Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt: 10 Attributable Things Every Player Does

Turning Vampire: The Masquerade into a battle royale title may seem like an odd decision for the series, but developers Sharkmob have given it a go anyway with Bloodhunt. It has a lot of features that help it stand out from other Battle Royale games; From the urban environment of Prague that offers you plenty of narrow streets and alleys to hide in, to the differences in abilities between clans.

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However, there are some aspects that almost every player will experience globally, either through the fact that Bloodhunt is a battle royale game, or from others who are more familiar with playing VtM as an RPG. Here are the things that every player eventually does.

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10 give up disguise

It can be fun to play a stealth royal battle game; Sneak across the map, waiting for the perfect opportunity to hit an enemy that has inadvertently stumbled across your test venue. Nosferatu act as stealth patterns in the Bloodhunt, and one of its powers allows you to transform into a semi-invisible when bent.

However, even avid stealth players will eventually want to expand and try other methods. Fortunately, the original Toreador and Brujah models are designed for players who want to be a little more aggressive, especially the latter.

9 Forget healing items or body armor

Body armor and treatment supplies are easy to find in the Bloodhunt, found in pharmacies, ambulances, and police vans, all generously scattered across the map. Unlike in Fortnite, your armor and healing items are placed in their own slots, so you can carry more in comparison.

However, it can be very easy to forget to reapply it after you’ve just barely escaped the jaws of an enemy player (somewhat literally). And by the time you remember it, it’s probably too late to use it.

8 Breaking the farce by chance

The first rule in any Vampire: the Masquerade is that you should never violate a masquerade, and the penalty is death if you do. In the game Bloodhunt, this happens if you use powers, abilities or weapons in front of civilians, or if a civilian is killed.

When this happens, you are revealed to everyone on the map, which can really spoil your plans – especially if you are trying to take care of your wounds. Fortunately, this punishment is not as severe as in other titles, such as Bloodlines.

7 Ignores heaven and only play the main game

Heaven is a vampire’s lair, and you can return to it after a match to scavenge for different pieces of lore or customize your characters’ appearances. You can walk around and complete some side quests, but those quests are over so quickly that you can most likely complete a quest while you’re preparing for a match.

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As such, it’s only a matter of time before you end up ignoring the entire place and waiting in the queue for the next match during the results screen.

6 Dies after redeployment with red gas

Everyone learns from their mistakes, but in the case of a battle royale, this often means that you have to wait until the next match before you can put this new knowledge to good use. Thankfully, Bloodhunt allows more room for error, because you get an extra life when you die – unless you’re among the few players left.

However, it is possible that the game will return you to Red Gas, to the point that it is impossible to return to the safe zone before your character runs out of health.

5 Tampering with the fight after successfully hiding

For people who play battle royale games by hiding until an enemy comes to them, this is a familiar scenario. You spend all that time waiting, planning your precise fighting style for when the situation arises… and then the opponent comes and the chance to defeat him fails.

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It is especially prevalent when you get a fantasy weapon, perhaps of legendary status, but you haven’t tested how it works because you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. Only now it belongs to the person who killed you.

4 die for entity

Dying at the hands of another player is equal to the course in any online multiplayer game, which can make it awkward when you die on NPCs instead, because they aren’t even the main threat against you.

However, it is possible that this can happen in Bloodhunt thanks to the Entity, a group of vampire hunters who lurk in a few locations on the streets of Prague. Unlike ordinary civilians, they will immediately recognize you as a vampire and start shooting, and this is also a violation of the masquerade party.

3 He has a certain view of vampires

Yes, you’re on death row with 39 other vampires, but that’s no excuse to get dressed up sloppy. Fortunately, there is a fair selection of outfits available initially, ranging from casual to smart, and more unlocked the more matches you play.

The character generator is not as deep as many other RPGs, which may be disappointing for some players. However, you can still customize the look of what’s available, which is a decent choice considering the size of the game.

2 knee slides everywhere

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is one of the best vampire games ever, but it’s not just Alucard who has an unusual way of moving quickly. In the game Bloodhunt you can slide if you get cramped while moving which gives you more speed. You can also sprint, but it’s nowhere near as humorous.

Sliding also causes them to jump farther than usual, which is excellent for clearing gaps between surfaces that may be too far away. So, if someone asks why you’re slipping all over the place, claim it’s for a tactical advantage.

1 Dies in an obvious booby trap

One of Nosferatu’s primitive models, the Saboteur, can set multiple “mines” that explode and emit a cloud of poisonous gases, allowing themselves to pounce and wipe out those caught in their trap. Naturally, this instills a degree of caution in the player for whom he signed.

It’s especially terrible when you fall into a trap that should have been so obvious, especially with heaps of loot all over the place. However, all it takes is one slip of focus for them to get to you.

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