The countdown to Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir – BSCkids . has begun

The countdown to the events of the Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir has begun


I have to say, I feel like the wait is never over! But “Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir” has finally arrived!

There is a lot I can say about this series, and even I have. Filled with magic, adventure, and characters who fight the hard work of living a normal life, “Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir” has a lot to offer its fans. I’ve seen first half of season one myself already and am in love. On some levels, it has an aura reminiscent of “Kim Possible” and even a bit of a series of magical girls from the likes of “Sailor Moon”. There is no doubt that this series is beyond that, well, a miracle, and it will only grow.

Here at BSCKids we got a great opportunity to get some questions about the series answered by two of the enthusiastic folks at ZAG. Andre’ Lake Mayer Head of Brand Strategy and Consumer Products along with Thomas Astruc, author and producer of Miraculous with other credits such as “Totally Spies” and “Code Loyko”.

As someone who has been following this for a great time, I must express how grateful I am to meet Andre and Thomas.

Without further ado…

BSC Kids: Andre and Thomas

For those who haven’t heard of the miracle yet, why is it being exaggerated?

Andre’- A really cool comic book magically transformable like superhero girl, innovative 3D CGI animation and action scenes for girls and paris.

How did ladybug originate? How was the creative process?

Thomas – Years ago, I worked as a story artist on a series, there’s this new girl, and she’s wearing a T-shirt with a beetle on it. We become friends and start exchanging ladybug-themed sticky notes. One of them is a picture of her as a ladybug superhero… Et voilà! Ladybug is born. I tell myself: “Wow, this character is great!” So I build a world around it by creating fake comic book covers. I added Cat Noir, punks, and earrings…

It’s been noted that Miraculous is a cousin of Lolirock, so is there a chance we’ll see a crossover in the future?

Thomas – There is a similar interest between the two French companies in the “Magic Girl” stories (from Japan), and since it’s a small community, the two companies of course share the same love of animation, so we joke about being Cousins ​​Shows. But these are two different companies, so an intersection is unlikely.

Back when news of the series broke years ago, fans were treated to PV with 2D animation – how has the series changed over time?

Andre’- anime 2D to 3D CGI, Ladybug is smaller than the original, Paris is depicted more in the day than at night, with cool and subtle colours, more light comedy and a Disney touch incorporated.

Could we ever see a 2D anime version of the series?

Andre’- With Toei Animation as a co-production partner, seeing the series in 2D animation still exists as a possibility.

Cat Noir is rumored to have changed from Felix to Adrien. What’s the story behind it, will we meet Felix someday?

Thomas-Felix was one of Marinette’s first love interests, the typical anime trope of the cold and arrogant guy who stays away from heroin. The contrast with Chat Noir’s character worked well, but didn’t allow for great stories to be built in the long run. So we erased it and created Adrian. We wanted him to be a charming modern prince: handsome, smart, brave, but also very sensitive. It’s normal for everyone to fall in love with him. You will let us know if we succeed. As for Félix, well, maybe if we ever need that kind of personality…

Ladybug is a massive collaboration with a lot of cool companies working hard on the series, how does it feel like a global affair?

Andre’- An amazing experience just to find out that major corporations from East to West globally believe in Miraculous and have contributed and collaborated to create a whole new Ladybug world and an amazing story with compelling visuals.

The series was broadcast in Korea and France and proved to be a success. Kids love it, teens, and even adults like me; What do you think of this success?

Andre’- At first glance, Ladybug offers instant support to all women, of all ages – fascinated by Ladybug like Marinette and Ladybug.

Even without knowing the story she is instinctively familiar, authentic and powerful – the Ladybug is a symbol of the empowerment of useful girls. Females and males of different ages are fascinated by learning more about Miraculous Ladybug and the story told through animation is a big plus for audience to become a more invested fan.

Paris is not only the main setting of the series, but has also been referred to as the entire charter of the story. How much influence does city life have on the stories we see?

Andre’- you’re right, Paris is a complete character and she’s been portrayed and honored powerfully and authentically throughout the series…..

Thomas – We wanted viewers to long for France after watching the show. So we have tried to portray in our stories the beauty of the French art of living: food, the arts…

Let’s talk about the characters. Marinette and Adrien are wonderful and connectable characters. How did they become who they are now and where do you hope to see them as the series progresses?

Thomas – I’ve been a huge fan of superhero comic books since I was a kid. Superman has always been my favorite character, because even though he’s an alien, he’s all the good you can find in humans. Larger than life model. Something that has been abandoned by most comics headers and that’s getting too dark for my taste. I wanted Miraculous to go back to the roots, and to present sunny figures who could inspire people around the world in this new century. The first season showed the way. Now I hope we can make this universe grow in the same positive and vibrant spirit.

This love is a triangle- ear, square. The dynamics between Ladybug and Cat Noir themes are incredible. What does it look like to play with this situation?

Thomas – a lot of fun! This is what we call in France “la comédie de boulevard!”

As of now, the happy first season is over, America is getting its first taste of the major series and two more seasons have been confirmed. What might we see come next?

Thomas – As I always answer to fans when they ask me what’s coming next… No spoilers!

Although you must love Ladybug and Cat Noir, there are other Miraculous users, right? What will they look like and will we meet them?

Thomas – same answer 🙂

Zag has a lot of shows in the works, so what should Miraculous fans keep up with?

Andre’- Zak Storm is the upcoming 3D-CGI mega-animated TV series Zag…..

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us, are there any last words you’d like to share with our BSCKids readers?

Thomas – I hope they enjoy the show and become real prodigies!

Don’t worry Thomas, I’m sure everyone will!

Once again, a big thank you to the great folks at ZAG for not only allowing this interview to take place, but also for crafting such a great show. I hope our paths meet again one day. Again, I can say a lot. But why say it when you can all see for yourself? Join us on Sunday 6 Decembery On Nick in Ladybug’s American Debut! (Check your guides for listings!)


Also be sure to jump on social media and show Thomas, Andre’ and anyone else who works tirelessly on Miraculous how much you love the series.

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