Video summary, after a crazy match, Eintracht Frankfurt eliminates Barcelona and goes to the semi-finals

A place in the quarter-finals returns the little sister to the Champions League, the European League. In the program, a perilous journey for German club Eintracht Frankfurt to the Camp Nou to face Barcelona, ​​who has been reborn from its ashes. Woe to the loser a place for the semi-finals of one of the two teams. Holy blow to the morale of Catalans, another disappointment, in April, with the same bankruptcy of executives. Frankfurt travels to the semi-finals. (2-3).

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The game changes very quickly. The Germans achieve the perfect shot by getting a penalty in the first minutes. Kostik, one of the experienced players, transformed him and made him feel good at the Camp Nou. FC Barcelona is currently excluded.

Dembele looks like a revolution

The match resumed and, as in the first leg, the Frankfurt players were tactically disciplined. Barcelona players struggle to find very shy midfielders. Little overreach in function on the part of the parties who do not provide the surplus.

Only Ousmane Dembele appears to be standing on his own two feet. He manages to take the risk by dribbling, his moves, and the dangerous crosses that he succeeds in doing. Unfortunately for Barcelona, ​​it is very lonely and the Germans managed a tactical adjustment with a two-way display as soon as the French touched the ball.

Frankfurt defeats Barcelona

Little by little, the going scenario repeats itself more and more. Barcelona owns the ball, but is completely sterile. Frankfurt managed to get the ball out more and more and endanger the Catalan team in the least offensive shifts. Kamada, Kostik, Knauf stand out.

What got stuck in the nose of the Catalans. After Knauf in the first leg, it was Bure who knocked out Xavi’s men with a powerful blow that tricked Ter Stegen. Barcelona is on the verge of elimination. Given Germany’s tactical performance, it’s hard to think of Barcelona’s ability to turn the situation around. So they have 45 minutes left to try and get an extension or even a qualification.

Barcelona punished their passivity

Frenkie De Jong was fired for this second half. Barcelona returns with other intentions. Aside from a dangerous chance for Aubameyang, Barcelona is still not dangerous offensively. The German Bloc has always managed to thwart the stereotypical play of the Catalans.

The counter-attack is sharp, but the negativity of Barcelona defenders at this level is inexplicable. Without a collective solution, Barcelona are diving deeper and deeper into this confrontation. And what happened, that Kostik punishes the passivity of the Catalans. 3-0, the score becomes heavier and heavier. The Camp Nou is amazing. And it doesn’t stop, all German shifts hurt, circuits hurt. The score could have increased further, but Frankfurt aggressively negotiated the chances.

New comeback?

The energy of despair, Busquets in difficulty managed to “save honor” from a stratospheric blow. 9 minutes, why not hit a resounding feat. Luc de Jong believed in this, but unfortunately the goal was disallowed due to a logical offside. Barcelona throws its last strength into the fight. The Germans seem a little frantic. And it is a new development, Barcelona gets a penalty that Depay changes. But the Catalan awakening was too late.

The game ends with this crazy score! Barcelona was eliminated from the European League, and this is not in dispute. The 30,000 German fans at the Camp Nou can celebrate, and their team will be superior in the double-header. Facing this team will not be an easy task in the semi-finals.

Here is the video summary of the meeting

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