Renewing the daily life of the Eternal King for the third season

With the second season of The daily life of an immortal king Currently airing on Funimation, the third season of the popular donghua (or Chinese animation) series Slice of Life has officially been confirmed.

This announcement came during Made by Bilibili 2021-2022 The live broadcast event, and the trailer is now available on the official website of the Chinese video sharing platform. The trailer indicates that the new season of The daily life of an immortal king It will be filled with intense and imaginative action.

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The original web novel of the same name, by Kuxuan, was first published in 2017. As of June, it has produced 1,880 chapters worth of content with 1,776 of these chapters translated into English. The story follows a genius young sorcerer named Wang Ling, who is nearly undead and possesses powers beyond his control: at the age of six, he defeats a terrifying demon. However, when he turns 16 and enters high school, all he wants is to live a normal life, but as challenges continue to arise and new enemies declare themselves, his dreams of a low-key existence seem far fetched.

Season 1 of The daily life of an immortal king The Donghua adaptation debuted in China on January 18, 2020, and the second season premiered earlier this year on June 30. Haoliners Animation League is the animation studio behind the series with Li Haoling serving as director. Sun Lulu is voiced by Wang Ling and Qian Chen is played by Sun Rong.

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Funimation released the entire first season and began broadcasting episodes of season two on October 29. The streaming service has made an active effort to increase the number of Chinese animation shows; as such, The daily life of an immortal king Donghua series is not the only one. Funimation’s catalog also includes the supernatural action drama BL (Boys’ Love) from Shenying Animation. Sorrows drowning in raging fireLX Animation Studio’s sci-fi action series defective and a photography show for the Haoliners Animation League Click the link.

Moreover, the dubbed and translated English versions of Heaven official blessingDonghua, a popular BL donghua series about a prince who has been expelled from heaven multiple times and the Demon Lord who is fascinated by him, is also available on Funimation. The dub team includes many famous and experienced voice actors such as James cheek (One Piece, Assassination Chapter), Wendy Lee (Your Lie in April, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations), Abia Yu (At that time, I embodied the role of slimeAnd My hero academyand Howard WangSK8 infinity).

The first season of The daily life of an immortal king Also available on Netflix.

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Source: bilibili, via Funimation

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