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once upon a time, Jailbreak It was all anyone could talk about. The show was initially rejected by Fox, but finally got a boost in 2004 and ran for 5 seasons, becoming one of the most popular TV series of the 2000s. Brave and stunning, it follows Lincoln Burroughs, a man unjustly imprisoned for a murder he didn’t commit. While he awaits execution, his brother Michael uses his engineering expertise to devise a plan for Lincoln’s escape. Over the course of the show, we delve into the plot that led to Lincoln’s capture, witness numerous escapes, and see our favorite characters endure the greatest hardships of their lives.

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At the beginning of 2018, old fans were delighted to hear that Fox was working on Season 6. Sadly, star Wentworth Miller confirmed in 2020 that he would not be returning for the planned season, which in turn led to Dominic Purcell’s exit and the show being canceled entirely. It’s been a long time since the show first aired, and the talented cast have been up to a great deal of amazing things after the series’ finale! Let’s revisit the cast Jailbreak And see where the stars are today.

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Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell Prison Break
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After his famous portrayal of Lincoln Burrows throughout the show’s run, Dominic Purcell She has acted in a variety of movies, TV shows and even Jailbreak video game. Notably, he starred in several CW superhero shows and played in the British-German horror film red blood sky. As of now, he is participating in the upcoming action thriller die like loversTogether with Bruce Willis.

Wentworth Miller

Goworth Miller Prison Break Michael Schofield

Known for his role as engineer Michael Scofield, Wentworth Miller He also spent some time as a recurring character on The CW’s Arrowverse. He plays the role of Leonard Snart / Captain Cold in SparkleAnd Super Fight ClubAnd legends of tomorrowHe reprized his role in the voiceover batuman. 2019 and 2021 brought Miller to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit As a guest star in two episodes, it was his last feature film The loft In 2014. He was involved in everything from acting and producing to screenwriting and appearing in music videos.

Robin Tony

Prison Break Veronica
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She first gained widespread critical acclaim for her portrayal of Veronica Donovan, Robin Tony She continued to make a name for herself as Teresa Lisbon Mentalist. You can see it in Psychodrama 2020 horse girl And Maya Travis in 2019 predicament. We haven’t seen anything of it as of 2022, but we’re still hopeful.

Peter Stormer

John Abruzzi Prison Break
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John Abruzzi has been busy ever since Jailbreak Finished – after lending his talent to countless TV and movie roles, Peter Stormer Branched out into voice work for animation and video games. Vote for movies gift of fire And cryptozoo In 2021, it’s working on two next clicks: the giver And difficult matter. You can hear Stormare’s great vocal range in everything from Castlevania to Saucepan And The Sheikh’s Manuscripts Online.

Amauri Nolasco

Prison Break Fernando Sucre
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Having brilliantly played Fernando Sucre, Amauri Nolasco Between working in film and television. As of now, he is working on an upcoming romantic comedy called serverbut you can also catch up with him as Joey in south of paradise and Frankie Cuevas Sr High Town. He also spent a year playing Rodrigo Suarez, the cute villain on the sitcom Telenovela.

German Marshal

Prison Break LJ
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where JailbreakYoung LJ Burrows has grown up so much! Marshall Allman focused mostly on TV guest appearances, and you can catch him in everything sons of anarchy to iZombie. Most recently, he played Jeremy in it wolf snow hollowIn addition, he has played some roles in short films Quantum break video game.

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Wade Williams

Prison Break Brad
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Brad Bellick is another graduate who has drifted into voice work, although he has also spent a lot of time on various TV shows and movies. Filmed by William Rehnquist in Raw vs. Wadeand spent a large part of his career touring on Broadway shows such as Les Miserables And boat view. You can find it in WestworldAnd the street is mercyAnd Hitman: friendly.

Sarah Wayne Callies

Prison Break Sarah
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Having been Sarah Tancredi, Sarah Wayne Callies He starred in several major shows: the walking Dead Like Laurie Grimes, Colony Like Katie Bowman and Council Fathers Robin Berry. She has spent a lot of time working on TV, but she has also acted in films like Display And The other side of the door. She even reprized her role as Laurie Grimes in Game chicken robot distinct.

Rockmond Dunbar

Benjamin Miles Franklin Prison Break
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After retiring as Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin for good, Rockmond Dunbar starred in shows like sons of anarchy And Mentalist Together with each other Jailbreak co-stars. Recently appeared in the movie city ​​of liesand also joined the cast of popular shows like Road, Scorpio And 9-1-1.

Robert Knepper

Prison Break T-Bag
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Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell didn’t waste any time furthering his career after that Jailbreak. Robert Knepper Worked in films like redemption day And Avengers In 2021, he is currently working WarHunt And Mediator As of now. Spent some time in shows Twin PeaksAnd Nova Vita And paper empireAnd we are still waiting to see him in the next episode of the agreement.


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