Who are the Spy x Family voice actors?

One of the most popular shows of the Spring 2022 anime season is Spy family xa healthy and warm series. The first episode premiered in April 2022, and fans were constantly on the hype train, making both anime and manga very popular these days. A common question might be: Who are the voice actors of Spy x Family?

The story follows Twilight, a spy who has to create an imaginary family for a mission. However, the family he brings together has secrets of their own – his wife is a murderer while their child is telepathic.

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The Forgers in Spy x Family.  Fakes in the spy family

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Credit: Wit Studio and CloverWorks

Spy family x he is shounen manga comic series by Endo Tatsuya. Its bi-monthly series on Shonen Jump+ began in March 2019.

The Spy family x The manga is still in progress now. Wit Studio and CloverWorks deal with adaptation of anime.

Some anime fans have mastered the recognition of Japanese voice actors, so there may be characters in the anime who look familiar. here Spy family xvoice actors.

  1. Eguchi Takuya as Lloyd Forger / Twilight

    Voices of Eguchi Takuya Lloyd Forger or TwilightWestalis’ best spy. He is known as the man with many disguises, but his current identity is Lloyd Forger, a psychiatrist.

    Lloyd’s mission is to get close to a specific political figure who only appears at the events of his son’s prestigious school. As a spy, Lloyd appears emotionless due to his practical side, but actually does care about others.

    Eguchi also crosses Hikigaya Hachiman in My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax!Kaido Shun in The disastrous life of Psyche K.and Akihiko Kage in Grant.

  2. Hayami Saori as Yor Forger

    Hayami Saori plays yor A government employee by day, Thorne Princess killer by night. Due to the conservative side of her personality, she often gets bullied by her co-workers.

    She accepted Lloyd’s proposal in order to be less of a suspicious character and continue her murder missions. You are very protective and good at cleaning but bad at cooking.

    Hayami Saori as Yor might sound familiar Since it’s also Kocho Shinobu Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no YaibaJabami Yumeko in KakiguruiAnd Nishimiya Choco in silent sound.

  3. Tanizaki Atsumi as Anya Forger

    Tanizaki Atsumi voices the beloved Anya, the series’ precious child. There is no doubt that she is a fan favorite, especially since she has the best expressions.

    Not much is known yet about Anya’s past, except that she was once testing Subject 007 in an unknown organization’s lab. She was raised in and out of the orphanage, so having a family of her own makes her ecstatic.

    Ironically, she is the only one who knows everyone’s secrets.

    Tanizaki Atsumi is also Fifi Fifi: The Song of the Eye of FluoriteUotani Arisa in fruit basketFutaba Ryo in Bastard does not dream of bunny girl Senpai.

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  4. Yoshino Hiroyuki as Frankie Franklin

    Yoshino Hiroyuki plays Franklin, the trusted detective in Twilight. He usually doesn’t hesitate to help the Twilights with quests when needed, as seen in the mess they got into in Episode Two.

    Meanwhile, Frankie and Twilight might be thinking of each other. They have a special link, especially due to the Strix process.

    Yoshino Hiroki also voices Yamada Hizashi (current microphone) in My hero academyIwaizumi Hajime in Haikyuu!!Leon Favaro in Bahamut’s wrath.

  5. Ono Kensho as Yuri Briar

    Ono Kensho is the voice actor for Yuri Breyer, Yuer’s younger brother. Similar to his sister, he also works as a government employee.

    Yuri protects his sister and thinks that no man will ever be good enough for her. At the same time, Yuri does not want Yuri to worry too much about her, which is why she also needs the fake family.

    Ono Kensho voices Akutagawa Ryuunosuke in stray dogs bongoKuroko Tetsuya in Kuroko no basketflush forester in The attack on the Giants.

  6. Yamaji Kazuhiro as Henry Henderson

    Yamaji Kazuhiro is Henry Henderson, a very elegant teacher at Eden Academy.

    Given how prestigious Eden Academy is, Henderson expects nothing but elegance for its future students.

    During the interview process, he is surprised by the elegance of the Forger family. At first, he questioned their position because Anya barely passed the written test. However, the Forgers proved to be truly elegant, and earned Henderson the respect.

    for his other roles, Yamaji Kazuhiro plays Kenny Ackerman at The attack on the GiantsSaiga Joji in psychological corridorfaj in one man punch.

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