The 7 Best Metroidvania Titles That Aren’t From Metroid Or Castlevania

This action-adventure game revolves around the mechanisms of metroid series and Castlevania a series. The focus on exploration and platforming excellence sets the two legendary series apart from everything else. The usual 2D gameplay, powerful action sequences, and the real prize “You beat it!” Always feeling welcome back in another round of madness.

The genre really came into its own when Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was released in 1997. The perfect blend of 2D mapping in Metroid style, and Castlevania The platforming type allowed the player to resist the hordes of Dracula’s castle through a mechanical marriage of two of the best action-adventure game series. This has led to several follow-up titles that feature this brand of gameplay.

The culmination of RPG like mechanics and the core element ‘find an upgrade to undo and advance further’ gave the tried and true genre mechanics that most Metroidvanias find popular. The following list is a culmination of the best Metroidvania titles I’ve played, which don’t have Castlevania or the Metroid brand. Although clearly inspired by these predecessors, they come with unique concepts and killer design, giving any action adventure fan looking for another title to dive into.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 1 + 2

This is a bit of a cheat as two titles are listed, but the game mechanics are so similar that I put them together. her chain Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse DNA is everywhere, and it was produced by Koji Igarshi, producer of several Metroidvania titles, including Symphony of the Night. The player can switch characters on a whim and can choose different methods that change the ending for the main character. Both titles feature Zangetsu to kill demons – not Ichigo’s sword from whitening – Venture towards and across a castle full of demons, culminating in epic boss battles and challenging platforms.

Although the plot is simple to take revenge on the demons that cursed him, Zangetsu is well controlled and can get some serious upgrades that make the game easier or he can recruit companions in both titles, which is well worth playing for an experienced fan.

The 7 best Metroidvania titles that aren't Metroid or Castlevania
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

The previous game on this list was originally planned only as a companion to this spiritual successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. This indie 2.5D title that has surpassed its target on Kickstarter by fans and featured characters from Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Great graphics with a greatly expanded game map.

The plot is much different, Miriam, a former companion from the old-fashioned Curse of the Moon, is now the protagonist, and as Zangetsu returns – this time in the voice of David Hayter – and the rest of the Curse of the Moon crew, Gebel your former ally summons the Devil’s Castle. Featuring a stunning map to explore, truly epic boss battles, and the stunning musical score that Metroidvanias is known for, this is added to this stunning title, with some great Easter eggs that Castlevania fans will instantly recognize. This is a must for lovers of adventure and action.

The 7 best Metroidvania titles that aren't Metroid or Castlevania
Axiom Verge

An ambitious love letter from Super Metroid that plays in addition to its great old-fashioned graphics allow, Axiom Verge It was developed by one man, Tom Hub. Gameplay brings players back to their first adventure through Planet Zebes as Samus, bearing in mind that the gameplay is very reminiscent of the adventures of bounty hunters. There was a great 2D Metroid project after the release of Metroid: mission zero In 2004, HAP was intended to correct the ship.

Our review states, “It doesn’t just rely on nostalgia to bolster itself. It has its own distinct and ominous identity that takes it to a slightly darker place than the Nintendo classics have ever done,” adding that it’s its own game. The massive amount of weapons in the game is also amazing, with an engaging story of its own. The success of the original title produced a sequel with Axiom Virgo 2Interesting follow up. It is an epic adventure that you really should play.

The 7 best Metroidvania titles that aren't Metroid or Castlevania
Ender Lillis: The Calmness of the Knights

This is an extraordinarily beautiful Metroidvania title that drips with elegance, musical prowess, and the goodness of traditional 2D action and adventure. Although there are technically two protagonists, Lily and the Umbral Knight, they work in unison.

Lily borrows the powers of the Imperial Knight every time she launches attacks, her determination is amazing. The dark landscapes and detailed character sprites make this a feast for the eyes, and the brilliantly written narrative will grip the player from start to finish. Oh, there’s also strategic boss fights, and all the good adventures the genre is known for, making this title worth a watch.

The 7 best Metroidvania titles that aren't Metroid or Castlevania

While curse of the moon Inspired by Castlevania IIIAnd Hell He draws most of his inspiration from the middle child in the original Castlevania NES offers, Castlevania II: Simon’s Search. The title has a compelling story based on a rare mechanic for this type of game – selection. Each game can allow Duke Alcedor to make critical choices that greatly affect the narrative, making four potential endings happen, adding depth to the game, of course, rewarding encounters with bosses, and dynamite music score.

Hell Easter eggs for lovers Castlevania which will delight Metroidvania fans, and in a way, Contra fans. Cheat codes allow equipping the duke with more advanced weapons, which makes the already powerful game even more fun, imagine jetpacks during the crusades. The gameplay is smooth and rewarding for the player, and the classic mode brings some old school difficulty back to the genre. If fans own an Xbox with Game Pass, then grabbing this game is a no-brainer because it is provided for the platform.

The 7 best Metroidvania titles that aren't Metroid or Castlevania
6. Hollow Night

The sheer depth of Subterranean Jerusalem is a sprawling city that, like most other titles, has a unique artistic style that can simply be described as “like Hollow NightThis title ticks all the boxes for Metroidvania, while also making itself a huge task that involves pinpointing platforms with pinpoint accuracy and exploring maps.

Combat is simple and addictive, with many boss encounters, simple but powerful combat mechanics, art style and compelling storyline can keep the player coming back to Hallownest for dozens of hours. Characteristic power-ups provide abilities to further explore the game’s map areas. Even the smaller characters are dripping with personality, breathing life into Hallownest. This is an action adventure that any player should play.

The 7 best Metroidvania titles that aren't Metroid or Castlevania
dead cells

For the last title on this list, dead cells It adds more to the traditional brand of action-adventure gameplay than most Metroidvanias and throws in light-hearted rogue-type assists. Starting with the prison – the beginnings of a traditional RPG – the unnamed protagonist has to pass through a series of biomes that get increasingly difficult as the gameplay continues. In a typical rogue-lite, death means losing all equipment and level progression, but some key items and abilities remain for the player to use in later runs, to explore the game world further.

What sets Dead Cells apart is the random dungeon generator, which adds more replayability, making two runs no alike, a staple of the light-hearted rogue genre. The 2D action-based adventure also features abilities that allow the player to progress further, and of course massive boss battles to engage the player in kill or kill – and start over – gameplay. This addictive title makes “Running Again” a lie, as it surely can eat up countless hours in new attempts to reach the King’s hidden opponent. A great way to lose countless hours through deep gameplay.

This brings us to the end of the Metroidvania list. There are a lot of titles that are not included in this list like ori مجموعة group or infidelity. Scores are titles I’ve personally played recently, so it wasn’t intended to cast shadows on specific titles, nor was it intended to rank these games. The list is definitely random.

Each of these titles adds something new to the tried-and-true Metroidvania gameplay, while some also pay tribute in the form of Easter eggs and collectibles that once again listen to the player for their inspiration. With the relatively new version of Castlevania Advanced Collection And Metroid dreadAfter more than a decade of dormancy, this species appears to have no signs of slowing down.

If readers have Metroidvania titles that I missed and would recommend, please include them in the comments below. As a huge fan of the genre, there aren’t enough Metroidvanias to jump into.

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