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Castlevania For many video game fans, it presents one of the best adaptations of a game franchise with attractive characters, great animation, and a story that blends different games together to create a rich television tradition. It lasted 4 seasons, and the action and horror movie series managed to bring a lot of elements inside each episode that made it feel really special.

It also introduced fans to many characters from the popular video game series as well as the original cast members of the show that fans enjoyed watching. And among the list of vampires, humans, and monsters, who was the strongest of them all?

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Ratko from Castlevania

Presented in Season 4 alongside Varney, Ratko leads an attack on the people who remain in Targoviste after Dracula attacks the city for killing his wife in Season 1. While Varney aims to revive Dracula, Ratko is interested in killing anyone who gets in his way so the vampires can take over Earth.

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Over the past season, Ratko battled Trevor Belmont and showed that despite his muscular size, he is just as fast as he is strong. With his vampire abilities and sword fighting skills, Ratko just lost to Trevor after Zamfir’s sacrifice.


Wizard of Castlevania

During Isaac’s journey back to his master, Dracula, in Season 3, he encounters a place that has been overtaken by an ancient and evil wizard who has enslaved everyone to build himself a new city. While the character only appeared in one episode and had no dialogue, he was a huge obstacle to Isaac.

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Using his magic to conquer the minds of the townspeople, he was able to manipulate all of their movements while hiding at the top of his tower. He was even able to bring them together to create a giant ball of people that nearly stopped Isaac and his demons in their tracks.


It is revealed that Carmella is part of the Sisters Council along with 3 other vampires including Morana, Lenore, and Striga. As the military leader, the latter showed how strong she is and why she leads their soldiers.

In the fourth season, she wears the fearsome day armor that allows her to fight in broad daylight while protecting her. She easily kills humans who have tried to attack her army’s base of operations, and she is also able to wield a huge sword while also leaping through the air and throwing at her opponents like cloth dolls.

Safa Belnades

Trevor and Siva bid farewell to Alucard at Castlevania

During Trevor’s journey in Season 1, he and eventually team up with Sypha Belnades, a magician who worked as part of the group of magicians known as the Speakers. Since their first meeting, Trevor and Siva will go on many adventures together as they stop the evil creatures and humans that plague their land.

Unlike other magicians in the series, Sypha has a unique ability to control items to create a number of weapons and gadgets to aid her in the fight. These were also not used to dismember a number of demons and vampires on their own, but were also able to help defeat Dracula along with Trevor and Alucard in one of the best scenes in the series.


Isaac fights Carmella in her castle

During the second and third seasons, Carmella proved to be a cunning and manipulative character who wanted to become a vampire ruler like no other. Accompanied by her sisters’ council, she even came close to turning nearby villages and towns into an endless supply of food.

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But after Isaac sneaks into her lair alongside his nocturnal creatures, the audience comes to terms with her true power when they finally encounter her. She was able to effectively use her sword skills and enhance speed and strength, and she was able to take down countless demons and nearly defeat Isaac by sacrificing herself to cause a massive explosion.


Alucard in Castlevania Season 4

Video game lovers Castlevania: Symphony of the Night On PlayStation 1, the protagonist Alucard finally appeared at the end of the first season and became one of the main characters of the series. With his emotional story arcs and openness to humans, he easily became one of the best characters on the show.

He also proved to be one of the strongest characters in the series as well. He also did not defeat some of the powerful soldiers in Dracula’s army, but he also showed unique abilities such as turning himself into a wolf and using an enchanted sword. And with the show being successful, maybe it’s time for a remake symphony of the night.

Trevor Belmont

Trevor fights the demonic visitor

Trevor Belmont was the last surviving member of his family after they were unjustly accused of black magic, despite protecting the people from the creatures of the night. The show saw him slowly grow into a responsible monster hunter while becoming a better person thanks to his new friends.

The beer-loving monster hunter has stolen the show on more than one occasion, after battling powerful demons, the Giant, and even death itself. And while he may have used his quick wits and powerful tools he discovered across the series to do so, he proved to be someone worthy of carrying on the Belmont legacy.


Isaac, one of the two crafting masters who served Dracula to purge the Earth of humanity, proved not easy because the vampires serving his master questioned both. He killed the vampire Godbrand with ease and has since shown to be just as useful for killing monsters as he is to create them.

Since Godbrand’s defeat, he has continued to display his strength as he easily transforms many of his opponents into his personal soldiers who have traveled with him around the world. With his trusty dagger, he was able to defeat the likes of Carmella and the Wizard, and it was shown that he had one of the best character arcs on the show.


Trevor faces death in its true form

The season 4 finale revealed that Varney was actually the embodiment of Death, a towering being who eats the souls of the late. Wanting to use Dracula’s resurrection to feed his victims, this character planned to become the most powerful creature in the world.

And had it not been for Trevor’s weapons and the help of his allies, Death would have accomplished his goal. Even in their state before their defeat, they are able to wield a giant scythe, grow in size, and withstand magical attacks thrown against it. Death may have only appeared for a short time, but the character’s impact and manipulative power in Season 4 can be felt throughout, resulting in one of the best episodes by IMDb.


Since the first episode, Dracula has shown exactly why he’s the strongest character in the entire show. After the brutal murder of his wife, he takes revenge on the city and the responsible population with demons, raining blood and fire to terrorize and kill the human race.

And while it only lasted for two seasons, it showed that it wasn’t easy in personal combat either. Although weakened by a lack of blood, he nearly defeats Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha after they teleport his castle next to the old Belmont residence.

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