you’ll understand why in seconds.

Sayaka appears several times during the series, but she started out as a harmless side character who helps facilitate official student council activities. Sayaka becomes more important in season 2 after the other arrives -Bami Clan members who all come to gamble on the position of student council president and Kirari Momobami’s right to inherit the clan leadership.

We see Sayaka acting intensely to protect Kirari. The first time was when Yumiko played tarot card against Kirari. Later on, she repeatedly threatened the other clan members with an electric shock for being aggressive towards Kirari.

It all comes to a head when Sayaka challenges Yumiko to a gambling game, hoping to take her out before she poses an even greater threat to Kirari. Kirari organizes their game, sending the two to solve a series of puzzles in the Tower of Doors.

Sayaka is dazed after losing to Yumiko not because she has to jump off the tower and die, but because Kirari said that whoever loses the game will be alien to her.

To Sayaka’s astonishment, Kirari jumped with her, and the two of them fell on a net under a field of lilies together. Kirari offers Sayaka the chance to become her secretary again, which indicates that she feels the same way about her.

But Kirari is Kirari, which makes it interesting to wait and see how far Sayaka’s dedication to the student council president can take her.

4. Ririka Momobami

Ririka Momobami from Kakigurui

Ririka Momobami was one of the surprises she revealed Kakigurui. We didn’t know much about Ririka at the beginning of the series because she often does nothing but quietly stand by Kirari Momobami despite her status as Vice President of the Student Council.

Ririka rarely acts alone but she has a cruel stomach as shown in the scenes where she pretends to be Kirari.

However, Ririka seems to be the mildest of all -Bami clan members. She shows a real interest in the other characters when she’s not wearing her mask or pretending to be Kirari, which is also a kind of mask for her.

3. Midari Ikeshima

Midari Ikeshima from Kakigurui

Midari Ikishima is often treated in the show as an angry character, but she stands out among the other characters. Kakigurui Characters Among other female characters in general because of the presence of her personality and image. She is allowed not to be elegant, cute, or seductive and most of the time Midari is seen doing disgusting things.

Midari is part of the Student Council but this does not earn her much respect because her masochistic tendencies scare other students from gambling against her.

Ironically, Midari’s impulsive and curious nature makes her one of the safest people Kakigurui Characters to be around because you can trust them to be more upfront about their motivations.

2. Kirari Momobami

Kirari Momobami from Kakigurui

Kirari Momobami serves as an antidote to most Kakigurui The soap operas and the “struggles” she has with characters like Yumiko and Midari make up a large part of the drama in the show. they do not care.

Like Yumiko, she finds gambling in itself exciting, but this is the only similarity between them. Kirari effectively puts people in harm’s way and against their will if she finds it too tempting for her. For perspective, the entire house’s pet system was she has idea.

The only people Kirari seems to care about are her sister Ririka and Sayaka, although her feelings for Sayaka are more questionable since we have reason to believe that Kirari actively encourages Sayaka’s obsession with her.

1. Marie Sotomi

Marie Satomi

And the winner is Marie Sotomi!

Mary Saotome may not be the main character on the show, but she is the only one who is constantly growing and changing as a character. For this reason, it is only natural that you will find it more interesting than others Kakigurui Personalities.

At the beginning of the show, Mari is the bully who actively antagonizes Ryota and Yumiko to show her superiority. When she was beaten up and turned into a house pet, we witness her determination to return to her old status. In the process, we learn the real reason why she fought so hard against the Student Council and the system because she wanted to determine her own destiny, not because of the excitement of gambling or the control of others.

After the big middle finger she gave to Kirari by refusing to play the boss games, Marie Saotome easily became one of the most complex. Kakigurui Personalities.

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