Top 10 Horror-Based RPG, According to Metacritic

Although FromSoftware souls series and others soulsSimilar to games, the idea of ​​horror-themed RPGs has made it more popular, horror RPGs are still incredibly rare compared to other RPG subgenres. Even with RPGs being one of the most popular genres of video games, with hundreds of new titles released every year, it’s still hard to find examples of horror elements.

But there are some horror-based RPGs that fans of either genre should play. Among the existing examples, Metacritic has listed some of the best.

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10 Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl (2007) – 82

Inspired by the famous Russian novel roadside picnic Artistic film adaptation with it lurking, Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl It is a 2007 first-person survival RPG created by the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World. After a second, unknown catastrophe occurs in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, the added radiation causes the region to change so much that local people, wildlife, and even the laws of physics are corrupted and transformed.

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Despite the area’s dangers, scavengers known as “stalkers” still enter it to obtain powerful radiation-induced artifacts and possibly gain access to a monolithic artifact in the center of the rumored wish-granting area. As a man with amnesia known as “Marked One”, the player explores the area while trying to recover his memories and find a person named Strelok.

9 Shin Megami Tensei V (2021) – 84

Although the series has only just begun to receive mainstream success after the last Character Headlines, many fans do not know that the ongoing Megami Tensei The franchise has a long history dating back only to the 1987 Japan Game, The Story of the Digital Devil: Megami Tensei. Despite the franchise’s importance in pioneering RPGs with modern settings and the idea of ​​recruiting in-game monsters, the use of demons, post-apocalyptic worlds, mature themes, and horror elements has led to the earlier titles being internationally banned.

While the latest premium, Shin Megami Tensei VAnd Not as bleak as some of its predecessors, it maintains some elements of horror like recruiting demons and a post-apocalyptic environment. When the main hero accidentally ends up in an alternate version of Tokyo called Da’at, he must fuse with Proto-Fiend Aogami to become Nahobino and determine the fate of the world.

8 Darkest Dungeon (2016) – 85

Team building darkest dungeons

Released in 2016, darkest dungeon is a roguelike crawler RPG that follows an unnamed player character who recently inherited ownership. Since the player’s predecessor unleashed the horrific evils of the apocalypse from the dungeons beneath the legacy, the player must now recruit heroes to explore these catacombs, defeat monsters, and save the world.

Instead of having a specific set of main characters, the player collects disposable heroes who each have different stats and abilities. As they explore and witness terrifying phenomena, the characters gain more tension, which can lead to many negative and positive afflictions. Since dungeons and events are randomly generated, this game has a lot of replay value.

7 Shadow Hearts: Covenant (2004) – 85

Screenshot of main character Lieutenant Karin Koenig at the beginning of the game Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Considered the best entry in the series, Shadow Hearts: Covenant It is a 2004 PS2 JRPG and the third part in Shadow Hearts a series. Takes place after the bad ending of the 2001 PS2 title Shadow HeartsAnd This game follows Lieutenant Karen Koenig and Yuri, the protagonist of Shadow HeartsAnd They gather allies in order to defeat a terrorist group called the Sapientes Gladio.

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With a mixture of historical references, gothic aesthetics, and cosmic horror, this game and the rest of the series have a unique setting and tone that no other JRPG series can replicate. Although it features turn-based battles, the game also uses a unique mechanic known as the judging loop, which requires players to stop a pointer at exactly the right moment on a turntable to perform any battle move.

6 Aomori (2020) – 87

Aomori Nintendo Switch 2022

Based on the webcomic developer with pseudonym Omocat of the same name, Aomori It is a psychological horror game 2020 RPG Maker that discusses mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma. The main character, a teenage boy named Sunny, becomes socially reclusive after a traumatic accident.

To discover what happened and possibly overcome, Sunny explores his dream world as his alternate character Aomori and interacts with people in the real world. Depending on the player’s actions, they will receive one of several different endings.

5 Eternal Darkness: Requiem of Reason (2002) – 92

eternal darkness

praised Eternal Darkness: Requiem for the Mind GameCube 2002 is a cosmic horror adventure with RPG elements. The game primarily follows one of the best horror game heroines, Alexandra “Alex” Roivas, as she tries to find out the cause of her grandfather’s death by exploring the family estate and reading the stories of different people from the past using the Tome of Eternal. the darkness.

Besides having the player take on the role of 12 unique characters throughout different parts of history, the game is known for having fourth wall-breaking events that occur anytime a character is too low. This apparently included the game deleting saved data or items appearing that do not actually exist.

4 System Shock 2 (1999) – 92

System Shock 2

Released in 1999, System Shock 2 It is a RPG, Horror and Survival game which is also considered as one of the most influential games of the time for game design, atmosphere and sound design. Several decades after the first game, former black market operator Anatoly Kornishkin has rebuilt TriOptimum and created an experimental FTL vehicle called von Braun.

After responding to a distress signal from the planet Tau Ceti V, the crew is taken over by parasitic worms that they believe are the brains of a single cell called The Many. As an amnesiac soldier, the player wakes up on the ship and with the help of other survivor Dr. Janis Polito, attempts to defeat The Money.

3 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997) – 93

Image of a player fighting a gargoyle as a creature in Castlevania Symphony of the Night

Although the game initially sold poorly, the 1997 PS1 gothic action JRPG is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night It is one of the nominative names for the Metroidvania species. Taking place four years after the 1993 title Castlevania: Blood Rondothe previous protagonist, Richter Belmont, has disappeared and Dracula’s castle reappears.

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These strange events prompted the son of Dhambir Alucard, who appeared in the original Castlevania III: Dracula’s CurseAnd To enter the castle in order to destroy it. Along the way, he discovers that Richter is under the control of Dracula’s servant Shaft and that Dracula will soon be revived. Depending on the player’s actions, they will receive one of several endings.

2 Diablo (1997) – 94

Screenshot of Diablo

Created in 1997 as the first installment in the series of the same name, Diablo It is a gothic RPG that takes place in the small village of Tristram in the kingdom of Khanduras. After the powerful demon Diablo manipulated Archbishop Lazarus to destroy his spiritual prison, he possessed the King and Prince, turning the city into a place of terror.

As a dedicated hero, the player must travel through randomly generated dungeons, fight various horrific creatures, and complete randomly selected missions in order to reach Hell and defeat Diablo. With an excellent atmosphere and soundtrack, the player will find themselves invested in this classic game from start to finish.

1 Elden Ring (2022) – 96

Promotional image for Elden Ring

It’s impossible to talk about horror-based RPGs without mentioning a souls-Like the game, one of the best is the 2022 dark fantasy RPG from FromSoftware Elden ring. Created in collaboration with famous fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin, the game follows Tarnished, one of the many exiles in the Lands Between, who is summoned back into the world in order to retrieve the Great Runes and repair Elden Ring, the next Elden Lord.

Together with a virgin named Melina, the Tarnished travels through the lands between the defeat of Queen Marica’s children and the entry of Erdtree to complete their mission. Depending on the player’s actions, they can achieve one of six different endings.

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