Shit, let’s play Vampire Survivors

Just another totally casual game from Vampire Survivors

Just another totally ordinary game from Vampire survivors
screenshot: Vampire survivors

every Friday, AV . Club Staff starts our weekly open thread discussing game plans and recent gaming glories, but of course, the real action is in the comments, where we invite you to answer our eternal question: What will you play this weekend?

With all rights, this week’s batch from What will you play this weekend? Maybe it should be about something the new, rather than a game that has been released in Early Access since late 2021, and that has enjoyed several peaks of popularity in the ensuing months. Shouldn’t I be talking about the combination of innovation and familiarity that underpins version 1.0 of Rogue Legacy 2? We’re talking about scribbleTrial based battles Book residenceMy soul’s successor to my beloved BookWorm Adventures? Preparing some nifty ideas for your new samurai game this weekend, Journey to my day?

probably! But also: fuck him. I just want to play Vampire survivors. You may be able to link.

Released back in December, Vampire survivors It is, on the surface, a hilariously stark, crooked parody of copyright Castlevania Franchise business. The sophistication here is that instead of crawling through gigantic castles filled with every ghoul known to human imagination, Vampire survivors Monsters come to you. And come to you. And come, in hordes, sometimes filling the screen with hundreds of sprites at once.

Instead of the cash cow based on Konami Castle, survivors He, in fact, revolves very brilliantly and cleverly on the old ROBORON An arcade game, tasking you (and your chosen hero) with ammo, recoil, holy watering, etc., your way through endless armies of stupid opponents arriving in waves full of treasures. Created by Luca Galante, it has the contrasting feel of being an implementer of a mobile app that doesn’t really exist, with big, goofy buttons, very simple controls, and a progression chart that feels lifted straight out of the likes. Pac-Man 256.

This might all sound pretty shoddy on paper, but understand this: it is not poor. It kicks ass, in fact, in the most addictive way.

The most obvious point in survivors‘Fit is a wide variety of weapons, almost all lifting (visually, at least) from Castlevania Franchise business. You can carry six of them at once, and that sounds like a mess, except for every weapon in the Vampire survivors Fires automatically Instead of managing a bunch of different attack controls, you walk your little hero around as his whips and axes fly, birds shoot bombs, and hordes of monsters strike down. Add six more slots for passive upgrades, and you get a surprisingly deep array of building options, before you even start counting the rewards that different unlockable characters bring to battle, or the advanced weapons unlocked through certain combinations of items and weapons. For a game that seems reckless from a distant perspective, there’s a great amount of strategy crafting each round through the game – with a good choice of items, the key between quickly sliding into dust or becoming a functionally unstoppable engine of screen-blowing death.

God, but do it pop run. Vampire survivors It’s not necessarily a quick game—if you start the game, the game can last up to half an hour. But it still feels the breeze, as you watch the mountains of monsters vanish under a particularly powerful strategy. (Or crush you in gigantic waves if your build isn’t about to fall.) Galante also has an almost comedic knack for giving players regular kicks of dopamine, whether it’s the winning moment of leveling up and getting a new weapon, or the ridiculously exaggerated animation that plays when opening a chest after killing a little boss.

The end result is a compulsively playable game, the kind that can completely destroy focus in the wrong circumstances. After all, why should I write a complete final sentence for this column? Vampire survivors correct thereright right NowWaiting in the Steam tab just for me

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