The key to making a great video game adaptation? Do it on TV

Is there a way to make a great video game adaptation that does the source material justice?

Video game mods seem damned. From the fateful theatrical show Super Mario Bros. in 1993 to the recently released disappointing performance Anonymous, These star-studded big-budget films often miss the mark entirely, failing to live up to their original material.

Unlike the Marvel and DC comics, video games are a bit tricky to bring to the screen. Video games usually have a campaign that takes the player about nine to 20 hours to play. They are meticulously designed to represent the themes and tone of the game’s story. The video games also allow the player the freedom to move through space, explore the intricate details of the world, and discover the lore surrounding the main story.

There is probably no obvious way to adapt the interactive premise to a passive format like film. The viewer no longer has to experience the same emotional reaction and anxiety that the game causes. Instead, the player is asked to sit back and watch an intense version of the game in which they have invested a few days.

The Goombas from “Super Mario Bros.”credit: Distribution of Buena Vista photos

The truth is that video games do not need to be adapted to films. We are in a period where technology has allowed game developers to create cinematic, near-realistic worlds that contain stories that can elicit an emotional response from players in a similar way to cinema.

Despite their cinematic elements, video games are still blatantly misunderstood by Hollywood. Ten years ago, Roger Ebert resigned the last of us Revealing the game at E3, he noted columnist Stephen Boone’s complaint about “a loud, aggressive, realistic game design that rewards poor attention spans while demanding problem-solving skills from its minimal players”. Except that was the point. The big-budget video games of the 2000s have been fighting for the same kind of respect that movies have had for nearly a century.

Hollywood struggles to produce video game adaptations on a par with Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Trilogy Or the endless stream of Marvel movies that earn real money, power, and respect. Even the modest success in adapting some video games such as Detective Pikachu, Mortal Kombat, And Resident Evil proposes A more complex problem: Where do these stories of extreme depth and focus on detail belong?

Arcane: League of Legendscredit: Netflix

Video games have found their place in entertainment through TV series. It all started a few years ago with the adaptation of Netflix Castlevania, A classic video game series from the 80s, to an animated series for “mature audiences”. In its four seasons, Castlevania Transformed into a fantastic show with great ratings due to rich character drama driven by clever writing and elegant confrontations. In November, Netflix showed its first site league of legends Adaptation Arcane: League of Legends, An action-adventure animated series with a group of Magi players waging a Vital class war. mysteriousThe story, characters, themes, and tone are as complex as the cool hand-drawn animation style.

league of legends It’s not a story-based game, and many casual players have never bothered to learn the backstory of the characters, but the stories help build a world around the characters. When compared to movies, video games usually focus more on their environments rather than stories. That’s not to say the stories don’t matter, but the atmosphere and tone of the environment add another layer to the character’s journey and thematic issues.

Video games want the player to explore the world, marvel at the details, and live in the world as if it were your reality. In contrast, films do not want the viewer to explore outside the perspective of the character and her story. Exploration is limited. Television gives the story and the environment time to explore and develop.

‘The last of us’ credit: obedient dog

While Castlevania And mysterious is an animated series that has done exceptionally well in video game adaptations, yet it still does not represent the primary challenge for video game adaptations: live action. Netflix is ​​the leader in live action adaptation the magician, a six-part series of highly fantasy novels, spread in the United States through role-playing video game adaptations. The show has become one of the most streamed TV series on Netflix, showing that the perfect medium for all video game mods is TV broadcasting.

HBO adapt the last of us In a series of live events starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay, Amazon is adapting Dropsand Paramount + has an adaptation of Hello Available to stream. These modifications do not mean that video games cannot be made into movies. Instead, the medium chosen for video game adaptations should focus on very specific aspects of the story. If the game is adapted for the movie, focus on the core story of the character and not the environment scene.

Video games have a place in Hollywood, but these mods need to be treated with care and respect. Video games are unique in terms of both scenery and content, and Hollywood tends to struggle when it comes to balancing these two elements in film. We hope to see a change as more video games are adapted for TV and begin to move to the big screen.

What video game would you like to see made for TV or movie? Let us know why in the comments below!

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