The new Stranger Things 4 movie reveals the terrifying villain

One of the biggest routers around Weird things They have always been her villains. While the series boasts fun ’80s nostalgia, the Creatures add true-to-life horror to the story in ways that will make Stephen King fans shiver. Whether it’s Demogorgons, Demodogs, or the gigantic Mind Flayer, the Duffer Brothers know how to ramp up the tension, suspense, and general horror factor through their opponents. Now, the first official trailer for Season 4 has revealed that the series’ newest villain may be the scariest yet.

The identity of the villain has not been confirmed due to the mysterious nature of the trailer, but the opening shot hints at some blue-eyed monsters calling the shots. The monster begins the trailer with a voiceover, saying, “You broke everything” as the camera moves over the closed crack to the inverted part. The voice continues by saying “Your suffering is almost over” as the trailer approaches the clock in an old seemingly haunted house, indicating that the house is where the new monster resides. But did the public really get an idea of ​​who he was?

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Who is the main villain in Stranger Things season 4?

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End Stranger Things 4 Trailer showing the monster descending from the rafters in the house. When the Upside Down’s red lightning strikes, it utters some scary words: “It’s time. You lost!” This suggests that it might have been to talk to Eleven and let her know that all her efforts to seal the gate and kill minions from this dark dimension during their incursions were in vain. The monster is the cutest in the history of the show, with it looking like a spider game of thrones‘White Walkers’ (It kind of puts into context game of thrones comparison).

When the episode titles were revealed (along with news of the double episodes), fans immediately noticed the second episode, “Vecna’s Curse.” at Dungeons & DragonsVecna ​​was a human mage who became corrupt along the lines star Wars’ Palpatine and Harry PotterVoldemort. He wanted to seek knowledge to deceive death and instead mutated into a lichen: a magical user of an undead skeleton also seen in CastlevaniaWith Weird things A tentacled overlord is somewhat similar to that character visually. So fans should expect a D & D confrontation?RELATED: Netflix Encourages Fans To Rewatch Stranger Things Before Season 4

Could the Vecna ​​monster be Dungeons & Dragons?

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Given that Vecna ​​can preserve its essence in the various antiquities and interpretations that linked the creature to either finding a successor or owning people, it’s easy to see the creature linked to Will (played by Noah Schnapp, who becomes very emotional when he learns Weird things was ending) after his time in Upside Down. The Mind Flayer formerly owns Will while Billy has also mustered an army of humans to form a meat monster, so Vecna ​​could be the one behind those states of mind control. He might have formed an army that could prepare the world for his entry or even his rebirth (as viewers don’t know if he walked the planet in the past).

Since Will was the magician when the teens played Hawkins D & D In Indiana, he could end up being the opposite of Vecna. He likely had uncorrupted residual powers that he could utilize after his possession. But it’s worth noting that Max is clearly saddened by Billy after he redeemed himself last season, so this monster could tempt her if he offered her a way to meet him. Whoever or whatever, this entity seems more confident, calculating, and dangerous than anything else Weird things presented before.

The fourth season of Stranger Things premieres May 27 on Netflix.

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