Top 10 relationships in the series ranked

at Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat NoirThe focus is always on saving the day from the bad guys – usually in Paris. One of the primary motives for miracleHowever, the superheroes who jump into the action are their loved ones. Family members and classmates often find themselves annoyed by Hawakmat in his quest to defeat them.

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Not every relationship in the series is good – Adrian and his father hardly talk. miracleThe best relationships depend on honesty, communication, and a willingness to help each other through anything. These relationships can be found between family, friends, and romantic partners.

10 Marinette and Luca are trying to maintain an honest connection

Luca was never particularly shy about how he felt about Marinette. He’s also not worried about the fact that he’s basically playing love engineering with her while she’s a fan of Adrian, who has feelings for Ladybug, but he’s also trying to date Kagami – all while Marinette is confused about her own feelings for Luka.

Despite all the teenage admiration that occurred on the show, Marinette never wanted to hurt Luca. She briefly avoids being around him for this very reason, but the two work out their issues and maintain a strong friendship. Luka learns that Marinette is a secret Ladybug in multiple timelines on the show, while she asks him to be Viperion, demonstrating that they can keep each other’s secrets through it all.

9 Adrien and Nino are supposed to be best friends

Adrien and Nino sitting together in class at Miraculous Ladybug

In the first episodes, the audience sees Nino as Adrien’s best friend. He’s the only one who knows how strict Adrien’s father is, and one of the few people who is constantly allowed to hang out at Adrien’s house. As time goes on, the two seem to be spending less and less time together.

A lot of that is due to developing other relationships. Nino begins dating Alia, Adrien tries to date Kagami, and they both play superhero roles – although Adrien doesn’t initially know that Nino is a Carapace. While they still trust each other and can have fun together, they often get caught up in other things, and it doesn’t give them the opportunity to truly show their friendship.

8 The Dupain-Cheng family is always there for each other

The Dupain-Cheng family embraces the Miraculous Ladybug

Marinette may not be able to tell her parents of her responsibilities as Ladybug, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t strive to be honest with them in other areas. She helps her parents with their bakery, runs errands for them, and always wants them to be proud of her.

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Likewise, her parents always want what is best for her and give her plenty of freedom to make her own choices and mistakes. The only time the trio seem to argue or find themselves on unequal grounds is when the extended family stops and shakes things up. They all support each other’s dreams and help each other achieve their goals.

7 Melin and Evan always support each other

Evan finds Milen sitting on a bench in the miraculous ladybug

It might not be one of the most popular miraculous ladybug Relationships, but Milen and Evan are among the first couples to form in Show Act. Although Evan is often boisterous and acts before thought, Milen is painfully shy and incredibly thoughtful. Despite their differences, they find clan spirits in each other because they both only want to do good in the world.

The two often collaborate on projects in the classroom, and even on projects outside the classroom. Mylene is the one who worked to calm Evan’s aching form early on in the show, and he’s doing the same with her. They organize a protest in Season 4 to prevent their favorite park from being demolished in favor of a new skyscraper. Regardless of the mission, they support each other.

6 Adrien and Plagg are saving Fun City

Plagg holding a piece of cheese while talking to Adrien in the Miraculous Ladybug

The relationship between the Miraculous holder and the kwami ​​appears to be different for each pairing. The only people who have long-term kwamis are Adrien and Marinette, which gives the audience an interesting glimpse into the dynamism.

Adrien and Plagg seem to be having some fun together despite Adrien having to hide Plagg from everyone around them. With so much of Adrien’s life bogged down by the pressure of his father’s schedule and the drama of being Cat Noir, Plagg helps lighten his mood. He rarely takes things too seriously, and that’s something Adrien needs in his life when he’s consumed with so many responsibilities.

5 Marinette and tikki are super sweet

Marinette talking to tikki in miraculous ladybug

While Adrien and Plagg make fun of each other and act like a pair of friends who often share gourmet cheeses, Marinette and Tikki are more like his teammates. Marinette is aware of the fact that Tikki is what allows her to be a Ladybug, and she is always ready with a sweet treat to rejuvenate Tikki’s energy.

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For her part, Tikki is always there to help Marinette learn more about the Kwami and their powers. They are both more like equal partners in their job as superheroes than they are completely friends. This doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy each other’s company although Marinette trusts Tikki more than she does her human friends.

4 Ladybug and Cat Noir make the best team

Marinette and Adrien in superhero costumes in the Miraculous Ladybug

Beetle and Cat Noir might banter back and forth in the field, but they didn’t let that distract them from taking down the bad guy. The two manage to balance responsibility and fun very well. They also work seamlessly together.

Cat Noir trusts Ladybug so much that he willingly sacrifices himself on multiple occasions so she can save the day and make things right. Ladybug never doubts he can support her when she takes the lead in the fight. The only thing getting in their way is Cat Noir’s feelings for her, but they don’t let that stop them from being friends – even if they can’t tell each other their true identities.

3 Alia and Nino don’t hide anything from each other

Alia and Nino stand together in the Miraculous Ladybug

When Alia and Nino meet for the first time, a misunderstanding leads Alia to believe that he loves Marinette. Both are interested in technology and superheroes, they share a lot in common. They have so many of the same interests they never seem to run out of to talk about.

This is a good thing because they never hide anything from each other. They are the only prodigies who learn each other’s identities almost instantly, and Ladybug allows them to frequently team up, trusting them to keep each other safe. When Alia learns that Marinette is a Ladybug, this is the first real secret she must keep from Nino, and she can only do so because the actual fate of the world depends on Hawkmoth not learning about Marinette.

2 Rose and Julika balance each other out

Rose sleeps via Julica on the train in the Miraculous Ladybug

A romantic relationship between Rose and Julika has not been confirmed, but the model has encouraged the idea that they are both members of the LGBTQ+ community. Whether fans consider their relationship romantic or platonic, the two clearly have one of the best relationships in the series.

While Rose is full of energy and optimism, Julika is more calm and shy. Rose pulls Julica out of her shell and Julica allows Rose to be vulnerable with secrets she doesn’t tell anyone else. The two are in Luka’s band together and are largely inseparable throughout the series.

1 Marinette and Alia are best friends

Alia and Marinette pose together at the front of the classroom in Miraculous Ladybug

There is no better relationship in the series than Marinette and Alia. The two are always there for each other. Whether it’s Marinette babysitting Alia’s siblings so she can go on a date or Alia helping Marinette get over her stress around Adrien, they are always there to help each other out.

Alya is also the only person Marinette has trusted with her secret identity – along with access to kwamis and the entire collection of Miraculouses. Alia more than proves that Marinette’s confidence was established by taking on enemies alone and changing the character of her superhero to work undercover.

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