The Great Epic of Bodo/Glimt, the North Star

A wonderful surprise from Northern Norway, the Bodø/Glimt Club has been a national reference for several months. An unexpected champion in 2020, the yellow and black squad rocked Milan with the superb Jens Petter Hauge a few months ago, causing the young winger to move to Lombardy. Continuing his playful run, Bodø/Glimt also won the championship title in 2021 and intends to continue his dominance with coach Kjetil Knutsen. Revealing in recent years players such as Patrick Berg (RC Lens) or Eric Bothem (formerly Krasnodar), the Norwegian club is currently reliant on Ola Solbakken (23), Ulrik Saltens (29), Hugo Vettelsen (22) or the latest recruit He gave Pellegrino (31 years old) to achieve his goals.

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Relying on a good training center and smart recruitment, the Bodø / Glimt club is writing a story in gold, directing several players, some of whom have joined the Norwegian national team. “You have to understand the cultural affiliation and the importance of Bodø/Glimt as a club for everyone north of the Arctic Circle. We are a kind of ‘separate’ spirits in the North. And this title of Glimt made us feel proud and joyful. It’s hard to find words to describe it, but it is the biggest thing that has happened in Northern Norway since The Germans expelled us from our land in 1945.”The journalist explained to us TV2 It was just over a year ago that Per Angell Berntsen when the Bodø/Glimt phenomenon just took the national crown. Henceforth, the “super-team” (Superlaget in Norwegian, editor’s note) set out to attack Europe.

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However, quickly knocked out of the Champions League after two defeats to Legia Warsaw (3-2, 2-0) in the first qualifying round, Bodo/Glimt rebounded in the Europa League conference by qualifying against Valor Reykjavik (Iceland, 6-0 on aggregate). ), FC Pristina (Kosovo, 3-2 on aggregate) and Algiers Vilnius (Lithuania, 3-2 on aggregate) to reach the group stage. Second place in a group made up of AS Roma (Italy), Zorya Luhansk (Ukraine) and CSKA Sofia (Bulgaria), the Norwegians remained undefeated with three wins and three draws including a huge achievement against Roma with a 6-1 victory that passed. Jose Mourinho: “Bodø/Glimt are the third hat team in our group. I overestimated the quality of what I had because I thought they could play a different game. Their attacker appeared to be riding a motorcycle and ours. (…) I talked to the guys and was honest with them. I have never hidden that we are a team with a lot of limits, there are 12-13 players (he uses them regularly) and the others.

Despite a lively winter transfer window – in Norway, the season takes place throughout the calendar year – Bodø/Glimt has yet to collapse and offer Celtic Glasgow (5-1 on aggregate) and Alkmaar (4-3 on aggregate). Dominating two teams accustomed to European matches, Bodø/Glimt will once again have to cross swords against AS Roma to continue their saga. The dream draw for goalkeeper Nikita Heiken, who showed himself as calm and ambitious as his team in an interview with Corriere dello Sport : “I think it’s a big draw. We know them, and they know us. Although they added new players. We lost Bothem and Berg, but there are no irreplaceable players and our DNA has remained the same. Most suspiciously, coach Kjetil Knutsen expects to see a shady AS Roma side who won’t look down on Bodø/Glimt.

“I think Mourinho is taking the game more seriously. Now is the quarter-finals and there is a lot more at stake than the normal group stage match. We know Roma will give everything, but we will do it,” said the player from Glimt » Mentioned at a press conference. Kjetil Knutsen has made Bodø/Glimt a local and national giant who has established himself on the continental level, a huge fan of Liverpool and inspired by the work of Jürgen Klopp. All without betraying his DNA. “This team is the strongest in the history of Norwegian football. I think they look like Liverpool. And Kjetil Knutsen’s favorite team is… Yes, Liverpool. And he told me once that he felt like they looked like them when they were playing at their best.”Per Angell Berntsen showed us in December 2020. Facing a new milestone in her history, Bodø / Glimt wants to continue writing her remarkable adventure in golden letters.

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