Uzaki Chan Season 2: Release date and everything we know so far

Uzaki Chan, an animated television movie based on the manga written and illustrated by Take, premiered in July 2020. The film focuses on the story of Han Uzaki and Shinichi Sakurai, who ended up in the same establishment. It is the story of a blossoming friendship that takes the form of a strong intimate bond. If you believe in the old saying that opposites attract, then this anime series is a must watch. While Ozaki is a happy-go-lucky girl, Shinichi is a somewhat reclusive and introverted girl. It’s fun to see the couple enter into a romantic relationship, which everyone except the two of you will acknowledge. Now with season two officially announced in September 2020, on the same day as the final episode of season one, fans can hope to see more of these characters’ chemistry. So, when Uzaki Chan, who officially goes by the nickname Uzaki Chan, wants to get out! W, is it expected to hit the screens? And what do you expect from a plot? To find the answers, keep reading:

Due to the favorable audience viewers, the anime series has been ordered for the second season in 2020. Although the exact release date for the second season has not been revealed yet, we have a definite release window. The next installment of this popular anime is slated to release sometime in 2022. Our educated best guess is that the anime will either drop in the last quarter of 2022 or stick with its summertime showing as its predecessor.

Fans can watch the 12-episode second season of Uzaki Chan on Funimation. Given that the streaming platform has taken to Twitter to announce the return of Season 2, we can expect upcoming episodes to air on Funimation as well.

Season 1 saw Han Ozaki do his best to help Shinichi come out of isolation. But Han’s constant pursuit led to several embarrassing moments for his high school classmate. Despite this, their friendship grew out of love, with the pair continuing to deny their feelings for each other. Therefore, if the creative team behind the anime series remains loyal to the manga adaptation, the second part will bring to the screens more of the romantic side of Han and Shinichi. Moreover, the narration will be accompanied by comic elements.

While Season 1 covered major Japanese manga content, we still have a steady supply of content for its future seasons because the manga is still being written at the moment. With that, fans may not have to worry about this animated series.

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out W will be presenting her original voice cast for the first season of Uzaki Chan. Naomi Ozaru reprises her role as Hana Ozaki, the extroverted and extroverted girl who is reluctant to confess her love to her former high school classmate, Shinichi. While Kenji Akabani will play Shinichi Sakurai, an introvert who prefers to do things his way, he nonetheless loves Hana, his lower-class man. Another supporting character for season two is Yanagi Ozaki, Hana’s sister, who viewers don’t know much about, except that she enjoys teasing her siblings, Kiri Ozaki, Hana’s younger brother, who appeared in Season 1. Hana’s parents – Fujio Uzaki and Tsuki Uzaki may be part of the plot of Season 2 in one way or another.

Kazuya Miura will return to his directing role in Part 2, while Takashi Aoshima will put his imagination into words through his writing skills. ENGI is the anime studio associated with the production of the rom-com animated series.

We don’t have an official teaser for Uzaki Chan Wants to Hang Out! As of now. However, we will update this space when more information regarding the second season of Uzaki is known.

Keep checking back with us for more updates about Uzaki Chan Season Two.

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