Tour: Netflix announces 2021/2022 anime slate with some surprises [Updated]

Netflix has revealed a whole bunch of new information about their upcoming anime titles for the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 during Netflix Japan Festival 2021 Today’s live broadcast, including new Kakigurui a series, tiger and rabbit Season 2 is coming to Netflix, more details on Agritsuko, and much more. Here is a summary of all the news.

Kakigurui twins Get anime series

Kakigurui twins

Prequel manga series by Kakegurui – Compulsory Gambler He will get an anime series in MAPPA (which presented the first two seasons) which will be released in August 2022. Minami Tanaka He will voice the main character Marie Saotome again.

Agritsuko Gets a new trailer for season 4


A new trailer for Season 4 of . has been released Agritsuko Along with revealing the airing date on December 16th. Heda will be the focus of next season.

Ultraman Season 2 gets a new trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming second season of the Ultraman anime series has been released along with a brand new image of the Ultras. It’s confirmed Tomoaki Mino He will take on the role of Kotaro Higashi from Tatsuhisa Suzuki World Health Organization step down From the role earlier this year.

Rilakuma’s Theme Park Adventure New ads and visuals

tiger and rabbit Season 2 new visual key

tiger and rabbit

Netflix has confirmed that it will be broadcasting the second season of the popularity tiger and rabbit Anime series, releases its first major visual element and that the series will be broadcast on the platform in April 2022. Atsuko Kassi The season is directed by beIN Pictures.

Kotaro lives alone anime teaser trailer

The first teaser trailer for the anime adaptation Kotaro lives alone It was released along with the news that Rei Kojimiya He will voice the main character of 4-year-ago (who lives alone) Kotaro during Toshiki Masuda Carino’s neighbor sounds.

Vampire in the garden visual teaser

Vampire in the garden

.’s first visual teaser Vampire in the garden Released along with the announcement Megumi Han And Yo Kobayashi It will voice the main characters. The anime produced by WIT will be released in 2022.

Tropical children Gets a new, dated trailer

Tropical children

previously announced Tropical children from the director Mitsuo iso Got a trailer, as well as a January 28, 2022 release date for the 6-episode limited series. Kenichi Yoshiba Character designs for the series will be made.

Detective Conan Spin-Offs The culprit is Hanazawa And Zero tea time Heading to Netflix

Both advertisers previously Detective Conan pop up Detective Conan: The culprit, Hazawa And Detective Conan: Zero Tea Time It will be released on Netflix worldwide.

2 new parts The seven deadly sins Anime movies

Today I announce two new types The seven deadly sins Anime movies. The Seven Deadly Sins: Edinburgh’s Grudge Parts 1 and 2 will be completely original to the anime with a story written by the manga maker Nakaba Suzuki. As noted in the trailer above, the films will be 3D, and will focus on Meliodas and Elizabeth’s son, Tristan. The first part of the movie is scheduled to be shown in 2022 on Netflix.

Colorido Anime Studio Movie drift house

Studio Colorido’s third animation feature has been announced worldwide for Netflix in an all-new trailer. penguin highway boss Hiroyasu Ishida direct drift house for the 2022 edition.

Here’s the full tour of what’s coming to Netflix over the next year and a little bit more. Anything that catches your attention? Let us know below!

source: Netflix Japan Festival 2021 Live broadcast

Updated for removal an exception as it was previously announced in June.

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