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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir She combines the elements of the magical girl anime with those of more traditional superhero stories to create a fun experience for teens saving the world. After four seasons of episodes, the show has only improved in its execution, expanding the cast of characters and the legends of the Miraculouses along the way.

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It is clear when examining the IMDb ratings that the show continues to improve with each new season, as most of the best episodes happen in season 4. It is also clear that fans of the show are not only involved in superhero battles, since most of the episodes of the best-rated series also feature With strong emotional components.

10 S4E02 Lies (9.0)

Season 4 begins by examining how difficult it is for Marinette and Adrien to keep up with their personal lives while keeping their identities secret. The focus in “Lies” is on Adrien’s relationship with Kagami. The two friends try to communicate romantically, but Adrien finds himself having to lie to her over and over to fulfill his duties at Cat Noir.

Kagami always turns into a wise character when she is included in the story. Although she trusts Adrien, she hates being lied to, and can’t resist her own feelings, which results in her being accommodating. It’s nice to see that she realizes that Adrien won’t tell her everything he’s hiding from her, but she also knows that the two of them are in a relationship that won’t work unless he does. The separation is a mature decision on her part, and one that is important to allow her to maintain her friendship with Adrien.

9 S4E01 Truth (9.1)

Marinette and Luca hugging in the movie Miraculous Ladybug S4E01 Truth

The season 4 premiere has the same basic theme as “Lies.” But in Truth, the audience sees that Marinette is in a relationship with Luca, trying to convince herself that she still has feelings for Adrien. While she loves Luca, Marinette, like Adrien, has to keep dating for the sake of her superhero life.

Luca, also like Kagami, is incredibly understanding when Marinette can’t tell him the truth. It also helps that this episode shows his character more, as he finds out that rock star Jagd Stone is Julika’s father. Fans get the emotional content of their relationship, but they also get more backstory for the fan favorite character.

8 S4E12 Crocoduel (9.1)

Split image depicting Julika and the purple tigress in Crocoduel's Miraculous Ladybug Ring

Continuing the idea that Marinette and Luka are abroad is “Crocoduel”. While Marinette tries to avoid Luka, he just wants to be friends again, and his sister Juleka ends up in the middle while planning their birthday party.

Juleka finally gets some well-deserved time in the spotlight in this episode where not only Luka and Juleka are reprimanded, but their parents are, and Ladybug turns to Juleka for help. She’s had the opportunity to make her voice heard, and for a very shy character, this is a huge step. Juleka is fun to watch as the new Miraculous bearer Purple Tigress, and family dynamics are explored as the Jagged Stone can no longer be ignored.

7 S2E02 wrapper (9.1)

Marinette as Ladybug Hiding from Gabriel Agreste in Miraculous Ladybug S2E02 The Collector

The season two episode “The Collector” isn’t heavy on the feelings or relationships between the show’s teens. Instead, this gem confirms the identity of the villain, Gabriel Agreste, to the audience. It also shows how smart he is since Ladybug and Cat Noir are walking his path, he tricks them into thinking he’s just another one of Hawk Moth’s victims.

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Marinette is very close to discovering Hawke Moth’s identity in this episode, but Gabriel, who allows himself to scold and rescue, has the upper hand. It’s a very smart move. This episode also begins to expand on the mythology a bit as Marinette gets to book the All About Kwamis, setting the audience on the path to some much-needed information about the show’s background.

6 S4E13 Optigami (9.3)

Alia holding Rena Rouge's Miraculous turtle while surrounded by Kwamis in Miraculous Ladybug S4E13 Optigami

“Optigami” is an important link in Alia and Marinette’s friendship. At this point in the show, Alia is the only confirmed person to know that Marinette is Ladybug. As a result, Marinette trusts Alya to help her when she ends up getting trapped in an elevator with Adrien while Style Queen is busy making a mess at a party.

