Top 10 Most Popular Metroidvania Characters, Ranked

Thanks to systems like the Nintendo Switch and the rise of the standalone genre, there’s been a bumper harvest of Metroidvanias in recent years. Exploratory platforming has allowed game developers to send players on new and deep adventures to planets, worlds, and even other dimensions in this ever-growing genre. But no game of this genre would be complete without someone exploring it.

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The heroes of the Metroidvainias are an extremely eclectic and colorful crew, each with their own special abilities, skills, and tools of trade. A swordsman here, a scientist there, and a respected handful of bounty hunters, they all became unforgettable faces of both the genre and the games as a whole.

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Simon Belmont (Castlevania)

Since the dawn of the home console era, Simon Belmont has redefined what a motion platform could be. Although jumping on Koopas and Goombas has been a beloved pastime for many NES owners, there was something incredibly satisfying about facing Dracula’s forces with an arsenal of weapons and a well-aimed streak whip.

Simon walked so others could run and in the process, he worked out the formula for an entire subgenre of gaming. While other characters perfected his style of exploration, it was his original outings that laid the foundation.

Tracking (Axiom Verge)

A monster shoots a laser beam at Axiom Virgo

Axiom Verge An influence from a selection of classic 80s games, but the best way to describe the title would be a great mix of Contra and the original Metroid. From the looks of the game, it’s painfully obvious to see where their influences attract, but the main character of her world offers a different flavor to the typical explorer.

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Unlike characters like Simon Belmont or Samus Aran, Trace represents more of the character of every man who finds himself in the metroidvania world. He’s outnumbered, outnumbered and out-planned before he finds the various weapons and powers needed to survive in a hostile alien world. In a sense, it’s practically the perfect callback of the NES days.

Rusty and Dorothy (SteamWorld Dig)

Fight in Steam World Dig 2

Although it is considered a Metroidvania title, SteamWorld Dig It’s like what would happen if metroid And dig dig They find themselves blended together into one game. As the title suggests, the player must dig and work his way through a lost mine in a Western Steampunk world inhabited by robots and hideous mutant creatures.

Rusty comes at the forefront of this adventure, followed by Dorothy in the sequel. These two robots are better equipped to dig underground in their pursuit of loot and an ominous secret underground. Steambots make a charming cartoon presence among others in the genre, which pulls the genre in a brighter and more colorful direction.

Juan Guacamelee (Guacamelee!)


Guacamelee! It could be considered an eccentric yet loving tribute to the Metroidvania genre. Along with tendons, skeletons, and giant formations inspired by Mexican culture, there are more than a few nods to games like Castlevania And metroid thrown into it as well. There’s even a figurine of Chozo literally curled up in certain corners of the game.

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A magical detective who challenges an army of the zombies comes as something most players will remember. If it weren’t for his supernatural power, magical mask, and never-ending drive, players would easily remember the gladiator as one of the most colorful faces in the genre.

The penitent (the infidel)

protagonist rowing

In this exceptionally bloody souls-Like the hybrid game, brave players step into the armor of the penitent. With their deadly sword and an array of spells, they’ll have to hack, slash and make their way through an unholy group of demons and plague-infested foes in the dystopian world inspired by Renaissance religious art.

From the long spike of his helmet to the trail of blood he leaves in his wake, he’s perhaps the most enthusiastic of Metroidvania’s heroes. Even the likes of the Belmont Clan aren’t as fierce as this holy warrior. Spectacle is definitely one way to stand out in the already action packed genre.

Ori (Ori and the Blind Forest)

Deceptively difficult but incredibly beautiful, Ori and the Blind Forest Its sequel is a gorgeous pair of Metroidvanias set in an enchanted forest world with bittersweet fairytale telling. Cute and cuddly isn’t usually a description of many entries in the genre, but this broad jungle spirit is the exception.

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Ori is adorable enough to fit in Pokemon or Kirby The title, and its fun-to-cat design make it stand out from the gun-swinging and sword-swinging competition. All the better to mask that dreaded learning curve.

Quoth (The Cave Story)

Cover image for The Cave Story

If someone had to trace the origins of the boom in new Metroidvania titles, Cave story Perhaps the genesis of the new wave of games for the genre. a Metroid / Mega Man-A title inspired by a touch Undertale, The game sees Quoth, a resurrected robot, who must save an underground kingdom from an evil realm and his mech henchmen.

Quoth is a blank slate in a strange and curious world, a bit like a mix of Mega-Man and Pinocchio. Although he jumps through loops similar to other video game heroes, players can easily connect with him when exploring caves for the first time.

The Knight (Hollow Knight)

The knight is located at the beginning of Hollow Knight.

Hollow Night It is Metroidvania that understands the basics of the genre but expands upon and improves on what the ancestors left behind. The same can also be said about the pint-sized protagonist with the mask and screw. inspiration from Metroid, Castlevania, And Evil spirits, A knight can survive in almost any of these treacherous worlds.

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Swords and sorcery with an insect theme is the name of the game for this would-be hero, who is more than adequately equipped to deal with the variety of threats scattered throughout Holocaust. It can be said that he is such a face, he does the name of his ancestors with pride.

Samus Aran (Metroid Series)

Metroid dread proves Samus Aran deserves more Metroid games

the original metroid She had the right idea, but its mechanics were still in its embryonic stages. However, it gave players one of the most prolific leading ladies in the industry. Samus Aran was no one’s princess and knew how to sport a blaster, but she wasn’t really into her life until her sequel on SNES.

Super Metroid Metroidvania was the original, even before the other half of the genre title was released. The dark and claustrophobic space world full of weapons, upgrades and enemies has become a staple of the genre, all thanks to Samus.

Alucard (Symphony of the Night)

Samus invented Metroidvanias, but Alucard and symphony of the night I mastered it. Human might be a miserable little pile of secrets, but Alucard brings the best of both worlds together in a masterpiece for an action platformer title. Take horror and monster items from Castlevania With sprawling map and upgrade system super metroid, I completed the Metroidvania formula.

Alucard is as complex or as simple as his player desires, able to use different weapons and explore every nook and cranny in Dracula’s castle. Not only that, but playing as an acrobatic and elegant vampire is a breath of fresh air after brawling through monsters like the Belmont clan over and over again.

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