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Besides having players explore a large non-linear map to find items that will help them advance, another major similarity between most metroid And Castlevania The titles are the fact that both contain horror elements. For this reason, it is not surprising that many games within the Metroidvania genre also have horror-like aspects.

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Most Metroidvanias, such as Hollow Night or bloodstained: rituals of the night, You have some light horror elements without fully committing to them. But, there are some games that are truly designed to be a terrifying title and Metroidvania experience.

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Screenshot from the beginning of the game REDDER

Originally released in 2010 as a Flash game on Newgrounds and later re-released in 2016 on, redder It is a science fiction puzzle platformer game about an astronaut named Hana who must land on Mars because her spaceship has run out of fuel. To continue her journey, she explores an abandoned civilization on this planet in order to find the glowing gems that she uses for fuel, but she has to be careful because the civilization’s defense systems are still online.

Besides the ominous music created by Amon26, who also developed many popular Flash games such as geoste, At first the game looks like another game metroid-Like the title. But as the player collects the gems, the game slowly crashes, the music turns into something more confusing, and the player begins to feel that their actions may have unintended consequences.

Sanctuarium Online

Screenshot from Sanctuarium Online

Developed in 15 Days for Dying MMO Jam 2022, Sanctuarium Online It is a 3D platform game and one of the many great horror titles available on According to the fantasy lore surrounding the game, Sanctuarium Online It was a mysterious MMO created in 2005 for the Nintendo DS. Although it was abandoned and forgotten for years, one server survived even after the developers tried to finish it.

For this reason, the player must enter this last server, explore the world, find the ten “gods”, and destroy the object that keeps the world alive. To do this successfully, the player must quickly switch between first-person and third-person modes, each of which will allow the player to see things that he would not normally be able to see from only one perspective.


Screenshot from the game REDO!

Released in 2019, Redo! It is a science fiction game set in a post-apocalyptic world where machines have destroyed almost all of humanity’s vitality. After receiving a message from an anonymous source that they meet in Solar Cathedral, the main character, a young girl and one of the last surviving humans, decides to travel there to finally find another human.

Inspired by the works of Tsutomu Nihei and H.P. Lovecraft, the game makes the player explore a vast decaying city filled with pesky monsters, rusty environments, and misty atmospheres. To progress, the player will need to collect many different weapons and gadgets present during the journey.

RHN . dark dreams

Screenshot from Dark Dreams RHN

Created by indie developer Arkhouse in 2019, RHN . dark dreams It is a Metroidvania survival horror game based on the nightmares of the same developer. In the game world, the player uses the RHN, a machine that records and interprets dreams. After activating the device, the player enters a “dark dream” or “perfect nightmare” in which he controls a knight who decides to rescue a princess who has imprisoned herself because she thought it would be nice to do so.

Influential horror game style nikki day, The game meticulously simulates the surreal logic of dreams by blending absurd humor, incomprehensible plots, and terrifying images. Using swords and spears, which are actually guns and missiles, the player must navigate through brutal platform sections and defeat terrifying bosses.

Salt and sanctuary

Screenshot from Salt and Sanctuary

With the sequel game, Salt and sacrifice Scheduled for release on May 10, now is the perfect time to play 2016 2D souls-Like an RPG Salt and sanctuary. After the player customizes his or her own unique protagonist using a somewhat in-depth character builder, the journey begins with the player being a stowaway on a ship carrying a princess. When the ship is under attack, intruders infiltrate the player and he wakes up on a misty beach.

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As the player explores the big game world and completes the missions, he defeats many strange and scary creatures that all drop salt that the player can use to upgrade himself. As they make their way deeper into the earth to access the unspeakable evil within the depths, the game’s only drawback is the fact that there is no map.

Ender Lillis: The Calmness of the Knights

Ender Lilies Undead Battle

One of the best RPG released in 2021 is the action platformer Ender Lilies: The Calmness of the Knights. It takes place in the Kingdom of Land’s End, where the dreaded endless rain has turned every living creature into undead monsters known as Blighted. The main character, Lily, is the last white priestess alive, which means she can purify corrupt creatures.

After waking up in a church with no memory of its past, Lily must use her powers to travel across the land and discover the source of the rain. Unlike other Metroidvanias, Lily herself does not have the ability to fight. Instead, you summon the spirits of the creatures you cleansed to fight for them.


Screenshot from the game Sundered

Developed by Thunder Lotus Games, who also created the 2020 Management Sim Spiritfarer, Sundered is a Lovecraftian hand-drawn roguelike Metroidvania game released in 2017. During a severe sandstorm, the main hero, a wanderer named Eshe, encounters some mysterious ruins and is pulled underground by an unknown force. In this maze-like underworld, she meets the Shining Trapezohedron who gives her special abilities so she can defend herself and escape.

To distinguish itself from the rest of the genre, the underground passages change every time a player dies, and enemies can spawn at random moments. Depending on whether the player uses Elder Shards, he will get one of three endings.


Screenshot from the game GRIME

Released in late 2021, Grime he is souls-Like Metroidvania, which manages to stand out from other similar titles due to its surreal and detailed world. The film is set in a world full of conscious rocky creatures, where the protagonist, a human-shaped rock creature with a black hole in the head, is created after embracing two beings.

To find these creatures, the player must defeat and consume other rocky creatures. Since this world has a tiered system where coarse rocks live at the bottom and smoothly carved rocks live at the top, the protagonist is threatening the current world, so most of the creatures will try to prevent the protagonist from going up through the ranks.


Screenshot from the game Blasphemous

Released in 2019, infidelity he is souls-Like Metroidvania which has strong religious images and themes. The game takes place in the fictional region of Cvstodia, which has been cursed by a force known as “The Miracle”. After the religious order called the Brotherhood of Silent Sorrow is destroyed, the lone survivor, known as the Penitent, makes a pilgrimage to defeat His Holiness Escribar and climb Mount Ash.

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At the top of the mountain, the penitent will find a sacred relic called the Cradle of the Tribulation, which is the main thing he is looking for. Depending on how much a player completes and whether they have DLCs, they will get one of several different endings.


Screenshot from the game Carrion

Described as a “reverse horror” game, carrion It is an action-adventure puzzle game of 2020 where the player controls a point-like tentacle monster who has escaped containment in a research facility. When the player explores the large facility, he will need to defeat and consume the humans inside the building in order to survive and grow.

While exploring, the monster will also find parts of its genetic code that allow it to evolve and gain more abilities. Throughout the experience, players will see flashbacks that explain the creature’s origin and a frightening revelation at the end.

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