Top 10 anime characters voiced by Kensho Ono

Kensho Ono has enjoyed a long and successful career to date, with roles in TV dramas, live theatre, video games and films. His most famous role in the latter may be his performance as the voice of dubbed Harry Potter in all eight adaptations of Japanese films.

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His voice acting roles were no less prominent, leaning toward characters who are outwardly gentle and calm but have a fierce determination to either protect or destroy. With roles as Giorno Giovanna from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure And Fishit Chulanonte from Yuri!!! on the iceKensho Ono is not a voice that audiences will forget in a hurry.

10 Celine Troyard (Aldnoah.Zero)

Celine from Aldnoah.Zero looks at the camera close-up

Voiced by Zack Aguilar in the English dub lownessSlaine is the closest companion of Asseylum, the Vers Empire princess found on Mars. Born on Earth, he is regularly abused by other Martians, but the relative kindness to him of Asseylum earns her his eternal loyalty.

When Asseylum appears to have been assassinated by Terran’s terrorists, Slaine’s life begins to slip rapidly down the hill. He discovers that not only is the princess alive, but the attack was the result of a conspiracy within the Vers Empire. His subsequent attempts to find and protect Asseylum deepen the war between Vers and Earth, and in his fervor, the decisions he makes push him further away from his goal.

9 Subaru Mikazuki (My Cat Roommate)

Subaru looks sad in My Roommate is a cat

Although he is a successful author and has several famous novels to his name, Subaru does not live life to the fullest. His social awkwardness and debilitating anxiety prevent him from forming close relationships or venturing away from his home, and after the death of his parents, he’s more than ever.

His life changes when he adopts a stray cat he comes to name Haru. In learning how to take care of it properly, Subaru is forced to venture outside its comfort zone. He challenges many new experiences and relationships, and by the end of one of the best anime of the 2019 winter season, not only has his world been wider and richer, but he and Haru have become good friends.

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8 Giorno Giovanna (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Giorno Giovanna at Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

the hero of the story JoJo’s Bizarre AdventurePart V , Golden Wind Giorno stands out significantly from the other heroes of the series. Father by Dio Brando using the body of Jonathan Joestar, he inherited the legacy of both dynasties. But instead of being flashy and hot-blooded, he is calm, polite, and reserved.

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His dream is altruism: to get to the top of the Italian mafia in order to end its drug-trafficking and child abuse practices, but he’s willing to be totally tough to make it happen. Ono’s performance perfectly conveys both his kindness and a deep-rooted anger at the injustice that fuels him.

7 Mikaela Hyakuya (Sarov of the End)

Seraph from the end Centers around childhood friends, Mikaela and Yuichiro. As boys, they and the other children in the Hyakuya shelter try to escape from the vampires but are caught. The rest of the orphans are killed, Mika is mortally wounded, and Yuu escapes, thinking he is the only survivor.

However, Mika survived his transformation into a vampire against his will. Once a cheerful and friendly child, life as a hated creature under the auspices of his abusive guardians made him cold and cynical. He may fight on the side of the vampire, but he survives only to find and meet Yuu.

6 Tanaka (Tanaka-kun is always indifferent)

Tanaka always looks lukewarm in Tanaka-kun

True to the show’s title, high school student Tanaka is almost impressively tepid. He has no ambitions other than to do as little as possible and is popular among his peers for being able to sleep anywhere. He relies on his best friend, Ota, to help him with daily tasks he can’t be bothered with.

Tanaka was born to be a background character but forced to be the main character, but Tanaka’s quest to do the absolute minimum is thwarted by his desire to help his loved ones. He is more considerate of his friends than one might think, as in the episode “The Plight of Ohta-kun”, where he announces Ota Appreciation Day and Ota’s Gifts a voucher book that he can redeem for everything he does for everything he does for Tanaka.

5 Fishit Chulanonte (Yuri!!! On Ice)

Fishit Chulanont from Yuri!!!  On the ice on the rink holding someone's arms

One big power Yuri!!! on the ice is that all other skaters are unique and likable characters. Despite the fact that it’s a Yuri contest, the audience is still rooted for them and hopes to see them fulfill their dreams too. Fishit Chulanonte is no exception.

Fishet is Yuri’s friend and former skateboarding classmate. Kind-hearted and open-minded, he is driven to improve as a skater not just for his own good but to represent his native Thailand on the world stage. He is happy to become the first Thai skater to compete in a Grand Prix final and is very happy to be able to skate in one of the Yuri!!! on the iceThe best snowboarding shows of his favorite music.

4 Taro Komori (Ghost Hound)

Makoto and Taro from Ghost Hound standing side by side

Taro, the protagonist of the psychological thriller ghost hunting dogShe is one of Ono’s most mysterious characters. As a child, Taro and his older sister Mizuka were kidnapped for ransom, and Mizuka died before they could be rescued. Eleven years later, Taro suffers from narcolepsy, amnesia, and his sister’s last-minute nightmares.

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Another, more unusual side effect of this shock is astral projection. Taro has regular out-of-body experiences in the invisible world, where he hopes to find the soul of Mizuka. Together with Makoto and Masayuki, two other boys whose past traumas gave them similar abilities, Taro uncovers the secrets of his previous kidnapping and many other mysteries surrounding their city.

3 Tetsuya Kuroko (Kuroko Basketball)

Tetsuya Kuroko looks determined

Tetsuya may not seem like much, but this is his greatest strength. The fictitious sixth member of the Generation of Miracles, a group of five extraordinarily talented basketball players, Kuroko’s absolute lack of on the court makes him the perfect support. He can misdirect opposing players and pass the ball wherever you need it most.

When the Generation of Miracles breaks up, Tetsuya goes to Sirin High School, and his tactics help the newly formed basketball team become a force to be reckoned with. He may be short-tempered and soft-spoken, but he is determined to help his new teammates beat each of the previous generation of miracles, becoming one of the strongest players in the world. Kuroko Basketball.

2 Ryuunosuke Akutagawa (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa from Bungou Stray Dogs

It can be hard to recognize Ono in this role in one of Studio Bones’ best animations, according to IMDb. Instead of his usual soft birth, he used the stern roar of Akutagawa, the sinister enforcer of Port Mafia. His ability, Rashomon, transforms the long black overcoat he wears into whatever he wants: impenetrable armor, props that lift him above his opponents, or a monstrous weapon that rips them all apart.

Akutagawa is obsessed with getting stronger, believing that those who fought for their strength like him are destined to crush the weak. Trained by Osamu Dazai, while the latter is a member of Port Mafia, his greatest desire is to gain Dazai’s approval, so much so that he wants to kill protagonist Atsushi Nakajima to become Dazai’s new follower.

1 Hakuryuu Ren (Magi: Labyrinth Of Magic)

Hakuryuu Ren from Magi Labyrinth Of Magic We wear a sword and look angry

Hakuryuu is the fourth prince of the Kou Empire, the powerful kingdom that is moving to conquer the world Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. However, Hakuryuu is not as interested as the rest of his family in the military invasion: he devoted his life to revenge instead. His calm and respectful demeanor hides his intense anger and frustration at his weakness.

As a child, his father and two older brothers were killed, and he almost met the same fate. His older brother, Hakuyuu, dies, saving his life and telling him the name of their killer: their mother, Gyokuen Ren. Unable to bring her to justice, Hakuriuu grows up lying in wait, struggling to become strong enough to avenge his family when his chance to strike finally comes.

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