Which miracle is the best?

After the amazing adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir as they routinely save Paris from the dreaded Hawk Moth, a scientist… Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir It is constantly expanding as their goal of protecting the city becomes more difficult with each season. Although the powers of the titular characters come from Miraculous, a special being that gives its bearer unique magical abilities, sometimes heroes need help.

During the series, Ladybug recruits many other people to join their battle against evil by giving them one of many miraculous superpowers. With 14 of them appearing on the show, let’s take a look to determine which one is most useful, especially in the combat situations that characters often find themselves in.

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14. The Miracle Monkey

The monkey’s special power is the “bang”, which provides the bearer with a toy that he can throw to weaken the opponent’s powers for a short period of time. There are many factors that can hinder the performance of this ability such as loss of purpose. In addition, even if their opponent was weakened, this did not guarantee a win or an absolute advantage.

While this miracle gives its bearer improved speed, strength and agility, every Miraculous can do just that to some degree, so this distinct aspect of the ape isn’t that impressive. Although it comes with a wand as a weapon, this miracle does not work well against others.

13. Miracle Mouse

This miracle has a “multiplicity” allowing its carrier to shrink and double itself smaller into an unknown number of clones. He also comes with a jump rope as a weapon, and while not much is known about his abilities, the demo has indicated that he can be used to capture and restrain opponents yo-yo style in Ladybug.

The first time we see this miracle, Marinette unites several Miraculouses with the Mouse to combine their powers and achieve their goal. Therefore, Mouse Miraculous in itself may not be very powerful but increases the abilities of others.

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12. The Miracle Snake

The ability “Second Chance” enables its miraculous owner to reverse time to a noticeable moment. The record holder’s memories remain, allowing him to fix or undo any issues or errors on this new timeline. While this is a valuable power, it is not very effective in a combat situation and is best used with allies.

In Season 3, Episode 18 “Desperada”, Adrien reversed time 25,913 times over the course of several months but still failed to save Ladybug. All the while, time spent with Snake Power casts a mental shadow on Adrien after many failed attempts. In this case, he was on his own, but each time Second Chance was effective in the midst of a battle with his other teammates for help along with knowing the owner of the previous failed attempts.

11. The Miracle Horse

The unique power of the miracle horse is “flight”. This ability allows its holder to open portals that can be passed through and out of a different location – essentially space travel. However, the record holder needs to focus on the exit point, otherwise anyone who passes through the gate will end up in the wrong and potentially dangerous place.

This is a very effective force when helping others, such as taking civilians out of the line of fire and moving allies to give them a better chance over their opponent.

10. Fox Miraculous

This Miraculous grants the bearer a flute that enables him to use “Mirage”, an ability that casts incredibly realistic illusions into just about anything the bearer can think of. While this is an excellent tool for attracting and distracting opponents, Miraculous does not endow the owner with any special combat abilities. The owner also has five minutes of Mirage usage before the transfer is canceled.

Like a miracle horse, this ability requires extreme concentration, or delusions won’t be what the caster expects. While illusions are a great distraction and can be bulky, they are not tangible and shatter when touched.

9. The Miracle Dragon

The Dragon Miraculous’ welder possesses an indefinite power that allows him to transform into one of the three elements of a storm. The Wind Dragon easily enables its bearer to dodge attacks by turning into a cloud while the Water Dragon transforms its bearer into Water. The final form was supposed to be a lightning dragon, but these powers had yet to appear.

Although useful, the bearer could not use these items as a weapon, only using wind and water in their natural form in case of battle. Therefore, this miracle does not occupy a higher position in the list. However, when paired with external forces like Ryoko’s sword, which have increased their offensive capabilities, they can be effective. This is not exclusive to Dragon Miraculous, but instead is Ryuko’s hobby and special skill.

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8. Miraculous Eagle

“Liberation” is a superpower that gives its bearer the power to free individuals from any mental or emotional limitations to change their actions – including a person’s morals, fears, traumas, prejudices, etc. While this force can be very severe. ReleaseIt is dangerous in the wrong hands and can rob a person’s ideals and way of thinking.

Additionally, while the carrier can use Liberation on multiple people at once, it can’t control the actions of the aforementioned people after liberating them from mental or emotional restrictions, which can cause chaos.

