Satan works part time! Season Two: Release date, cast, and everything we know so far

Satan works part time! It debuted in April 2013, and has left anime fans clamoring for more ever since. Production took some time to bring the anime back to screens. Now that The Devil Season Two part-time is officially confirmed, let’s get all the religions related to the crew, release date, plot, trailer, and more. Keep reading to know all about The Devil is a partial temp! the second season.

Fortunately, we have a definite broadcast date for The Devil being part-time second season. The second part is set to premiere in July 2022, much to the surprise of fans who have been anticipating an early 2023 release. It’s safe to say that the second part will be available on Funimation for streaming.

The first season of the anime included 13 episodes, so we can expect that the next installment may consist of a similar number of episodes.

Fans can catch up on the first season on Funimation and enjoy laughter and laughter while watching this short anime.

The Devil is a part-timer is an adaptation of Satoshi Wagahara’s 27-volume light novel series. Since the first season focused on the first two volumes of the novel series, there is enough content for the following season. The first season saw the Devil King, Satan Jacob move to present-day Tokuyo after losing the world to champion Emilia. Upon arriving in Tokyo, Satan Jacob (now Sadao Maou) realizes that his strength has been greatly diminished, and now he has no real world skills to survive in the New World setting. Thus, he’s taking a part-time gig at a local food chain, MgRonald’s. While working, he finds that the protagonist, Emilia (now Emi Yusa) is also in Tokyo, working as a telemarketer. Last season gave us a sneak peek into the burgeoning bond between the main characters as Emi Sadao handed an umbrella in the rain. In future episodes, viewers may see more of this relationship. The third volume of the light novel reveals the birth of a baby girl, presumably the daughter of Sadao and Amy. However, with no specifics, this is just a guess.

But one thing is for sure, it will be fun to watch our favorite characters return to the screens after a nine-year hiatus. Hopefully the wait is worth it.

There can be no great news for fans other than hearing that the original characters and voice actors are returning in season two of The Devil is a part-timer. Ryota Osaka will play Sadao Maou in its Japanese version, while Yoko Hikasa will play the voice actor for Emi Yusa. Other additional characters and cast are as follows:

Chiho Sasaki: Now Toyama

Demon General Ariel / Shiro Ashiya: Yuki Ono

The Demon General Lucifer / Hanzo Orochihara: Hiro Shimono

Kristia Bell / Suzuno Kamazuki: Kanai Ito

In addition to this, a new character was also revealed. As of now, there are no specifics about the English dubbed voice cast. So, stay tuned so we can hear more about it.

In the first season, Naoto Hosoda played the role of directing, but in the second season, Hosoda will be replaced by Daisuke Tsukoshi. Masahiro Yokotani will write the script this time as well. The White Fox remains at the helm of the TV anime series.

Ydai Iino will be joining as the new designer while Yoshihiro Takeda will be the chief animation director

We have not just one clip, but two trailers for season two of The Devil is a part-Timer. The creators dropped a file first trailer The day of the announcement of the second batch. And the last trailer came out recently. You can check them out by clicking on the links above.

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