Songs for Sunday, May 1, 2022

Beekeeper, comic opera composer and professor of anatomy: Just some interesting occupations for the people involved in picking chants this week.

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Song: This is a joyful Easter

Artist: Manchester Cathedral Choir
Words / Music: George Woodward / Trad
Recording: Priory PRCD 718

This cheerful Easter,
Far from sadness and care!
my crucified love
Life has sprouted this tomorrow.

If Christ had been slaughtered once
They did not blow up his prison for three days,
Our faith has gone in vain.
But now Christ has risen
I grew up, I grew up, I grew up.

My body please will rest
And for the sleeping season
So trump from east to west
Awakens the dead in number.

The flood of death lost its coolness,
Since Jesus crossed the river:
Loving souls from disease
My transient soul arrives.

Song: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hearts on Heaven

Artist: Wales Cathedral Choir, Malcolm Archer (Abbey), Robert Goff (Organ)
Words/Music: Christopher Wordsworth/Arthur Sullivan
Recording: Hyperion 112102

Hallelujah hallelujah!
Hearts to heaven and voices raise;
Sing to God a hymn of joy.
Sing to God a hymn of praise:
Who is on the cross a victim
To bleed the salvation of the world –
O Jesus Christ, King of glory, have mercy on us
Now he rose from the dead.

Hallelujah Christ is risen!
Death finally faced defeat:
Look at the ancient evil forces
In confusion and retreat.
Once he died and was buried once:
live now forever,
O Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us
whom we worship and adore.

Hallelujah hallelujah!
God bless the Most High.
alleluia of the Savior
Whoever won the victory.
hallelujah soul
The fountain of love and holiness!
hallelujah hallelujah
To Your Majesty Trinity!

Song: God of My Love Shepherd

Artist: Truro Cathedral Choir, Andrew Nethsinga (monastery), Christopher Gray (organ)
Words/Music: Psalm 23 Paraphrased by Herbert/Izzat Collignon
Recording: Priory PRCD 710

God love my shepherd
Who takes care of me?
While he is mine and I am his,
What could I want or need?

Leading me to the tender grass,
where I feed and rest;
Then to the gently passing tables:
In both I have the best.

Or if I get lost, it turns,
And bring my mind into the frame,
And all this is not for Sahrawi,
But to his holy name.

Yes, in the shaded black house of death
Well, let me walk, no fear;
Because you are with me and your stick
To guard, your stick to bear.

Surely your sweet and wondrous love
He measures all my days.
And because it will never take it off
So do my praise.

Song: Immortal and Invisible

Artist: Huddersfield Coral Society
Words / Music: Walter Smith / trad adapted by Roberts
Registration: EMI 746202

Immortal, invisible, God alone is wise,
In the inaccessible light hiding from our eyes,
I bless and the greatest of antiquity,
Almighty, victorious, your great name we praise.

Unstable, unhurried, silent as light,
Neither want nor squander, you rule by force.
Your justice is like high mountains from above.
Your clouds are the fountains of goodness and love.

For all, the life you give, great and small.
In every life you live the real life of everyone.
We bloom and bloom like leaves on a tree,
Then it withers and perishes. But nothing changes to you.

Oh great father of glory, father of pure light,
Your angels worship you and they all hide their eyes.
All praise to us: Oh help us to see
This is only the splendor of the light hides you.

Song: Come on, you have a lot of blessing

Artist: Harvard University Choir
Words / Music: Robert Robinson / Wyeth O Nettleton
Registration: HUC 2012

Come, fountain of every blessing
Adjust my heart to sing your grace;
uninterrupted streams of mercy,
An invitation to praise songs with the loudest voice
Teach me some gruesome sonnet,
Singing with flaming tongues above.
Praise the mountain! I fixed it,
The mountain of God’s unchanging love.

Here I raise my Ebenezer;
I have come here with your help;
And I hope, through your happiness,
safely to get home.
Jesus called me when he was a stranger,
Lost in the arms of God.
He saves me from danger,
Intercede with His Precious Blood.

Oh, what a great debtor
Daily I am restricted to be!
Let this grace now be like a leash,
Bind my lost heart to you.
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
inclined to forsake God whom he loved;
Here is my heart, take it and seal it,
Stamped for your courts above.

Song: I heard Jesus’ voice saying

Artist: Scottish Festival Singers
Words/Music: Horatius Bonar/John Dykes
Recording: The Complete International Media Collection 2014

I heard the voice of Jesus say,
“Come to me and rest;
Lie down, weary, lie down
Your head on my chest.”
I came to Jesus as I was,
very weary, worn, and sad;
I found him in his abode,
It made me happy.

I heard the voice of Jesus say,
“Behold, I give for free
Thirsty living water.
Bow down, drink and live.”
I came to Jesus and drank
From that life-giving stream;
I quenched my thirst, lived my soul,
And now I live in it.

I heard the voice of Jesus say,
“I am the light of this dark world;
Look at me, your morning will rise,
And your whole day will be bright.”
I looked at Jesus and found
It has a solar star.
In this light of life I will walk
Until the travel days are over.

Song: Hope Is Our Song

Artist: Viva Voce, John Rosser (monastery), Michael Bell (piano)
Words/Music: Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson
Registration: NZ Hymnbook Trust 941300

Nothing, nothing in all of creation
It can separate us from God’s love
Nothing, nothing in all of creation
It can separate us from God’s love.

This is our belief:
Trouble may break us,
sadness overcomes us,
disease and death
This is our belief:
No place is too far
God does not exist
knowing our need,

the forces of our time,
angel and devil,
danger and evil
They make their own play;
God’s love for sure
Invisible but seen
the heart of our being,
rest and treatment,

I’m not alone,
Despite human error,
turmoil or terror
shake every bone,
Hope our song:
I hope this is joy,
I was born with Christ Jesus,
where we belong,

Song: Lord of All Hope

Artist: Choir of St. Clement’s Church, Philadelphia
Words / Music: Jan Strother / Trad
Recording: Durian 790259

Lord of all hope, Lord of all joy
Their confidence, like children,
Can not destroy worries,
Be there in our vigil,
And give us a prayer
Your bliss is in our hearts, Lord
in the end of the day.

Lord of all longing, Lord of all faith,
whose strong hands were clever
On the plane and the lathe,
Be there in our business
And give us a prayer
Your strength is in our hearts, Lord
In the afternoon.

Lord of all mercy, Lord of all grace,
Your hands are quick to greet,
your arms to embrace.
Be there in our rocket,
And give us a prayer
Your love is in our hearts, Lord
On the eve of the day.

Lord of all meekness, Lord of all calm
The voice of who is contentment,
of having balm,
Be there in our sleep,
And give us a prayer
Your peace is in our hearts, Lord
in the end of the day.

Song: I Fill My Life

Artist: Sottish Festival Singers
Words / music: Horatius Bonar / Thomas Hawes
Registration: Kingsway KMCD 2277

Fill my life oh Lord my God
In every part with praise,
That my whole universe may be announced
Your being and your ways.

Not for lip praise alone,
Nor is it the blessed heart,
I ask but for a different life
of praise in all things;

Praise in matters of common life,
out and in,
Praise in every duty and every action,
No matter how small or medium.

Fill every part of me with praise;
Let all my talk
From you and those who love, O Lord
Although I am poor, weak.

So you, Lord, are from me, either I,
deserved glory,
And so I’ll start on the ground
New song ever.

Therefore, it is not permissible to part of the day or night
From holiness freed:
But all my life, every step,
Be company with you.

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