7. The miracle cat

chat noir smiling

Cat Miraculous is a destructive type of power that gives its carrier a “disaster,” which can break or corrode solid objects while causing malfunctions in technological equipment – although the power can’t be used if the carrier’s hands are tied. In addition to its unique supernatural power, the Cat Miraculous also bestows high senses, such as night vision.

A potential downside is that once the catastrophe is activated, it cannot be turned off, giving the bearer five minutes before it returns to normal. It can be difficult for a hero to use this destructive power without killing or seriously injuring another person, as shown in Miracle World: New York, United Heroes. For this reason, the Miraculous Cat works best with the Ladybug – its exact opposite in creation.

6. Turtle miracle

The Turtle Miraculous is a powerful defensive force, allowing its holder to activate a “shell-ter”. This ability embodies a glowing green barrier that has proven indestructible against anything in the real world – able to withstand the collapse of massive structures without cracking. Only another miraculous power like a cataclysm had an effect on Shell Ter. However, the card holder returns to normal after five minutes of activation.

It also gives the carrier a shield as a weapon that can be used both offensively and defensively in the style of Captain America. The Turtle Miraculous is a vital asset in terms of defensive power, and is easily able to protect its bearer and others nearby.

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5. Miracle bee

A Bee Miraculous carrier can use “Venom,” a force that turns the carrier’s hand into a bee sting that can completely immobilize a target. While there’s a chance that Venom won’t hit, they can keep trying, and when that happens, it’s practically guaranteed to win because the target won’t be able to move, which is incredibly useful in combat. Like some others, the holder has five minutes after using it before it can be turned.

Similar to Ladybug’s yo-yo, the Bee Miraculous gains a spinning top as a weapon. The top can be used for attack, travel, and as a temporary shield. However, unlike Ladybug’s yo-yo, it can be split into two parts and used as an interlocutor between allies.

4. Rabbit miracle

The superpower “Burrow” creates a portal that leads to the sine dimension. Here, any person present shows events from the past, present and future. Through this, the holder can anticipate an unlimited future and travel between space and time to change events according to his goal. Although not necessarily of combat value, it is an incredibly powerful ability that allows its bearer to easily create alternate realities.

Unlike the Miraculous Snake, where the holder must make multiple attempts to achieve the desired result, the Rabbit can observe several alternative futures before acting. However, it is still up to them to see these actions through. They can also jump forward or back in time, rewriting reality as they see fit.

3. Miraculous ladybug

The power of the “Lucky Charm” can disarm, constrain or weaken the opponent by presenting the user a tool, which is often a random daily item. It is up to the bearer to decipher what to do next. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not Ladybug Miraculous who shows Marinette how to use the Lucky Charm, but her quick thinking and intellect that gets the job done. For this reason, others may not be able to use this miracle to its full potential.

In addition to the Lucky Charm, this Miraculous can also reverse any damage caused by magic, including massive collateral damage, and purify the Akuma Butterfly. The carrier is also given yoyos as weapons that have various purposes for offensive and defensive maneuvers.

2. The Miracle Peacock

Peacock Miraculous enables “Amokization”, a force that generates a creature born of a person’s emotions known as a sentimonster – which can then perform specific tasks. Additionally, this Miraculous comes with other abilities that can be used with Sentimonster. The first, telepathy, allows the bearer to communicate with them, while empathy will enable them to feel the feelings of the beast, and finally, physical control can control the beast at will.

With this Miraculous, it’s easy for the stand to stay safe as he can complete his objectives without leaving his position as Sentimonster takes on the bulk of the task. The stand can also turn the Sentimonster back to nothing with the touch of a finger.

1. The Miracle Butterfly

Butterfly Miraculous acquires an ability called “akumatization”, which allows its bearer to pit the being of a person who feels intense negative emotions. Then they are given power and authority and are tempted to work under the rack. Like the Peacock Miraculous, the butterfly also enables telepathy, empathy, and physical control to increase control and ability to communicate with the suffering individual.

There are many unique traits of Butterfly Miraculous that make it very powerful compared to others. For example, even if the bearer is defeated, the traumatized victims retain their powers until they are also defeated. Nothing prevents other prodigies from being hurtful, making them as weak as the average citizen. These individuals also remain sore even when the carrier shifts. The only miracle that can completely negate anything a butterfly does is a ladybug.

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