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It is uncertain whether heroes in the isekai type are blessed or cursed at this time. Half of them die horribly just minutes before they are reincarnated into their dream world, and those who are lucky enough to avoid death usually experience misery beyond most people’s imaginations.

Think of Subaru, the protagonist of “Re: Zero,” whose video game-style savings abilities often force him and his comrades to die over and over until he discovers the perfect solution to their many problems.

Fortunately, isekai writers aren’t afraid to be creative when it comes to their characters’ misfortunes. Studio Kai’s planned translation of Inki Hakari’s light novel series, Skeleton Knight in Another World is a prime example of this.

The hero of the “Skeleton Knight” faces a more subtle problem: as you might have guessed from the title, there is no human face behind his helmet, and the kind human audiences in this fantasy world are not particularly fond of the living dead.

This may create an interesting dynamic for the series, which, according to the video, has sold more than 1.5 million copies since its debut in 2015.

As a result, it is hoped that the characters and plot of “Skeleton Knight” will live up to the hype. Of course, it’s too early to be overly hopeful in the production process, but this show holds a lot of hope. This is what we have learned so far.

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What is the Skeleton Knight release date?

Unfortunately, it’s too early in the production cycle for Studio Kai or its publisher, Overlap Comics, to give a release date for “Skeleton Knight in Another World”.

The initial news about the anime as well as the first trailer was released in April.

Since then, there hasn’t been much anime news. The biggest twist in the production schedule occurred in August when Crunchyroll confirmed that it would host episodes of “Skeleton Knight” whenever it was released via Anime News Network.

Skeleton Knight in another global anime release date

On the other hand, Crunchyroll wasn’t too vocal about the “Skeleton Knight” release date. As a result, we can only provide a preliminary estimate at this time.

The fact that a trailer has already been released shows that Studio Kai is moving forward with the project.

As a result, “Skeleton Knight” should be released in late 2022 or early 2023. Other studio projects, such as the second season of “Uma Musume Pretty Derby,” took about the same length of time to finish.

Who is in the cast of Skeleton Knight?

Until now, Studio Kai has kept the crew of “Skeleton Knight in Other World” a closely guarded secret. However, the studio revealed the identities of three of the actors who will play the main roles in the show.

Most notably, Ark, our skeletal hero, will be played by Tomoaki Maeno (via MyAnimeList), who previously played Hajime in “Platinum End” and Pain in “Naruto: Shippuden.” Ariane Glinnis Lalatuya, one of his comrades, plays the role of actress A Fayrouz.

Fayrouz is also known for his roles in a number of popular anime series, including the upcoming season of “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” in which he will play the protagonist.

Skeleton Knight in another global anime release date

However, one additional main character revealed by Studio Kai is different from the others. Punta is a nine-tailed fox, often known as a kitsune, not a skeleton or pygmy.

It is unclear how this magical creature, played by actress Nene Hieda, will play a role in the story. But, we may guess that he will be a friend, not a foe.

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What is the plot of Skeleton Knight?

Regarding the plot of “Skeleton Knight in Other World”, it is really important for Ponta to be a friend rather than an enemy – this is because Arc has no friends.

An unknown player, formerly an ordinary human from the real world, wakes up as a custom character in his favorite RPG after falling asleep at his desk.

Despite his appearance as a terrifying skeleton, Ark chooses to fight for the greater good rather than the other famous skeleton hero Iskai from “Overlord”, who doesn’t bother killing innocents.

Skeleton Knight in another global anime release date

The good side of Arc, thank God, brings him an excellent fortune. Ark is granted several rights after rescuing two virgins from bandits.

It turns out that one of the women of the royal family, Ark was given various advantages that enable him to thrive in this exotic culture.

Then he continues to continue his exploits as a force for good, despite the fact that he still has to hide his undead nature from the rest of the world.

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