Ranking Baka and Test for the classroom is ridiculous fun

Kakegurui is known for its weird school rating system, but its predecessor Baka and Test has a unique system that’s much more ridiculous and fun.

School-centric animation tends toward luxury, both aesthetically and narratively. Oftentimes, the characters are very attractive, super powerful members of the social elite who never seem to go to class. In addition, many high school chains include a rating system for students that – while very interesting – is ridiculous to the extreme. A famous example is the cult of contemporary classics Kakigurui.

students Kakigurui According to the number of lucky matches they win. The more times students win – and the more money – the more they advance in the school’s rankings. This means that students who lose and fall into debt drop in the rankings, and are thus treated as slaves of the student body. As strange as this sounds, there is an earlier series with a much more ridiculous ranking system.

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The core team of Baka and Test.

2010 Baka West Ho A short, spitfire parody series that doesn’t pull punches. The title is full of weird crazy humor, characters that feel very accessible and entertaining and a nosebleed is enough to make it happen. Dxd High School The characters roll their eyes. Baka and the test It also uses the integrated and interesting student ranking system that is crazy and brilliant.

The series takes place at the fictional Fumizuki Preparatory Academy. Immediately after their entrance exams, students are placed in one of six classes between A and F. Students at the top of Class A are given great perks, such as a snack bar, luxuriously furnished air-conditioned classrooms, and school-issued laptops. Those lowered to F are provided with lower classrooms, low (often broken) wooden tables for desks and flat cushions for the seats. However, it is possible for lower-ranked classes to access the special incentives granted to their higher-ranking counterparts.

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Yoshi Akihisa from Baka West.

Fumizuki Academy has a unique system where students can summon summoned beings, or ‘avatars’. With the teacher’s approval, these summoned beings are allowed to do battle with each other. The main caveat to these battles is that the power of the students summoned beings is determined by the students’ final score in the Master Teacher topic. Therefore, if the teacher of Classical Japanese agrees to a battle, the strengths of the attractive beings will be based on the latest scores of their students’ Classical Japanese tests.

During the battle, summoned creatures lose points when they are hit. If an object loses all its points, the student who orders it must take a healing class taught by the stern-faced instructor Nishimura Sochi. If a student does well and studies routinely – like series heroine Himeji Mizuki – their summoned being is likely to be powerful. However, if a student (in a polite form) isn’t a superb test-starter – like the lazy half-intelligent male leader Yoshi Akihisa – they will have a hard time advancing not only academically but also socially.

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Fumizuki Academy’s battle system is primarily used in what is known as Summoner Test War. During a summoner test war, two entire classes fight in melee style battle against each other. The Test War only ends when the class representative – the highest-ranking person in the class – is defeated. If a lower level class beats one of the higher ranked classes, they earn the opportunity to upgrade their classes and equipment, as well as access to other additional perks, such as vending machines or a snack bar.

silly like Baka and the testIts ranking system, however, has one pivotal thing working in its favor: it is closely associated with academics. Most school animation – and Kakigurui No exception – keep education in the margins, if they take it at all (seriously, how many scenes of Kakigurui Actually during class?). Baka and the test It takes a more modernized path, choosing to keep the value of a quality education at the forefront of the narrative.

It’s true that the core cast is basically studying hard to take advantage of the benefits conferred on high-level classes, but they’re still learning. The characters are depicted attending classes, doing homework and studying – a quality shockingly rare among high school chains. Although ironic in its implementation, Baka and the test Is really innovative and brings the high school series back into the classroom, giving the audience plenty to consider in the process.

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