Alia makes the mistake of giving the Miraculous tortoise to a monster who isn’t really Nino, but that doesn’t stop Marinette from realizing that she doesn’t have to bear the burden of being the hero and guardian alone. She trusts Alia to carry a miracle herself by the end of the episode. It’s a major story twist, giving Alia a more active role, and deepening trust between the two best friends.

5 S4E03 Gang of Secrets (9.4)

S4E03 Gang of Secrets

Another big episode of Marinette and Alia’s friendship, “Gang of Secrets” sees Marinette’s friends tired of being abandoned and exhausted by the constant transformation of the group of friends into monsters. Marinette is pretty close to breaking down under the pressure, but she still manages to talk Alia out of her reproach, a first in the series. It’s something that is repeated later in the series by Alya to Nino, showing how strong the bond between the different characters is.

This episode is also the first step towards Marinette’s understanding of her limitations. While it takes another 10 episodes for you to trust Alia to keep the fox prodigy, that’s when Alia tells the truth about her identity. In true Alia style, she’s barely underrated and ready to help Marinette any time she needs it.

4 S2E26 Mayura (9.4)

Rena Rouge, Carapace, Ladybug, Cat Noir and Queen Bee team up at Miraculous Ladybug S2E26 Mayura

The second season ended with two theaters called “Heroes’ Day”, and “Mayura” was the final episode. Gabriel’s trusted assistant and back-up Natalie interferes with the evil action in this episode, willingly allowing his character Hawk Moth to use it in the fight against Ladybug and Cat Noir.

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The duo are joined by Alya Rena Rouge, Nino’s Carapace, and Chloe’s Queen Bee in the fight, and the match is very much a preview of what will appear on the show. The more the story unfolds about the Miraculouses, the more Marinette’s friends are willing to help protect the city.

3 S3E07 Oblivio (9.4)

Super Ladybug S3E07 Obliviox

Time and time again, the audience is told how important it is for Ladybug and Cat Noir to never reveal their identities to each other. However, in Oblivio, they really have no choice since the episode begins without either of them knowing who they are, having their memories erased by the villain of the week.

What follows is an exploration of how Adrien and Marinette treat each other without compressing secrets or having Marinette’s awkward crush. Despite their lack of memories, they quickly discover that they are superheroes and care about each other. It’s almost a shame that when Ladybug’s lucky charm puts everything right they don’t remember that time together.

2 S4E18 Wishmaker (9.5)

Marinette, Luka and Adrien in the Miraculous Ladybug S4E18 Wishmaker Race

Due to the nature of Ladybug’s lucky charm, she has the ability to reset the world to the way it was before things were damaged. As a result, the show is able to explore a lot of what-if scenarios to please fans, but they can’t follow every possible storyline. “Wishmaker” is an excellent example of a path not taken.

In this episode, a TV character is turned into a villain who gives people their childhood desires. Although Ladybug recruits Luka to be the Viperion in battle, he learns the identities of both Ladybug and Cat Noir. The episode explores what happens when the two discover the truth, though in the end, Luca is able to turn back the clock again. The episode is a sad reminder that knowing Marinette and Adrien the truth about the dual superheroes’ identities will not only endanger them, but the entire world. Interestingly, however, with Luka’s time-shifting abilities as Viperion, he’s the only one who knows both of their identities, allowing the show to set up some potential conflict in the future.

1 S3E21 Cat Blanc (9.5)

Painful Cat Noir as Cat Blank

The concept of “Cat Blanc” is very similar to “Wishmaker”, so it makes sense that they would be the two highest-ranking episodes in the series. Here, however, Adrien ends up being the villain Cat Blanc after discovering that Marinette is a Ladybug and they interact romantically with her.

Ladybug is drawn to this futuristic reality, and is forced to undo the damage she did when Marinette (Ladybug) gives Adrien a birthday present. It’s a simple gesture from her, but the ripple effects end up destroying Paris, which makes for a great look at what can go wrong with title characters.

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