The 10 weakest villains of the Super Ladybug, ranked

every episode of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir The plot revolves around one of the main villains, an akumatist, or emotional victim that the heroes must defeat.

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For the most part, these villains prove to be a challenge to beat, and a few of them like Penalteam or Strikeback have asked Ladybug to put together an entire team to succeed. However, as powerful as the bad guys can be, some of them have been shown to be quite weak; Mr. Pigeon alone has been defeated 72 times. While some of Shadow Moth’s victims are well-chosen, his desperation has caused him to create many weak allies.

10 Shadow moth is not as strong as it seems

While many would argue that Shadow Moth is strong, being the show’s main villain, all evidence points to that conclusion. In every attempt to defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir as Hawk Moth, he failed. Then, when he repaired the Peacock Miraculous and became the Shadow Moth through double transformation, he should have become even stronger.

But while his powers improved, so did his strategy. He once again relied on throwing in the confirmed bad guys at Ladybug and Cat Noir, who beat them all until the end of Season 4,” Strikeback. ” However, even though Shadow Moth claimed everything except Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous in the end, he didn’t do so on his own merits. He only wins them due to Felix’s plan, proving that although Shadow Moth is determined and certainly a threat, he is unable to form good strategies based on his assets.

9 The miracle of the damaged Mayura made her back

Born out of Nathalie’s dedication to helping Gabriel achieve his goal, Mayura was simultaneously one of the show’s strongest villains and one of their weakest. Despite the fact that the Peacock Miraculous was damaged, Mayura handled her powers well, using her powerful analytical mind to create genius plans that were almost like undoing Ladybug and Cat Noir.

However, while Mayura was one of the greatest threats the heroes have ever faced, she could not succeed in her plans because a miracle was damaged. As the show mentioned before, a damaged Miraculous Gem that infects and weakens its user. In the end, Mayura was unable to return as a villain due to the injuries she sustained while using Miracle. Even now that the Peacock Miraculous has been fixed, Nathalie is too sick to use it.

8 Animaestro’s strength is also his weakness

Thomas Astruc cameo in which Animaestro proves to be one of the most difficult villains to defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir, which might lead some viewers to believe he’s not weak. However, the villain is no less powerful than its weakest point. Although Animaestro can transform into anything he can imagine, he is helpless once no one is watching him. Since the people in Paris trusted Ladybug and Cat Noir tacitly, they gladly followed orders to stop watching Animaestro, rendering him useless and making it easy to beat him.

7 Guiltrip conquered by positive thinking

When it was converted back to Reflekta, Juleka was also fitted with a Sentimonster Guiltrip. The Sentimonster’s ability allowed her to absorb any being and make them suffer under the weight of their guilt until they became too desperate to fight. Had Sentimonster fought alongside Reflekta, he might have made a powerful enemy. However, Reflekta was the first to feed himself to the creature, and he punished himself and was overcome by her guilt.

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When I encountered Sentimonster, it didn’t take long for Ladybug and Cat Noir to realize that the monster’s biggest weaknesses were the positive. By maintaining a positive attitude and bringing Pigella to their team, they were able to beat the villain quickly with little trouble.

6 Santa Claus was easily distracted

during the miraculous ladybug Especially Christmas, Santa Claus appeared and soon turned into Santa Claus. With the ability to travel quickly on his sleigh, turn his gifts into smoke bombs that pack a punch, and conjure weapons from the gifts in his sack, this villain was presumed to be a pre-eminent threat.

However, as with many Akumatized villains, Santa Claws has become too distracted with his own goals to care about battling Cat Noir and Ladybug. Although he is later forced by Hawk Moth, Santa is distracted a second time by a gift from the heroes. While there was a chance for Santa to win on behalf of Hawk Moth, he was very invested in his own interests and became an easy sign for another Lucky Charm trap.

5 Gorizilla is strong and huge, but he’s too stupid to be a threat

Created specifically to find Adrien, Gorizilla has very specific abilities. His sense of smell can lead him to any target, and his great height allows him to traverse great distances in a short time. However, regardless of his height and general strength, Gorizilla is limited by his low intelligence, making him a villain that is easy to beat. Not only is the gorizilla generally faint, but once its ability to smell is impaired, it is hardly a threat at all. When he first encounters Gorizilla, it wasn’t even Ladybug and Cat Noir who hindered his search for Adrien. Instead, it was Wayhem, Adrien’s number one fan, who sprayed Gorizilla fragrance and rendered his tracking ability useless.

4 Reflekta’s strength is not dangerous

With Juleka starring on several occasions, viewers are used to seeing Ladybug and Cat Noir battle Reflekta. Her ability to make anyone look like her would greatly affect Ladybug, as it would remove her ability to Lucky Charm and prevent her from using a yo-yo to capture Akuma. However, it is not particularly dangerous to anyone else. People transformed by Reflekta still retain their sense of themselves, acquiring only their appearance. So even though Reflekta has had some upgrades with a couple of different Sentimonsters on separate occasions, it’s actually not much of a threat unless it manages to hit Ladybug directly, which it hasn’t so far.

3 The Sabotites were just children

With a penchant for mischief and destructive nature, the Sabotis would have made powerful enemies had they not been real children. When the Hawk Moth scolds the victim, the powerful emotion that caused the Akumatization becomes an obsession. While it can be thought with adults, children are singular in their focus, and this was Sapotis’ biggest weakness.

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Although Sapotis were countless, and had the ability to reproduce whenever they ate, they paid little attention to Ladybug and Cat Noir. When an opportunity arose that was more fun than chasing champs, the Sapotis gladly abandoned their quest to play instead. In the end, the Sapotis were just kids, a goal that Hawk Moth doesn’t know how to control.

2 Mr. Biegun has failed 72 times

Mr. Begon is a C-list villain at best, an unremarkable guy whose sole purpose on the show is to provide comedy entertainment. With very few exceptions, it is not beyond Mr. Pigeon’s abilities to control the birds that are named after him, although in the episode Mr. Pigeon 72, He also gained the ability to turn people into pigeons, although he was still as silly as ever and could easily be beaten. The sad truth of the matter is that Mr. Ramier is just a very sensitive man. Although this makes him an easy target, viewers wonder why Shadow Moth still pestered him after so many defeats.

1 Gigantitan is literally a baby

Gigantitan was the villain that Hawk Moth never intended to create. Due to a stroke of luck, Akuma is drawn to the August child rather than her intended target. While any sane person might have seen the failure in such a turn of events, Hawk Moth tried to work the situation in his favor and had Gigantitan attack Ladybug and Cat Noir. However, with no concept of anything past lollipops, playtime and naps, Gigantitan posed no threat to the champion team as they did their best to locate his Akuma and bring him back to normal.

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