What is the Kakegurui character based on your horoscope?

Based on the popular 2014 manga series Kakegurui – Compulsory Gambler, the Netflix animated series Kakegurui follows the exploits of Yukimo Jabami, a new student transferred to the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy, where a group of decadent gamblers run the show. Unbeknownst to her new classmates, Yukemo possesses a fierce addiction to gambling and a supernatural ability to drive out cheaters.

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With fans still waiting for the third season release, now is the time to break down the character’s astrological signs and how they relate to her characters on the show, and how viewers can stack them in their own lives.

12 Aries – Midari

Often considered among the bravest and most ambitious of the zodiac signs, Midari Ikishima is bound to be an Aries for all the dangerous activities she engages in on the show, including her self-destructive tendencies. She stabs her eye with a pen, bets her own limbs, and plays risky death games in her classroom with reckless recklessness.

Midari’s impulsive spontaneity and will to be number one definitely aligns with Aries being the number one sign on the zodiac, as she stops at nothing to not only be the most successful player but has also become the number one in Yumeko’s heart as well.

11 Taurus – Kirari

Kirari extends his hand at Kakegurui

As the series’ main heroine is defined by her stubborn ways and overwhelming sense of loyalty to her sister, Kirari Momobami is clearly a Taurus. Aside from the more negative traits, Kirari can also be kind, understanding and very logical in her way of thinking.

Like any true Taurus, Kirari is also stubbornly loyal to her sister Ririka, not wishing for anything to become between them while also acknowledging the true bond Ririka shares with Mari. It is such nuances that make it one of the most underrated villains in the anime.

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10 Gemini – Itsuki

Itsuki stabs her hand at Kakegurui

At first glance, Itsuki Sumragi was a very interesting, caring and friendly student in the first years at the academy. However, this is all a front for her true personality, a vengeful gambler who uses her outward appearance to endlessly manipulate her classmates.

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Despite Itsuki’s apparent duality, her positive astrological traits include intelligence, keen observation skills, adaptability, and bold creativity, which certainly corresponds to the time she pretended to the smallest detail towards Yumiko after her expulsion from the student council.

9 Cancer – Ryota

Ryota sweats near a window in Kakegurui

Although he is kind-hearted and friendly enough, the biggest distinguishing feature of Ryota Suzui is shyness, shyness and reservation. This almost certainly makes him a Cancer sign, and he’s often seen as among the more subtle of the zodiac symbols. Ryota is also a very smart student, which also fits the bill.

Despite his lack of confidence and ability to speak for himself early on, Ryota’s time with Yumiko helps him improve his gambling skills and develop as a person. However, as someone who prefers to make others feel comfortable in front of him, this is the hallmark of most Cancer signs.

8 Leo – Yumiko

Yumko flashes red eyes at Kakegurui

As the series’ heroine who derives most of the excitement through taking risks, Yumiko Jabami is almost certainly a Leo by nature, the most fearless and confident zodiac sign. Yumiko’s natural charisma matches Leo’s charisma, as well as her optimistic attitude and ability to bring people together and stay safe in groups, similar to the pride of lions. Heroes like this are the reason why the series ranks among the best gambling anime of all time.

Of course, when Yumiko undergoes her supernatural condition and reveals the cheating methods of her competitors, she is not shy about competition but bravely embraces challenges, using her daring nature to take any problem head-on.

7 Virgo – Yuriko

Yuriko stands in front of a circular window in Kakegurui

Radiating grace, elegance and sophistication from the moment she appeared on screen is Yuriko Nishitouin, the character who embodies the trademarks of the Virgin. Also marked by the unconditional love attributed to Virgos, Yuriko’s patronage of Japanese traditions and his fellow culture club drive the point home.

On the negative side, Virgo’s bad Yuriki traits include her happiness for perfection, her inability to accept error, unwillingness to accept help from others, and extreme criticism. Yuriko shows all of these traits when gambling in the academy. It’s mischievous in nature which is why the series has a more exciting appeal than some of the best animated movies on Netflix.

6 Libra – Rei

Ray holds the hammer in Kakigurui

Rei Batsubami has all the ingredients of a loving Libra, due to her caring nature and deep sense of empathy and genuine empathy for others. She is kind, polite, helpful, and does everything she can to protect the “priests” who are being bullied after losing a gambling match.

An additional witty trait of Libran that Rei displays is her sense of justice, diplomacy, and overall social standing. Although she doesn’t take good compliments due to her upbringing as a maid, Rei is one of the most non-confrontational characters on the show, and it’s one of Libra’s biggest defining traits.

5 Scorpio – Yumeme

Yumemi points his finger at Kakegurui

While the Yumemi Yumemite can also be easily categorized as a Gemini, their courage, determination, and pleasure in delivering massive amounts of pain also give them the fatal sting of a scorpion. Once crossed, Yumemi will strip all forms of loyalty and murderous revenge without hesitation.

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Despite her fondness for violence, Yumimi’s cheerful demeanor and fierce ambition to become a famous actress like her famous co-star Kawaro also underpin her more impressive Scorpio traits.

4 Sagittarius – Runa

Runa smiling while holding a lollipop in Kakegurui

Despite the dark side that every character in the show seems to have, Rona Yomozuki’s most outward-looking personality traits include being more agile, enthusiastic, and enthusiastic. Runa’s loose, carefree attitude reflects the qualities of a Sagittarius more than any other zodiac sign.

As one student council member who doesn’t take her role seriously, Ronna often takes responsibility by playing video games in the library during meetings, greatly annoying her serious classmates. However, Rona’s most virtuous trait is her moral compass and insistence on fair play, another hallmark of moral Sagittarius with a big heart.

3 Capricorn – Cade

Kadi looks pensive in glasses at Kakegurui

Kaede Manyda is an intelligent gambler who has all the hallmarks of the classic Capricorn on the show. On the plus side, Kaede is very organized, logical and well organized when it comes to gambling and is excellent at managing his money.

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On the downside, Kaede often bends incredibly low, holds grudges, thinks he knows better than anyone, and most of all, can be cold and calculating the way he juggles his fellow students, especially Midari in Season 1 and Yumiko. in season 2.

2 Aquarius – Sayaka

Sayaka looks angry in Kakigurui

As the brightest, cold-hearted logic-driven student on the show, Sayaka Igarashi must be an Aquarius. Sayaka is pragmatic to the point of despising gambling and taking risks as ill-advised attempts, but somehow she is drawn to the diametrically opposed Kirari.

The Japanese name Sayaka also translates in English to “clear, pure, and clean”, which certainly reflects the sayaka water sign, her pure heart, and her ability to bring joy to others. Had it not been for the bad influence of Kirari, she would have shown these traits even more.

1 Pisces – Mary

Mary winks and smiles at Kakegurui

Born on the 8th of March, Marie Saotome is literally a Pisces sign. While some of her more aggressive traits betray this sign, other traits like being generous and emotionally in tune with those around her are true.

After losing everything in a match with Yorkio, Mary becomes less of a mean person and more of a kind and merciful ally. Pisces is known for being the most humble sign of the zodiac, and humility is exactly what Marie experiences while developing her character in the popular anime.

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