The Old Guard 2: Release date, actors, and everything we know so far

Will we see more of Andy’s past? Will Andy and his gang of immortal warriors return for the sequel? More importantly, will Netflix show the second installment of The Old Guard? Here’s everything you need to know old guard 2 – How did the first movie make it!

Old Guard 2: Will it be renewed or abolished?

When The Old Guard debuted on Netflix on the streaming service in July 2020, it was a breath of fresh air at a time when new cinematic releases were hard to come by. The first season was loved and appreciated by fans and critics alike. And immediately after the premiere, fans were waiting for the renewal of the show. But will Netflix green light the show? Let’s find out!

Directed by Jenna Prince-BethwoodThe show shows a group of Immortals led by Andromache, aka Andy (Charlize Theron), as they go on dangerous missions to help people around the world.

As some sources indicate, The Old Guard 2 won’t be coming to Netflix This year, but rest assured, a sequel is happening. It was confirmed in August 2021 that a sequel is on the way to continue the story of Andy and her gang of immortal warriors, which have been fortunate since the first movie ended on a massive scene that includes a character from Andy’s past.

The next sequel will bring back the original film crew, including Charlize Theron and Kiki Laine. However, there was a major change behind the scenes as Victoria Mahoney took over as director from Gina Prince-Bythwood.

Prince-Bethwood stays on board as producer and is excited to see what Mahoney does with the sequel. She said, “I leave our franchise in good hands while my girl Vic Mahoney takes over the next chapter.” Limit.

Possible release date of The Old Guard 2: When can we expect the release of The Old Guard 2?

Although Netflix has officially restricted The Old Guard Season 2 renewal, it hasn’t revealed a possible release date, yet.

Prior to announcing the sequel, Theron said in June 2021 that the script had been completed and filming would begin in early 2022. As far as we know, filming had yet to begin in the sequel as of March 30th.

Netflix released a file promotional teaser From their upcoming movies but The Old Guard 2 was not on the list. This indicates that the second installment will not be broadcast this year. We’re assuming it might be released in 2023 if all goes as planned. Stay tuned for more updates!

The Old Guard 2 Cast: What can we expect in Season 2?

Stick to the fact that the developers of the program have not made any official announcements regarding cast for season 2We can still make some educated guesses. Most of the main cast will likely return, given that Season 2 starts where it left off last season.

Since none of the characters died in the previous version, it is assumed that they will all return. When asked if Joe (Marouane Kenzari) and Nikki (Luca Marinelli) will be back, Charlize Theron confirmed, “Oh, yeah! They’re there.” This ensures they will return for the sequel.

There is no mention of how much appreciation the gay couple received in the story because the characters were fully fleshed out for their own stories and were not only used to provide various oral favours.

Hopefully Kiki Lane will reprise her role as Niall Freeman in “The Gold Guard 2.” It would be totally frustrating if you didn’t come back. Booker (Matthias Schoenaerts) will also return for the second season. Chiwetel Ejiofor is set to return to Copley’s role as he is now responsible for finding new tasks for the team to take on.

The ending of “The Old Guard” offers a surprising revelation that perfectly shapes the sequel. With old flame Andy Quynh (Veronica Ngo) coming alive in Booker’s apartment, the story takes a massive turn, and, surprisingly again, is supposed to be trapped in an iron maiden on the ocean floor, doomed to drown for life.

Below is a list of the cast members who have confirmed reprise their roles.

  • Charlize Theron will return as Andy / Andromache from Scythia
  • Kiki Lane as Niall Freeman
  • Matthias Schoenaerts as Booker / Sebastien Le Livre
  • Marwan Kanzari as Joe / Youssef Al-Kisani
  • Luca Marinelli as Nikki / Niccol Di Genova
  • Veronica Ngo as Quinn
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as James Copley.

The Old Guard 2: Is there an official trailer for The Old Guard 2 yet?

Nothing as of this writing. You can expect the trailer to be released within a month before the movie’s premiere. The full trailer usually follows within a week or two after that.

The Old Guard 2: Where do you watch?

You can watch “The Old Guard 2” exclusively on Netflix!

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