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Survival drama in south korea squid game It was an instant hit upon its September 2021 release on Netflix. Her stark portrayal of the realities of falling into poverty and being exploited by the wealthy has earned her a staunch admirer.

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Burdened with insurmountable debts, protagonist Seong Ji-hoon is invited to compete with hundreds of other poor people in a series of games. Losing means instant death, but winning will earn them the money they need to fix their lives. Many of the popular animators share the show’s battle royal premise and its themes of class struggle.

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Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji

A character smiling and looking excited in the anime Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji

In one of the best survival dramas, Keiji Ito is buried in debt. He is offered the opportunity to change his luck aboard the cruise ship Espoir, where he will have his life played in games like Rock, Paper, and Scissors with other men (literally and figuratively) in the same boat. He soon challenges the wealthy group that these events are arranged for their entertainment.

Ji Hoon’s debt problem is compounded by his attempts to get rich by gambling fast in horse racing, which backfires and makes him worse than before. Likewise, Kaiji’s affinity for gambling gets him into a lot of trouble she solves: In the episode “The Future Is In Our Hands…” Kaiji reveals that he almost immediately lost the money he won playing pachinko… on more pachinko games.


Kakegurui lead squad

As Ryouta Suzui explained in the episode “A Woman Named Yumeko Jabami,” students of Hyakkaou Special Academy are not judged by athletic or academic abilities, but by how good they are at gambling. Being the sons of the rich, this is the perfect training ground for them to not only learn how to handle money but to take advantage of others mercilessly. Any student who falls into debt is labeled a “house pet,” completely at the mercy of the other students.

Gi-hun and many other players sold their bodies away, to harvest their organs if they couldn’t pay their debts. If a “household pet” is unable to pay its debts, their lives will be forfeited and will be managed according to the plans of the Student Council, including marriage and children in their direction.


A little girl looking in the eyes of a young man standing behind her in Btoom!

Although he is unreliable and struggling, it is clear from the start that Gi-hun is a kind man who tries his best for the people he loves, especially his mother. However, Ryouta Sakamoto only likes the online multiplayer game Bottom!, which involves fighting with bombs and collecting chips. He ranks first in Japan with an ego to match, in the episode “START” yelling at his mother because she wants him to get a job.

When Ryouta is kidnapped and placed on a mysterious island with many other players, he must put his money where his mouth is if he wants to survive. The company behind the game, Tyrannos Japan, has created a realistic game of Bottom! Where bombs are alive and collect enough chips is the only way to escape.

Battle game in 5 seconds

Two little kids in Battle Game in 5 Seconds anime

While the players squid game Familiar with their games, having played them as children, Akira Shiroyanagi has a science-based gameplay. Bored with the real world and preferring to focus on playing games, Akira is perfectly happy to find himself kidnapped and forced to play a survival game to entertain her mysterious host, Myon.

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He is similar to Cho Sang-woo, Gi-hun’s old friend, in his clever and analytical approach to the game and his arrogant attitude towards other players. While he didn’t go so far as to support his allies like Sang Woo, he considered himself above them and would take pleasure in manipulating them.

death procession

at death processionThe stakes are higher than the usual killer game, as befits one of the best dark animations. Since the players are already dead, they should not play for their lives, but rather the fate of their souls. Based on their performance, Decim the Arbiter will decide whether to allow them to reincarnate into a new life or banish their souls from eternal nothingness.

Games like darts, ten pin bowling and air hockey are chosen by roulette. Different pairs of people who died at the same time are brought in to play. “Death Seven Darts” is about a married couple who die in a car accident, and their actions that gradually emerge in life determine their final destination.

future diary

Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai embracing in Diary of the Future

Speaking of higher-than-normal stakes, the players future diaryThe game of survival has been summoned by God himself to compete, as he is dying and must find a replacement. Armed with personal diaries (cell phones that predict the future), twelve candidates must fight to the death, and the last of them will become the new god.

Like The Front Man and the other Rangers, Deus ex Machina (as God is known here) is very serious about all the players who have a fair shot and refuse to interfere in the game, which makes his character the least interesting in future diary. His assistant Moore Moore does not hesitate to favor certain players to make the game more exciting, and to hide her true malevolence behind a cheerful and innocent appearance, much like squid gameReal host Oh Il Nam creates a false character to befriend Ji Hoon.

Kingan Ashura

A boxer throws a punch in the anime Kengan Ashura

Battle Royals is not the only type of survival game. Gladiator games are a blood sport that goes back centuries, and in the world Kingan Ashura, is how corporate deals are executed and disputes resolved. Each CEO chooses a fighter to represent him and releases him in a fierce one-on-one situation Kingan matches.

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Uma Tokita, a powerful martial artist who only lives to fight, aligns with the Nogi group. On their behalf, he enters the life-or-death cycle of the Kengan Society, where the CEO behind the winning fighter selects the next Association President. Tokita and many other fighters beat each other bloodily in the arena for the benefit of corporate executives.

Danganronpa: Animation

The main characters of Danganronpa outside look worried

In this animated modification of the first game in Danganronpa a series, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, On his first day, Makoto Naigi arrives at Hope’s Peak Academy excited, only to find himself locked up with fourteen other students and told that if any of them wanted to escape, he had to kill another student and get away with it.

The Academy Director has a lot in common with a host squid gameSurvival game. Monokuma and Oh Il-nam created their game because they found the idea of ​​pushing people to their physical and mental limits to be good entertainment. Both of them directly participate in the games, Monokuma to further torture the students and Il-nam to enjoy the participation.

God’s Tower

God's horoscope 2020 poster

Based on the electronic comic Lee Jong-Hui, God’s Tower It depicts the struggles of many qualified candidates to enter and climb the titular tower, seeking the power, riches, and glory that reaching the top would bring them. One of the candidates, a boy named Pam, is an uninvited erratic. The only reason he’s defying the Tower is to be reunited with his only girlfriend Rachel, one of the greatest anime characters ever to be ruined by just one scene.

Like squid gameTeam players, all competitors face the deadly tests of the tower of their choice. But many are pressured by dire circumstances they believe their climb will fix, such as Khun, who has been estranged from her family, and Anak, who desires to avenge her murdered parents.

Darwin game

When high school student Kaname Sudo receives an invitation from a friend to join a strange new mobile app called Darwin game, does not think anything of acceptance. But he soon discovers that it’s more than just a game: her enemies are chasing her in real life, his friend is already dead, and he has to learn quickly to avoid killing himself.

Winning battles and events earns players points, which can be converted into money, making successful players extremely wealthy. In the episode “Gemstone Mine”, Kaname redeems the 10 points he won in his first fight for 1 million yen (about $8,700). as in squid gameIf players don’t have the guts to kill at first, the lure of lots of money convinces them to keep going.

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