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while developing files Super Zangyora A review, it was easy to remember Vampire slayer. Recently, some indie games may reject the “metroidvania” gameplay and opt for a more focused and linear action platformer. Sometimes called “linearvania” or “classicvania,” this style of play emphasizes great challenge and conservation over exploration.

When the original Castlevania It went out, it had many outlets; One of them was on MSX2 and it was called Vampire slayer. This was a unique version of an enduring classic, introducing the first non-linear game design elements before Simon’s Quest in the form of locked doors and keys.

Super Zangyora It is a remake of samba maida doujin game from 2004 which is heavily inspired by Vampire slayer. With completely revamped visuals and sound, does this action platformer from the early days of the Japanese indie games scene still hold up? Find out on our site Super Zangyora review!

Super Zangyora
Developed by: Platine Dispositif
Publisher: Mediascape
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch (reviewed)
Release date: March 3, 2022
Players: 1
Price: $19.99

Super Zangiora Review

hypothesis Super Zangyora Almost word for word from Konami Castlevania Series, with minor modifications. Dracula is never mentioned; He is only referred to as “Immortal”. Instead of the cruciform whip of the Belmont Line, players take on the role of San Maid; Huge bulk weld.

Maid-san will have to traverse a gauntlet of demonic traps, undead, and demons while trying to avoid urination if she wishes to defeat the night and drive out evil. You’ll do this by unlocking doors by finding the right keys and navigating a challenging platform while also relying on the Morning Star to direct the helicopter itself to a safe landing.

It’s a premise as old as the console games themselves. Running through stages and trying challenges to survive while finding power-ups hidden in walls is still as satisfying as it was in the 80s. Super Zangyora Sometimes it may look like a doujin game, but the level design is often inspiring – as if the developer has been making games for years.

Super Zangiora Review

Maid-san doesn’t have moves like Alucard. It is very similar to Belmont. Her jumps require a bit of commitment and there is a leg clearance to count. It’s not a cruciform that completely stiffens her knee; She can rush – which is vital for negotiating the many traps and pitfalls in the castle.

the most important; Maid-san can hover. Most jumps in Super Zangyora It will require players to master this maneuver and be able to take down some of the most ferocious traps. The only regret that may be from the wait samba maid It could be unfairly short to limited invincibility, which could result in Maid-san being trapped in an early grave.

Super Zangyora is a 2D action platformer game with retro sensibilities and made by a developer with a taste for kaizo style challenges. Players who prefer to take things easy when playing should steer clear of it, because the action can get very hot and learning from mistakes is an essential part of the game. Super Zangyora expertise.

Super Zangiora Review

Death isn’t the worst thing to happen to Maid-san. During the gameplay, players will encounter various gems and coins that are kept after death and can be spent in the shop for upgrades. This appears to be a simple difficulty modifier (on top of the current easy or hard mode), which provides players with the expected health boosts and more lives.

On top of the various stat upgrades, Maid-san can also buy keys that she would normally have to go out of her way to collect while running through the stages. This is a fair compromise for players who want to skip large portions of the stage they have to replay. It also provides an option for those who want to save their treasure and “git gud” the old fashioned way.

The control and playability are very tight and have some characteristic toughness that game lovers enjoy Castlevania Known. Despite this, Maid-san feels a little more flexible than any Belmont and thanks to its flight, it can manage a certain level of control in the air. Inner challenges will make up for that extra layer of control, so don’t get too comfortable.

Super Zangiora Review

Bosses are event highlights and come in many shapes and forms. Some are human-sized and some are huge; Fill the screen with impacts and dangerous projectiles. The skill of the developer for action games can be seen during these intense moments.

Dodging with a dash and weaving in and out of danger is satisfying. It looks cool to pull without getting hit and players will feel like a hero sending hell to meet God with the wide side of the metal ball as it connects, making a symphony of exhilarating crunching sounds like when a girder tumbles overhead from the Prius.

While many level layouts Super Zangyora We have a lot of loyalty samba maid; Unfortunately the limited range of assets is also inherited. Unlike many Castlevania Entries with a variety of backgrounds and settings for you to go your own way, Super ZangyoraThe setting is mostly the same brick patterns throughout.

Worst of all, Super Zangyura is committing the heinous sin of mixing pixel art with high-resolution assets. If this is limited to UI elements only, this may be acceptable. Unfortunately, the high-resolution character images conflict with the retro aesthetic and do not fit properly into the images.

This is made worse with some background artwork that is sometimes done with a hand drawn ink pen and an ink style that is only done once in the entire game. It’s distracting and doesn’t get tangled up with loud, arcade-like images.

Fortunately, all the pixel art in it Super Zangyora Very attractive and has a great personality. There is a surprisingly good amount of bounce to the animation, which fits in with the light-hearted animation style that the game strives for.

Super Zangiora Review

Maid-san has become much more elaborate than it was in Maid Samba. It has more realistic proportions now and is more in line with the rest of the enemy’s designs. Her signature ponytail helps give her a defined silhouette that clearly indicates which way she is facing and draws air when she moves.

A lot of care has been put into the visuals that have been fixed. While he still has some of that hobbyist, doujin is all about him; There is no doubt that the talent that went into this new edition is more mature than was possible in the 2004 edition.

what makes Super Zangyora It stands out from other 2D platformers because it is made by a developer who really understands its effects. It focuses on honoring mystery Vampire slayer And he was able to add a lot of new ideas to make it special.

The replay value is high, thanks to the upgrade system. Being able to complete the game without dying or upgrading Maid-san at all is definitely a harrowing experience and is something players should experience. Achieving this skill level we have Super Zangyora Revision requires practice and the mechanisms in place facilitate the skill ceiling.

Super Zangyora Highly recommended for fans Castlevania and 2D linear action games. Easy mode will give newcomers enough power to appreciate gravity and the upgrade will allow them to see the game through to the end.

difficult situation in Super Zangyora It is the only other option and is reserved for lovers of 2D action games. This setup is the biggest challenge for anyone who thought Dracula’s curse was too easy. Super Zangyora It will show these players what the real hell is.

We reviewed Super Zangyura On Nintendo Switch using a copy provided by Mediascape. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer Review Policy/Ethics here. Super Zangyora Now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

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